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Ability LMS

Fully customizable learning & training management solution

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Ability LMS overview

What is Ability LMS?

Ability LMS is a learning and training management solution based on LearnerWeb Enterprise that offers a collection of LMS features and predefined roles. The cloud-based solution addresses the most common needs for both internal and external learners, and can manage any type of training. Users can automate communications, assignments and reporting, as well as integrate with their existing HR platform.

Custom dashboards help keep learners, trainers, managers and administrators focused by presenting them with only the key activities that they need to do while still giving access to other areas of the LMS that is available based on their security profile. Schedules and training events are a key component in the training management process. Training events can be segmented by trainer, location, topic, or in virtually any preferred manner.

The Ability LMS master calendar can accommodate single sessions, single day events, multi-day events, and multi-instructor events. The calendar adapts easily to the way the user wants to run their training operation. Ability LMS delivers reports without the need for programming. Trainers, Managers and Administrators can use or customize pre-built reports and create their own unique reports.


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Marco Arroyo

Comprehensive, easy to customize but with no programming

Reviewed 2015-01-01
Review Source: Capterra

I have used LearnerWeb for a number of years and found the LMS to be very dynamic. Unlike most other well-know learning systems, the LMS is very fluid, driven by configuration settings that makes customization easy, 95% without requiring programming skills. Our implementation will never outgrow the LMS, just with true multi-tenant portals and the ability to track everything. While the interface could have used an update a few years ago, MaxIT has provided a new fresh UI, making it all worth the wait. Before you spend a lot of money on an LMS, you should look at LearnerWeb. You will be pleasantly surprised by its depth and cost-effective learning system solution.

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Contact MaxIT for detailed pricing information.

As the developer and owner of the intellectual property of AbilityLMS, we work with organizations from small start-ups that are boot-strapping to large, multi-national organizations. Because of unknowns of the nature of content, features needed that have different support requirements and the fact we support any delivery and 1000s of features, we just can't do a one-size fits all pricing. In general, for an internal facing audience, you have a per-user cost of $5-$20 / user annually. An external audience tends to have much simpler needs and that per-user cost is based on utilization and bandwidth and is tiered base.

Ability LMS features

Activity Dashboard
Communication Management
Course Authoring
Learning Management
Reporting & Statistics
Self Service Portal
Third Party Integration

API (172 other apps)
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Assessment Management (179 other apps)
Attendance Management (116 other apps)
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Additional information for Ability LMS

Key features of Ability LMS

  • Multi-tenant portals
  • Virtual live classrooms
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Curriculum development
  • eCommerce solutions
  • Communications manager
  • HR integration
  • Monday reports
  • Performance training
  • Private portals
  • Custom dashboards
  • Customizable branding
  • Training notifications
  • Offline course player
  • Learning tracks
  • Resource library
  • On-demand certificates
  • Transcript history
  • Review schedules
  • Event management
  • Custom reports
  • Assign training
  • Security profiles
  • Flexi-groups
  • Create training courses
  • Live audio and video for full interactivity
  • Visual support tools
  • Chat
  • Multilingual support for multiple languages
  • Email reminders
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Course libraries
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Ability LMS give students an efficient way to access a single eLearning course or a collection of courses such as a series of courses needed for a certification.

Online training gets workers back on the job, faster and with the information they need.

Courses work on mobile, PC and Mac as short, easy-to-digest lessons for effective training solutions, and are regularly updated and new ones continually being created.

Managers and trainers can assign training with Ability LMS, and courses and libraries can be set up so that learners can self-enroll through a form or even a link in an email.

HR integration can reflect job title changes and then assign training for that new job title as well as let the appropriate people know of the new assignments.