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LeadSquared logo

Marketing automation and sales execution platform

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LeadSquared is a complete CRM & marketing automation software to help businesses capture, nurture, manage & track their leads in one place. The cloud-based solution is designed for enterprises & SMEs and provides tools for lead capturing, lead nurturing, sales management, marketing analytics & more.

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CDK Global logo

Dealership management software for the automotive industry

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CDK Global is an auto dealer management software designed to help businesses in the automotive industry manage dealership, sales, inventory, leasing, and compliance-related operations. The platform enables administrators to track orders, generate shipping manifests, gain insights into performance reports, and identify new business opportunities on a centralized dashboard.

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WORKetc logo

Business management system for SMBs

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WORKetc is a business management platform for growing businesses that includes CRM, project management, billing, help desk, customer portal, social media and more. It includes advances features such as Email marketing, web forms & reporting, Customer portals and discussions.

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CINC logo

Lead generation and conversion tool for real estate agents

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CINC is a tool that generates and converts leads using a real estate agent’s existing database, but it also has the means to capture new leads via paid social and search ads. Using lead scoring and lead routing techniques, it connects leads with agents to boost ROI via call, text, email, or an app.

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SalesNOW logo

Mobile & online CRM for sales teams

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SalesNOW is a cloud-based, mobile customer relationship management (CRM) solution which centralizes all information to provide access to necessary data for all members of the sales team. The software includes tools for sales management, lead tracking, customer management, marketing, chat, and more.

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Clientjoy logo
Category Leaders

Clientjoy is a Cloud based CRM used by 13000 Agencies

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Clientjoy is a Cloud Based CRM, hosted on Amazon Cloud.
It has the power of 8 Tools in 1.

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Dolibarr logo

Solutions for On-line businesses

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Dolibarr is a business software suite to manage your activity (contacts, invoices, orders, products, stocks, agenda, emailings, and more...).
It's an opensource and free software designed for companies, foundations and freelances.
Available as a Cloud solution on On premise.

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17hats logo

The Premier Small Business Management Platform

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17hats helps freelancers and small businesses manage projects, marketing, contracts, accounting, online payments, and more. The centralized dashboard in the application displays action items, urgent notifications, upcoming calendar events, and weather forecasts to streamline daily operations.

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Zixflow logo
Category Leaders

New way to manage, engage, & retain customers, with AI

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Drive success with an all-in-one workspace. Craft your own CRM, workflow automation, and engagement via email, SMS, or WhatsApp.

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Fullfree logo

Cloud-based no code CRM software

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Businesses use Fullfree to manage customer relationships and gain valuable insights into how they can better market themselves.

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Acumatica Cloud ERP logo

Building the future of business, together

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Acumatica Cloud ERP provides the best business management solution for small and midmarket organizations to transform their company to thrive in the new digital economy. Built on a future-proof platform with open architecture for rapid integrations, scalability, and ease of use.

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Bonsai logo

One platform to streamline your entire business

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One platform to streamline your entire business. Consolidate your projects, clients and team into one integrated, easy-to-use platform

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Wingmate logo

Field Service Management Software

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Wingmate helps businesses to incentivize field service staff to gather important customer intelligence, sales leads, competitive insights, prospects, and more.

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OA Mobile logo
Category Leaders

The Best Mobile CRM for Small Businesses. Just Sign Up & Go.

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OA Mobile along with is desktop application Office Accelerator gives you a powerful tool to manage your marketing and prospect management. With full integration to Microsoft Word and Outlook for group emails and mail merge. Extensive data manipultion tools simplifies creating marketing lists.

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FreeAgent CRM logo

Powerful, easy-to-use CRM your whole team will love.

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FreeAgent CRM is a fully-featured CRM that helps your team get organized, gain visibility into day-to-day work, and get more done with a powerful, easy-to-use sales platform your sales team will actually love.

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OnePageCRM logo

#1 Action-Focused CRM Software for Small Business

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OnePageCRM is a simple CRM with a unique action-focused approach to contact and sales management. You can use this software to add tasks/reminders next to every contact and receive automatic notifications when the task is due. This helps you grow your business every day step by step.

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Rasayel logo

All-in-one B2B sales platform for WhatsApp

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Rasayel is a customer communications platform built to help you sell better over WhatsApp.

Rasayel is a Meta Business Partner.

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Upnify CRM logo
Category Leaders

Web-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution

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Upnify CRM is a customer relationship management solution that allows business owners to keep track of their contacts, maximize business opportunities, and make their conversations more productive. The software supports managers in all phases of the sales process, from the beginning to the end.

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Oorwin logo

AI-Powered Talent Intelligent Platform