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Cost-saving automation for inbound calls

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Flip's automated CS voice assistant handles the simple, repetitive requests from inbound customer support calls. Its automated voicebot provides an Alexa-like experience that can deliver faster resolutions to simple requests while giving human agents more time to handle the more complex issues.

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MiCloud Flex


Cloud communications platform for contact centers.

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MiCloud Flex is a hybrid cloud-based communications platform that combines the power of cloud and on-premises communications.

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Cloud-based omnichannel call and contact center solution

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SOGEDES.X is an omnichannel cloud solution for inbound, outbound, and blended contact centers. The solution enables companies to inspire customers across channels and to manage customer relationships easily and effectively.

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Cloud Contact Center logo

Cloud Contact Center


Cloud-based customer service platform

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Cloud Contact Center by masvoz is a customer service platform that helps businesses manage interactions across various communication channels such as SMS, phone, web, WhatsApp, and Webchat.

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TIKTING® Help Desk & Change Management System

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SaaS or On-Premises Deployment
Auto Ticket Creation & Assignment
Categories, Sub-Cat, Levels & Tags
Priority, Levels and SLA
Advanced Search Filters
Fully Customizable
Predefined Search filters
Email Templates
Automate scenarios

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