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Alvaria CXP logo

Easily Design and Maintain Self-Service Applications

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Alvaria CXP empowers enterprises to deploy contact center & customer self-service solutions on voice (IVR), text/messaging (chatbots), and mobile channels (disposable apps) with a design-once-deploy-anywhere approach.

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Codeanywhere logo

SaaS Cloud IDE Codeanywhere

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Codeanywhere is a cloud-based integrated development environment that includes a built-in code editor, a fully-featured development environment for servers and containers, an integrated debugger, and live collaboration tools.

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Face AR SDK logo

Augmented Reality SDK with 3D face tracking

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Banuba SDK boosts user engagement with high-quality AR effects.

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Anima logo

Design and development tools united at last

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Anima integrates with Figma, Adobe XD and Sketch and allows designers to create high-fidelity, responsive and interactive prototypes, and eases the handoff to developers by translating them to component-based code.

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Bryntum logo

Web Components Suite for Planning and Resource Management

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Bryntum Suite offers the best JavaScript-based Components for Project Planning and Resource Management.
The suite is notably composed of the Gantt chart, the Scheduler, the Task Board and the Calendar.

It is a comprehensive suite that is notably compatible with React, Angular, and Vue.

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AuraQuantic logo

No-code digital transformation platform

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The AuraQuantic no-code platform empowers businesses of all sizes to create business applications, automate processes, orchestrate end-to-end operations and digitally transform.

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Fortpress logo

Application development software

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Fortpress is an all-in-one application management software designed to help businesses develop blogs, eCommerce websites, web apps, APIs, and more.

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Daxium-Air logo

The all-in-one solution to follow your field activities !

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5+ users. A web-mobile platform that centralizes operational exchanges between teams through tailor-made mobile applications. 100% customizable.

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Plandek logo

Build software better with Plandek Value Stream Metrics

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Build software better with Plandek DevOps Value Stream Metrics solution. With a simple set up process, Plandek helps you analyse the software delivery process, offering deep insights into where teams can improve quality, speed and other key metrics within their software engineering processes.

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Bonita logo

Business process automation platform

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Bonitasoft fully supports digital operations and IT modernization with Bonita, an open-source and extensible platform for business process automation and optimization.

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RadSystems Studio logo

World's Most Powerful Rapid Application Development Tool

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By setting up modules and plug-ins, adding custom CSS and JavaScript codes, and creating REST APIs, users can enhance and extend the capabilities of their applications.

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Qase logo

test management, testops, test case management,

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A QA test management platform for manual & automated QA testing, tracking, and reporting for delivering higher quality software, faster.

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WEBCON Business Process Suite logo

Low-code business process management and automation platform

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WEBCON BPS is a a low-code platform for workflow digitalization and automation, as well as for business process management and optimization. The WEBCON BPM software allows you to create process-centric workflows and forms without coding.

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CLion logo

Intelligent system for troubleshooting C/C++ code.

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CLion is a solution for investigating and resolving issues in C/C++ code that makes it possible to log events, use breakpoints based on lines, symbols, exceptions, and conditionals, and remove or disable breakpoints as new ones are reached.

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engomo logo

Build apps – fast, integrated & individual.

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engomo is a low-code digitization platform for enterprises to create business apps for their complex, integrated, and individual processes without programming.

It provides intuitive tools to configure business apps, seamless integration possibilities, and maximum flexibility for app-building.

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Skaffolder logo

Cloud platform for JAVA, Node JS & PHP web developers

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Skaffolder is a cloud platform for JAVA, Node JS & PHP web developers to create & develop web apps with customizable, multi-language, high quality source code. A graphical interface allows users to manage technical planning directly from the platform, while integrated JWT security keeps data secure.

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Skuid logo

Drive impact, by design

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Skuid enables companies to rapidly build impactful applications that employees and customers love to use through our leading low-code application platform.

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Shiny logo

Interact. Analyze. Communicate.

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Shiny is an application development solution for businesses of all sizes and developers, which provides features such as application management, a graphical user interface, collaboration tools, an activity dashboard, and an integrated development environment.

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Joget DX logo

Create Enterprise Applications @ The Speed of Thought

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Joget is an open source rapid application development platform for non-coders and coders to visually build enterprise apps fast and easy.

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eMOBIQ logo

Building Mobile Applications Faster with No-Code!

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RMAD platform that helps businesses create cross platform mobile applications utilizing a drag-and-drop interface and No Hand Written Code whatsoever.

The next major release in 2022 will enable Full Stack Application Development using NO-CODE- Front End (Mobile & Web) and Backend Development

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TARA  logo

AI-powered product builder

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Tara AI is an intelligent product builder for product managers, founders, non-technical executives, and CxOs which leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate product development and automatically scope projects, build task lists, assign developers, and more

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King of App logo

App development & customer engagement platform for SMBs

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King of App is an app development & customer engagement platform with which SMBs can create customizable smartphone applications quickly & easily

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Clever Cloud logo

Platform as a Service with add-on APIs

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Clever Cloud is a Platform as a Service designed to help organizations operate, automate, and scale their businesses with various runtimes and add-ons. It lets teams get an overview of the current state of scalers, and current RAM, CPU, disk, and network activity.

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Appenate logo

Data-driven business app creation. No coding required

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No-code, rapid app creation with offline capabilities. Create solutions in under 5 minutes with an affordable, drag-and-drop, no-code platform. Reduce the time spent on paperwork and improve the way you record, track and store data. Free training & support. Try a free, no obligation trial today!

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Google App Engine logo

Multi-language platform for app developers

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The program is designed to help single developers and entire development teams It lets programmers focus on writing code without having to manage the underlying infrastructure that supports their software. With support for many major international languages, the app utility allows users to manage resources directly from their app's command line.

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