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INDE BroadcastAR

Interactive 3D Augmented Reality Experience

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INDE BroadcastAR overview

What is INDE BroadcastAR ?

INDE Broadcast AR is an augmented reality software which enables users to create experiences and products that educate, inform, entertain and inspire, through an augmented reality screen. Supporting individual AR experiences, group AR experiences, ready-made content, customizable content, and more, INDE Broadcast AR aims to deliver a comprehensive AR solution. Operating on any screen type/size, INDE Broadcast AR gives users the flexibility to display content on indoor and outdoor digital signage , as well as on temporary LED/plasma screens and projection systems.


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United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China and 5 other markets, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom

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INDE BroadcastAR  screenshot: Ocean Adventure BroadcastAR systemBroadcastAR 2.0: the new generation of large-screen Augmented Reality experiences by INDEINDE BroadcastAR  screenshot: Dinosaur-themed AR experienceINDE BroadcastAR  screenshot: Ready-made AR experiencesINDE BroadcastAR  screenshot: AR experience for large screensINDE BroadcastAR  screenshot: Dinosaur kingdom by Smithsonian AR experienceINDE BroadcastAR  screenshot: Air, land & sea augmented reality experience for large screens

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INDE BroadcastAR features

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Real Time Data

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Key features of INDE BroadcastAR

  • Ability to overlay images, text, and 3D objects over existing reality view
  • Assemble applications and processes by dragging over and arranging pre-built components
  • Create your own AR content
  • Creating, updating, monitoring accuracy, and ensuring brand consistency for all written materials that are distributed to stakeholders.
  • Graphing and outlining possibilities of different scenarios and performance, 'what if' anaysis, yield analysis, cash flow projections
  • Input 3D objects
  • Integration of virtual reality along with augmented reality into one application
  • Objects are always overlaid against the real world background
  • Oversee interactions with customers throughout the entire relationship
  • Pay employees in multiple countries using correct currencies and correct tax deduction amounts
  • Used as a promotional or demonstration tool in sales and marketing presentations
  • Used for training or educational purposes
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Supports ready-made content with a range of different environments, including dinosaurs and killer whales.
Connecting to INDE's SnapShare module allows users to create and share video snapshots instantly.
Operates on any screen type or size.
Works in flexible footprints, allowing content to be installed in event and public spaces.
Supports individual, as well as group AR experiences.