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Claris FileMaker logo

Custom application development

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Claris FileMaker is a custom application development platform that allows businesses to create unique applications that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. It provides features such as scripts, triggers, and graphical design tools to help tailor applications to business needs.

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Sage 100 logo

Enterprise resource planning

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Sage 100 is an ERP platform for growing and medium-sized sales and manufacturing companies.

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HubSpot Service Hub logo

Cloud-based customer service solution for firms of all sizes

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HubSpot Service Hub is a cloud-based customer service platform, which aims to simplify processes for managing customer queries & improving client engagement. It allows users to connect with customers via live chat, one-to-one customer communication, conversational bots, and more.

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ECP logo

Assisted living solution for healthcare providers

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ECP is a cloud-based assisted living solution designed to help group homes, rehabilitation centers, and independent living facilities manage processes related to individual care plans, resident assessments, audits, building maintenance, billing, and lead tracking.

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ForceManager logo

The leading mobile CRM for field sales management.

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ForceManager is the tool of choice for sales directors that are dedicated to improving the productivity of their teams. The success of the app is down to its 100% mobile first design, user-friendly interface, and high adoption rate. Now enhanced with AI.

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BenchmarkONE logo

CRM & Marketing for small businesses and marketing agencies.

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BenchmarkONE (formerly Hatchbuck) is an integrated CRM, email marketing, and marketing automation tool for small businesses. BenchmarkONE aims to help users drive more business, organize their contacts, boost response rates, and see their progress at a glance.

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GlassHive logo

Sales and marketing platform for IT industry

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GlassHive assists businesses in the IT industry such as MSPs, MSSPs, VARs, and more. It caters to businesses of all sizes. It enables teams to manage marketing and sales efforts using intuitive tools, pre-built content, and insightful data.

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Glue Up logo

All-in-One Software for Growing Your Community

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Glue Up (formerly EventBank) is an all-in-one engagement platform combining the best event management, membership management, community management, email marketing, CRM, finance tools, project management and mobile apps. Trusted by thousands of organizations in 50+ countries around the world.

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Highrise logo

Simple CRM for tracking leads and managing follow ups

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Simple CRM to store and share and manage leads and prospects; communicate with team members; and manage follow ups.

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Vivantio logo

Flexible Software. Focused Service.

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Vivantio is a leading provider of service management software for both internal- and external-facing teams. Centralize your service operations across IT, HR, GRC, Facilities, Finance, Legal and B2B Customer Support.

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FranConnect logo

Franchise software for the entire franchise lifecycle

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FranConnect is a cloud-based franchise management solution designed for managing the entire franchise lifecycle, including franchisee onboarding, field ops, customer relationship management, sales, financial data management, communications, training, marketing, performance tracking, and more.

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Salesmate logo

The most customizable CRM. Now with AI

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Salesmate is an AI-powered, flexible, modern CRM and Automation Platform to help your business attract, engage, and retain right customers.

Hottest features:

Sales Automation
Marketing Automation
Built-in Calling & Texting
Sandy AI
Custom Layouts and Modules
Email Campaigns

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hireEZ logo

AI-Powered Outbound Recruiting Platform

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hireEZ is a candidate sourcing and recruitment solution which uses artificial intelligence and boolean search to find the best candidates for each role. Recruiters can benefit from hireEZ features including skills analysis, email integration, email templates, progress tracking & CRM integration.

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All-in-one real estate CRM

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Real estate specific CRM software that contains lead generation, follow-up prompts, AI-powered farming, drip campaigns and more.

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wolkvox logo

Communication management system for contact centers

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Deliver incredible customer experiences with a platform that uses AI-powered solutions to provide personalized, agile and satisfying customer service.

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SalesRabbit logo

Door to door and field sales tracking & lead management

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SalesRabbit is a sales tracking & lead management solution for door to door field sales representatives with tools for developing key behaviors and motivation

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Kommo logo

Messenger-based sales tool for SMBs and entrepreneurs

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Kommo is the world's first messaging-powered CRM. It features customizable sales pipelines, lead tracking, multichannel communication, integrations with the most popular chat apps and much more.

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Ringy logo

Customer relationship management & marketing automation tool

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Ringy (formerly iSalesCRM) is a customer relationship management software that provides businesses with tools to generate leads and automate marketing operations. Supervisors can gain an overview of turnover rates, incoming leads, outbound calls, account balance, and other key metrics via charts and drip analytics.

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Clientary logo

Everything you need for your professional service business.

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Full-suite app for your team to manage projects, payments, clients and more.

Stop wrestling with one-off doc files, templates, and disconnected apps. Clientary helps you streamline client workflows to bring it all under one roof.