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ThinkWave Educator


Free Gradebook | School Management Software | Grades Online

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Teachers use ThinkWave Educator gradebook software to easily record and calculate daily results. Parents and students stay involved with Grades Online. ThinkWave Administrator makes it easy for schools to manage grades, attendance, and reporting.

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K-12 ERP software built for school management. Complete finance, payroll, and hr tasks online and achieve financial peace of mind.

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Comprehensive College & School Management Software

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With Fedena School Administrative System, school admin can seamlessly manage all administrative tasks such as daily timetable management, students' batches information management, keep a track on admission enquiries, keep a real time time on fee collection & pending fees and more.

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Registration and management software

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ASAP is full-featured and affordable software for online registration and management, popular with schools, universities, communities, and more. Choose your own set of features, reporting tools and level of customization with no long-term contracts. Trust the company that has been in the industry for 30 years.

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AEC Academia


Learning center management system for educational institutes

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AEC Academia is a cloud-based learning center management software designed to help educational institutes manage faculty, students, and courses. Features include class scheduling, grants administration, scholarship and payroll management, data import/export, and financial reporting.

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ERP solution for schools

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Pappaya is a campus management & enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for schools with accounting, attendance & timetable management, VR classrooms & more

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School LMS designed for all learning & education processes

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Admissions Management
Attendance Tracking
Class Scheduling
Curriculum Management
Faculty/Staff Management
Financial Management
Higher Education
Online Calendar
School District
Student Information/Records
Transportation Management
HR and Payroll
Fees Management

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Integrated, web-based school information system

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Veracross gives development teams access to powerful tools on their homepage, including the ability to gather any data they need for different types of reports

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Single sign-on (SSO) software for K-12 schools

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Clever is a school management software that helps students, parents and educators handle operations related to communication, resource management, student engagement, and more. It lets teachers troubleshoot issues during online sessions, upload learning resources and access external HR applications.

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CollegeOne Suite



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This powerful software unify academic, administrative, teaching, finance, accounting, billing, online payments, online learning, and much more that will help you to eliminate unnecessary duplication of work and reduce costly mistakes.

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Multi-lingual school management software

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ZeroERP is a cloud-based school management system tool with core ERP (enterprise resource planning) functionality. Be it a student attendance tracking, staff management, fees recording, or communication with parents, ZeroERP can aid educational institutions with all of their key tasks.

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Online registration software for afterschool classes & camps

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SimplyAfterschool is an online registration software designed for afterschool classes, clubs, & summer camps, with parent communication, fee collection, & more

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Web based student information system

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SchoolBrains is a student information system for k-12 schools which provides tools to manage student information, set academic goals and track school activities

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Campus management solution for educational institutions

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DigitaCampus is a Microsoft Azure cloud-based campus management solution for schools and colleges around the globe

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SaaS-based school management & administration software

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MyClassboard is a SaaS-based school management software solution featuring modules spanning administration, fee collection, messaging, academic grading and more

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Cloud-based school administration software

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ClassTag is a cloud-based communication tool that allows schools to conduct parent-teacher conferences. The solution enables users to share instant messages, important announcements, videos, pictures, calendar, and actionable engagement stats on a centralized dashboard.

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Applane For Education


School Management Software

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Applane Education is a web-based application suite for educational institutions which provide end-to-end solution to manage institutions right from admissions to alumni. AFE includes various features like education delivery, student management, human resources, general administration, and more.

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School management software

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BlueBic is a cloud-based school management system which supports student records, events management, & reports, plus fee management, roles & permissions, & more

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Learning Clubhouse


Customizable childcare management software

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Learning Clubhouse is a customizable childcare management software designed to simplify & automate childcare provider tasks, with online registration and more

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Finalsite Apply


Web software solutions and services for schools

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Private School Websites, Independent School Websites, School Content Management System, Education Content Management System, School Website Design, Private School Software, CMS.

Our Platform's many different components make it scalable and flexible. And, with our interactive solution builder, you pick the parts of the Platform that fit your school’s unique needs for a truly custom solution.

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Intelligent school & student administration

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EduReg by Synel is a suite of modular solutions for managing student interactions with features for cashless systems, student registration, & access control

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School administration software for managing operations

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ATLANTIS software is aimed at schools, offering features designed to optimize operation and work processes. The platform enables educational institutions of all sizes to handle various administrative tasks such as managing documents, inventory, classes, teachers, media, grading, and rooms.

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A solution for the admin of educational institutions

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All4Schools is a software package that can be used to manage educational institutions, such as schools and universities. It is based on a modular structure and offers functions, such as an accounting and notification system, as well as document, absence and grade management.

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Meeting & agenda management for local government & education

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Community by Diligent is a meeting & agenda management solution designed specifically for local government, public education, special districts, libraries, & other public sector organizations. The cloud-based solution helps users govern & manage their communities using a collaborative workspace.

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Cloud-based ERP system for educational institutions

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Edumarshal is an ERP software, which helps educational institutions manage classes, administrative activities, and communication with parents, teachers, and students. Users can conduct custom assessments to evaluate the performance of students using ICSE, GPA, CCE, and other grading systems.

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