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Envoy Visitors


Reopen the workplace with confidence.

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Envoy Visitors is the visitor management tool trusted by thousands of businesses in industries like manufacturing, technology, and healthcare. With our latest product, Protect, you can re-open and maintain your office operations while ensuring the health and safety of anyone who enters your space.

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HID Visitor Management Solutions


Visitor management software for the healthcare industry

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WorkforceID Visitor Manager is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses in healthcare, education, transportation, energy, government, finance, energy, and other sectors automate check-in processes. The software lets managers create custom screening questions to eliminate additional checks.

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Visitor management for an ever-changing world

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Impress your visitors and secure your front desk with a multilingual iPad-based visitor management solution used by Fortune500 and SMEs

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The Receptionist for iPad


Cloud and iPad based Visitor Management System

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Simplest visitor management available, for the company and the visitor. The app seamlessly imports your contacts, and the user experience couldn't be easier for

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The secure, touch-free sign in solution for your workplace

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Streamline and modernize your front desk. Clever design, amazing support, unbeatable value.

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Cloud-based meeting room booking system

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Teem is a cloud-based meeting room booking solution with at-a-glance availability, real-time scheduling, trouble ticketing, utilization reporting, and more

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Facility management software for the digital workplace

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iOFFICE's visitor management software gives you the tools you need to attract top job candidates and retain your best clients. You can streamline guest, employee, vendor & contractor registration, get alerts of unwanted guests, and access real-time insights of visitor history and lobby activity.

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Sign In App


Visitor management solution

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The secure alternative to visitor books and timesheets.

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Cloud-based visitor management solution

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iLobby is a global leader in Enterprise Visitor Management. The tablet-based solution streamlines the sign-in process for visitors, contractors and employees, while adding an extra layer of security.

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Visitor management on the iPad, web and mobile.

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Check-in visitors, contractors, staff, deliveries and track assets. Monitor time and attendance and improve safety across your operations and facilities.

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Navigo Visitor Management


Visitor management solution for small to large businesses

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Navigo Visitor Management is an on-premise and cloud-based solution designed to help small to large businesses streamline and manage badging and check-in processes for visitors. It allows users to inform, manage and direct visitors to programs and public facilities.

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Health safety management software for businesses

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Allpass is a safety management software that helps medium to large businesses, schools, and event organizers conduct health screening checks to secure workplaces. The platform lets teams check-in, certify health status, and receive a pass to enter premises.

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Military-grade touchless visitor system management.

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Greetly is the only fully customizable visitor management system in the world and the first organization in the marketplace to offer no-touch check-in. Greetly's digital receptionist app manages visiting customers, vendors, interview candidates, deliveries, exits and more saving time and money.

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Visitor, contractor & evacuation management

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WhosOnLocation enables organizations to manage people coming in and out of work sites and offices to improve safety and security, and protect employees & assets

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TDS Visitor


Multilingual SaaS visitor management software for enterprise

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Visitor Management built for the Super Enterprise.

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Conversational AI for Today’s Visitor Management

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PRSONAS-VMS is an artificially intelligent digital solution for any industry. Allowing companies to remove the repetitive tasks of your office managers, assistants, receptionists and incorporate a digital workforce. PRSONAS-VMS is a touch-free human-like experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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iPad/Android visitor registration management

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Vizito is a customizable visitor registration tool for businesses to register, track, and manage visitors with a front-end iPad/Android kiosk & back-end website

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QR code enabled visitor management platform

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NOVIDIC is a QR code enabled visitor management software designed to help businesses and public places including hospitals, libraries, hotels, airport terminals, or schools manage visitor registrations and entries. It allows supervisors to maintain visitor records with up-to-date data.

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Cloud-based visitor management solution

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Visitly is a cloud-based visitor management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes manage contractors, employees, visitors, customers and operations, allowing users to streamline front-desk operations, record guest/employee information, digitally sign documents, and capture photo IDs

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Modern businesses that are prioritising visitor management

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visitor sign in, touchfree sign in, touchless sign in, QR code sign in, COVID app, COVID contact tracing app, staff sign in, staff check in, app log book, digital sign in, visitor management software, visitor management system, business safety app

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The #1 All-in-one HSEQ Management System

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#1 Visitor Management Software. Connect visitors to your management team and system. Easy to access, enter and report data in real time. A platform with end-to-end functionality that works on any device. Out-of-the-box templates or build your own to match requirements. Try now.

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Gate Key


Visitor management for apartment complexes and communities

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Gate Key is a cloud-based visitor management system designed to assist apartment complexes & gated communities with managing guests, pets & registered vehicles. Key features include a contact database, guest registration, activity tracking, incident reporting, data export & third-party integrations.

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Visitor, student, & volunteer management software

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KeepnTrack offers secure solutions for school and facility visitor management, volunteer management, and student tracking via a single platform

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AI driven temperature screening with facial recognition

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uScann is an AI-driven, automated, contact free, IoT enabled temperature screening system that helps businesses and educational institutions to monitor incoming visitors’ body temperatures. Additional features include touch less attendance, visitor management system with facial recognition

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Raptor Visitor Management


Know precisely who is in your schools

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Eliminate uncertainty and know precisely who is in your schools with screening for sex offenders, alerts for custody issues, and health screening questions.

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Buyers Guide

Visitor Management

Gone are the days when recording visitor information (contact details, entry and exit time, purpose of visit, etc.) in a handbook was enough to ensure the security in a facility. It’s because with manual records one can’t prevent erroneous and false entries. Moreover, it isn’t always easy to retrieve information about a particular visitor from a manual record, in case required at a later time. 

Visitor management software helps organizations address these challenges. The software allows users to streamline individual and group check-ins and store visitor information in electronic databases that makes information retrieval easy. The tool also reduces data entry tasks for front desk employees.

But before you invest in visitor management software for your business, make sure you go through the following information included in this guide:

What is visitor management software?

Visitor management software is a system that helps organizations gather, store, and track visitor information in electronic databases. 

Its common functionalities include visitor ID scanning, visitor registration, and access management.

What are the deployment options for visitor management software?

Explore the following deployment options when thinking of visitor management software:

Cloud-based deployment: Cloud-based visitor management software can be accessed from anywhere via a web browser or mobile app. Hosting and upkeep of the software are vendor responsibilities; users only need to pay monthly/annual subscription fees to start using the software. 

On-premise deployment: On-premise visitor management software is installed on the computers of the user organization and can be accessed only through those computers. Hosting and upkeep of the software are user responsibilities; users need to procure licensed copies of the software to start using it.

Key questions to ask a vendor before you buy: Based on my business requirements which deployment option will you recommend? 

What are some common features of visitor management software?

Know what are the common features to look for when exploring options on the market:

ID scanning and tagging: Scan visitor IDs and generate custom tags to allow access to intended areas. The system stores scanned IDs and is able to identify repeat visitors.

Visitus customized visitor pass

Custom visitor pass with unique barcode in VisitUs Reception (Source)

Self-registration: Let visitors self-feed personal information into the system to register themselves and obtain visitor badges/cards.

Self checkin

Self-check-in in ALICE Receptionist (Source)

Visitor pre-registration: Allow hosts to promptly provide visitor details such as name and date and time of visit to save time in check-ins.

The receptionist preregistration

Pre-register visitors in The Receptionist (Source)

Watchlist review: Vet visitors against local/online watchlists to identify offenders/red-flagged individuals and notify the security.


ID verification in Proxyclick (Source)

Visitor tracking: Monitor visitor movement across the premises and contact/notify concerned peoples to update visitor whereabouts.

ilobby checkout

Visitor tracking in iLobby (Source)

Alerts and notifications: Notify hosts about visitor arrivals via emails, app notifications, or text messages.

Alice receptionist alert hosts

Alert hosts about visitor arrival in ALICE Receptionist (Source)

Key question to ask a vendor before you buy: What are the other features I should look out for?

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*Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations, obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.

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