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RIO Education

Student management system for educational organizations

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RIO Education overview

What is RIO Education?

RIO Education is a cloud-based student information system that helps educational institutions manage course enrollments, faculty interactions, and administrative processes. It comes with a self-service portal, which enables students to view class schedules and receive notifications related to session registrations, login credentials, and more.

RIO Education allows faculty members to configure course completion rules and automatically generate certifications as per students’ academic results. Administrators can monitor course performance using artificial intelligence (AI) technology and generate reports in compliance with government regulations. Plus, it lets lecturers and students view daily rosters, upcoming sessions, and study timetables on a calendar.

RIO Education enables students to review ongoing programs with details including course ID, name, campus location, and enrollment status. Students can process fee payments via credit cards and track program statuses, credits earned, or grade point averages (GPAs) on a unified platform. It also allows educators to approve/reject application requests and retrieve specific student profiles from the database using the search functionality.


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RIO Education features

Activity Dashboard
Attendance Management
Attendance Tracking
Automatic Notifications
Communication Management
Progress Reports
Reporting & Statistics
Self Service Portal
Student Management
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Key features of RIO Education

  • Class Registration
  • Classroom Management
  • Course Management
  • Financial Aid Management
  • Higher Education
  • Online Payments
  • Roster Management
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