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Genesys Cloud CX logo

Genesys Cloud CX


Software for faster, smarter, personal experiences

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Genesys Cloud CX cloud contact centre lets you differentiate faster, adapt easier, and architect better with an all-in-one composable modern architecture

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Enghouse Contact Center logo

Enghouse Contact Center


Cloud-based contact center platform

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Enghouse Interactive Contact Center is a cloud-based platform, which helps organizations manage customer inquiries, route multiple channels to agents, and prioritize and evaluate calls. Features include quality monitoring, call recording, skill-based routing, issue tracking, IVR, and reporting.

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Observe.AI logo



The Conversation Intelligence Platform for Contact Centers

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Observe.AI is the fastest way to boost contact center performance with live conversation intelligence. Built on the most accurate AI engine in the industry, Observe.AI uncovers insights from 100% of customer interactions and maximizes frontline team performance.

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Aircall logo



Phone system for support and sales teams

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Make every phone conversation count and give time back to your reps with 100+ CRM, Helpdesk, and software integrations.

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Twilio logo



Voice and messaging for your web and mobile applications

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Twilio brings a powerful API for phone services enabling companies to make and receive phone calls, and send and receive text messages. It allows programmers to easily integrate various communication methods and to use existing web development skills and codes to solve communication problems.

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Five9 logo



Cloud contact and call center software

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Five9 is an all-in-one cloud contact center solution for inbound, outbound, blended and omnichannel contact centers world-wide. Powered by Practical AI, Five9 enables agents to provide customer experiences across phone, email, chat, mobile, social and more

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Thrio logo



Contact center technology. Done right.

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Thrio's CCaaS platform features inbound/outbound voice, full omnichannel, robotic process automation, and built-in AI tools.

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NICE CXone logo



Cloud Contact Center Software

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Operating a high performance contact center has never been easier with our products that focus on contact center management. From accurately forecasting workloads to monitoring agents’ performance and tracking key metrics with real-time reporting, we help you deliver exceptional customer experiences

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ChaseData CCaaS logo

ChaseData CCaaS


Cloud-based call center solution for SMBs

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Cloud-based scalable call center solutions are in reach of every sized business in every industry.

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Nextiva Call Center logo

Nextiva Call Center


VoIP Call Center solution.

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Nextiva is transforming the way businesses communicate. Nextiva is a communications platform providing businesses with big-business phone features at a small-business price and it offers ease of use, manageability, scalability, reliability, and enterprise-class functionality.

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PhoneBurner logo



Power dialer & outbound sales acceleration software for SMBs

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PhoneBurner is an OUTBOUND CALL CENTER platform and power dialer. Try us FREE without a credit card, and reach 4x more contacts with nothing to install.

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VoIPstudio logo



VoIPstudio: the no-hassle VoIP phone service for business

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High-quality Cloud PBX service with full Call Center capabilities. Enhance your sales and customer support teams' productivity while improving customer satisfaction. +40 features: Call Routing, CTI Integrations, Call Logging, Call Recording, IVR, ACD Queue Management, and Wallboard. 24/7 support.

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ReadyMode logo



Predictive dialer and CRM for call centers.

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ReadyMode is an all-in-one CRM and predictive dialer with inbound/outbound channels, ACD, IVR, call recording, a live floor map of agents and a webphone.

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Dialpad logo



Cloud communications system for enterprises

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Dialpad is a cloud communication platform and business phone system that provides organizations with the latest in VoIP telephony technology to keep teams connected and productive. The platform comprises three integrated products; Dialpad Talk, Dialpad Contact Center, and Dialpad Sell.

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CallTrackingMetrics logo



The Only All-in-One Call Tracking & Contact Center Solution

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CallTrackingMetrics is marketing attribution, conversation intelligence, and contact center solution. Capture the full customer journey across teams. Track all of your conversations across calls, texts, form fills, and chats in one platform.

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Cresta logo



Contact center productivity suite

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Cresta is a real-time productivity suite for sales and customer service teams.

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Convoso logo



Dial Smarter, Not Harder

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Dramatically increase contact and lead conversion rates with Convoso's omnichannel contact center software.

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Zoho Voice logo

Zoho Voice


Cloud-based business phone for SMB sales and support teams

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Zoho Voice is a cloud-based VoIP phone system specially designed for SMBs. Zoho Voice also places a phone system inside other Zoho apps like CRM, Desk, Recruit, and Bigin so you can handle calls without leaving the platform.

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InGenius logo



Computer telephony integration to fuel efficiency

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Increase agent productivity, customer satisfaction and case handling capacity. InGenius helps make calls more efficient by placing critical CRM insights at your agents' fingertips. Drive more successful service with one simple integration that supports unique workflows and omnichannel environments.

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Omnis logo



Contact center solution for customer engagement

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Omnis is a cloud-based contact center solution which assists businesses of all sizes with contact management and call monitoring. Its key features include campaign management, interactive voice response, queue management, real time monitoring and analytics.

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Dextr logo



Contact center as a service (CCaaS) solution

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Dextr is a contact center as a service (CCaaS) solution by Amazon Connect that combines a full-featured agent call control and supervisor interface with a library of cloud services. The solution leverages Amazon Connect and the Amazon eco-system to drive contact center as a service solutions.

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Alvaria Cloud logo

Alvaria Cloud


The Premier Enterprise Cloud Contact Center Solution

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Alvaria Cloud is a cloud contact center platform built for high-availability and backed by SLAs to support enterprise-scale deployments.

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Alvaria CX Suite logo

Alvaria CX Suite


Turn your customer experience into a competitive advantage.

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Gives organizations the tools, choice and control at scale to expand inbound and outbound capabilities with seamless omnichannel interactions, while maintaining full control, privacy and compliance.

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Zendesk Suite logo

Zendesk Suite


Service-first CRM company that builds support & sales tools

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Zendesk is the leading cloud-based help desk software built with support agents in mind. All your customer interactions are in a single, dynamic interface with features like web widgets, pre-defined ticket responses, and full customer history.

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LiveAgent logo



Great customer service starts with better help desk software

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LiveAgent is a comprehensive inbound call center solution that allows businesses to manage customer inquiries and support requests via phone, live chat, and social media. It enables agents to easily route and respond to inquiries.

Start with a 14-Day free trial, no credit card needed, no contracts.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Call Center Software

It's an ongoing challenge for customer service agents to juggle multiple customer questions, support requests, and calls at once. And if a company as a whole is unable to effectively manage customer inquiries, it can lead to decreased customer satisfaction and ultimately reputational damage.

Call center software helps businesses restructure their customer service operations by automating key processes. These solutions assist agents by routing calls to the appropriate representative, monitoring calls, offering prerecorded menu options, tracking pertinent call center metrics, and more.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

What is call center software?

Call center software automates and standardizes the process of receiving and responding to customer phone calls. These solutions improve overall monitoring of the customer experience, workflow management, and employee performance evaluation. Whether designed for virtual workspaces or site-based locations, call center applications manage and catalog the handling of customer calls and often allow customers to track the progress of their request via the internet.

What is call center software used for?

Call center software is used to automate the flow of incoming and outgoing calls, ultimately improving customer service. Call center software allows callers to access general business information through interactive voice response systems, such as business hours or frequently asked questions.

This frees up time for customer service agents, allowing them to maximize their productivity and focus on customer inquiries that require more complex solutions.

Businesses also use call center software to monitor their agentʻs service and customer satisfaction. Managers may use call center software to listen in on calls and apply corrective action where necessary to ensure each customer inquiry is properly handled. Call center software also allows managers to record calls for training purposes or to identify training needs for current employees.

What are the different types of call center software?

The first step when investing in call center software is to know whether you want an outbound, inbound, or blended call center solution.

  • Outbound call center: Outbound call center solutions help agents engage with customers on behalf of a business or client for telemarketing, sales, fundraising, or surveys.

  • Inbound call center: Inbound call center software helps customers get in touch with a company to resolve queries about a product or service. Such software can also help businesses schedule appointments and dispatch technicians.

  • Blended: This type of call center software allows customer service agents to take care of both inbound and outbound call operations. Agents can fill in for each other while handling all calls to boost overall call center productivity.

What are common features of call center software?

  • Automatic call distribution: Ensure that all incoming calls are routed to appropriate agents, depending on their availability and expertise. Manage a large volume of calls without overwhelming customer service agents.

  • Computer telephony integration: Use a computerized system to bring together all active channels of communication. Hold, transfer, and mute calls. Host live chats, conference calls, send emails, and respond to customers via social media.

  • Call logging: Automate the record-keeping process for inbound and outbound calls. Create a database of sales calls for future reference.

  • Call monitoring: Allow call center managers to listen in on live phone conversations to train and assess agent performance.

  • Call recording: Record customer-agent phone conversations so managers can ensure calls are handled appropriately and use them to train new agents.

  • Call scripting: Add content to call script templates to provide agents with standard responses for common topics and questions.

  • Queue management: Monitor how long it takes for customers in the queue to be connected with a customer service agent. Track call abandonment for incoming customer requests that haven't yet been routed.

  • Reporting/analytics: View, track, and analyze call center metrics such as calls per day, average call duration, average call abandonment rate, waiting time, and service level.

  • Campaign management: Create marketing campaigns and tailor customer treatment to your target audience. Organize call processes by purpose, such as sales, retention, inquiry responses, etc.

  • Interactive voice responses (IVR)/voice recognition: Read and accept a combination of customer-initiated touch-tone keypad selections and voice inputs, and then provide the appropriate response via IVR technology.

  • Real-time chat: Connect with customers via instant messaging to answer inquiries and provide direct support. Add surveys before or after a live chat session to evaluate agent performance.

What are the important considerations when purchasing call center software?

  • Integrations: Call center software needs the support of other software solutions to help businesses provide top-notch service.Most businesses also use CRM software, social networking tools, and helpdesk software to support their customer service efforts. Look for a call center solution that seamlessly integrates with the systems your business currently has in place.

  • Security and compliance: Whichever call center solution you choose, be sure that it offers top-of-the-line encryption to keep your customer data secure. When handling inbound customer calls, call center agents may handle sensitive customer information to solve any issues and properly answer customer inquiries. Before purchasing call center software, ask software vendors if their solution complies with the most recent data protection laws and regulations.

  • Easy implementation: Restructuring call center operations by implementing a call center system may seem like a daunting task to some businesses. However, after the initial planning process, call center software should only take a few hours to go live. Find a solution that requires minimal training and a vendor that offers ample support to ensure your call center agents and managers are set up for success.

What is the cost of call center software?

Most products in this market are priced on a per month basis, billed annually. Pricing can be divided into three pricing tiers based on the starting prices:

Price ranges:

  • $11 - $15

  • $15 - $25

  • $25+

*The pricing included is for the entry-level/lowest-priced offering found on vendor websites on April 18, 2022. These ranges correspond to the 25th, 75th, and 100th percentiles of pricing information gathered from vendor websites of sample products.

What is the highest-rated call center software?

GetApp’s Category Leaders ranks the top software in a market based on user reviews in five key areas: ease of use, value for money, functionality, customer support, and likelihood to recommend.

Visit the call center software Category Leaders page to compare top-rated software now.

What type of systems do call centers use? 

Most call centers implement the following systems to streamline their customer service efforts:

  • Automatic call distributors (ACD): Automatic call distributors are telephony systems that allow call centers to automate incoming and outgoing call processes. Inbound calls enter through the system and are then distributed to an available customer service agent. These systems help call centers sort a large volume of calls, improving customer wait times and overall satisfaction.

  • Automatic dialers: These types of dialers eliminate the need for manual dialing. Automatic dialers systematically place outbound calls and (if the customer answers) connects the customer to an available agent. Automatic dialers improve call center efficiency by only routing answered outbound calls to agents, improving call center productivity.

  • Predictive dialers: A predictive dialer is an automated call dialer that places incoming customer calls in a queue before agents are available to answer them. These dialers help call centers improve their call rates by answering multiple calls at once.

  • Interactive voice response (IVR): IVR systems are automated answering machines that attend to customer calls before they are rerouted to a customer service agent. These systems determine the nature of the customerʻs inquiry, then assign appropriate assistance. Next, the IVR sends the collected customer data to the ACD, which reroutes the call directly to the appropriate agent. This is how IVR systems streamline the customer service process for both customers and agents.


Products evaluated for the pricing calculation were taken from GetApp’s call center software Category Leaders report. The pricing ranges exclude freemium versions of the products. The features highlighted were identified based on their relevance and the percentage of products in GetApp’s directory that offer them.