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School Visitor Management, Dismissal, Attendance, & Security

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SchoolPass overview

The SchoolPass platform is a suite of safety and efficiency tools purpose-built for schools. SchoolPass includes visitor management, dismissal and carline automation, daily and emergency attendance, perimeter security cameras, bus boarding management, and after school activity management.

With SchoolPass, schools run 50% faster carlines and spend 85% less time on admin work. SchoolPass integrates with your SIS, including Blackbaud and Powerschool.


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SchoolPass features

Activity Dashboard
Attendance Management
Automatic Notifications
Registration Management
Reporting & Statistics

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Additional information for SchoolPass

Key features of SchoolPass

  • Aftercare alerts
  • Afterschool activity management
  • Arrival and dismissal change management
  • Bus boarding
  • Bus capacity management
  • Carline automation
  • Daily attendance
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Emergency attendance
  • Mobile emergency lists
  • Multi-campus management
  • Quickpins and barcodes
  • Robust Reporting
  • SIS integrations
  • SMS or email notifications
  • Security alerts
  • Security cameras
  • Staff smartphone sign in/sign out
  • Substitute teacher trackings
  • Terms of entry
  • Visitor background checks
  • Visitor badge printing
  • Visitor facial detection
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• Visitor Management. Simplify sign in, screen visitors, conduct background checks, print badges, and conduct emergency attendance - all in one place.

• Carline Automation. Parents are automatically identified based on license plates, RFID/toll tags, or phone GPS. Staff use this information to organize carlines and authorize drivers.

• Student Arrival and Dismissal Changes. SchoolPass allows parents to update their child's schedule from an app. All changes are communicated in real-time to administrators, teachers and affiliated parents.

• Bus Boarding and Notifications. Produce real-time bus manifests and maximize bus capacity. Notify parents and administrators when buses leave campus and for field trips.

• Afterschool Activity Management. Manage afterschool activities online including activity attendance. Provide your activity coordinators real-time rosters, your parents with accurate attendance notifications and your business office with attendance reports for billing accuracy.