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Twilio logo



Build, Scale, and Operate Customized Communication Solutions

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Twilio brings a powerful API for phone services enabling companies to make and receive phone calls, and send and receive text messages. It allows programmers to easily integrate various communication methods and to use existing web development skills and codes to solve communication problems.

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Zoho CRM Plus logo

Zoho CRM Plus


Unified Customer Experience platform

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Zoho CRM Plus is a unified customer experience platform that brings sales, marketing, projects, analytics, AI etc together for a better customer experience.

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TeamSupport Messaging & Live Chat logo

TeamSupport Messaging & Live Chat


Engage in impactful conversations

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Mesaaging & Live Chat by TeamSupport empowers B2B and healthcare organizations to unify their customer experience through consistent, convenient, and meaningful conversations.

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FullStory logo



Everything you need to know about your digital experience.

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FullStory tells you everything you need to know about your digital experience. Deliver exceptional experiences by letting our easy-to-use, intelligent software pinpoint when, where, and how user struggle is affecting your revenue and retention.

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Zendesk Suite logo

Zendesk Suite


Service-first CRM company that builds support & sales tools

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Zendesk is the leading cloud-based help desk software built with support agents in mind. All your customer interactions are in a single, dynamic interface with features like web widgets, pre-defined ticket responses, and full customer history.

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Alchemer logo



Give every customer a voice. Make every voice matter.

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The Alchemer Platform is the ideal solution for teams, departments, or for an entire organization looking to close the feedback loop with their customers and employees.

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SurveySparrow logo



Conversational survey tool

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SurveySparrow lets you turn surveys into conversations. With a conversational interface, SurveySparrow enables users to create and share highly engaging, mobile-first surveys that offer a chat-like experience.

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Birdeye logo



#1 most trusted reputation and customer experience platform

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Access to customer reviews, across every touch point, from every source, in one place. BirdEye lets you dig beneath reviews, ratings, customer feedback, and survey scores to discover what's working, what's not, and where. Collect feedback across the customer journey via email, websites, SMS.

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ReFrame Engage logo

ReFrame Engage


Conversational intelligence and customer engagement software

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ReFrame empowers the future of business by enabling context-aware solutions to connect with customers anywhere, anytime, and providing the best customer experience (CX) within a single powerful platform.

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Momentive logo



For business leaders who want to shape what's next.

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Momentive combines people-centric solutions with an agile, AI-powered platform to reshape your customer experience.

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Freshdesk logo



Online helpdesk system and customer service software

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Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service software that helps businesses of all sizes deliver consistent and delightful customer experiences across different channels.

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CallPage logo



Website button & pop-up widget for automated call backs

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CallPage helps convert web-visitors into sales calls by providing immediate responses from company reps through a customizable button and widget

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Jotform logo



Powerful Forms Get It Done

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Jotform Enterprise provides an all-in-one customer feedback collection, organization, and NPS software for businesses looking to provide an unparalleled customer experience. From calculating NPS, to designing autoresponder emails, Jotform Enterprise will help you skyrocket customer experience!

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Call Journey logo

Call Journey


Small moments, deep insights

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Driving improved CX, sales and compliance outcomes through having the right data in the right format

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Nextiva CRM logo

Nextiva CRM


Customer service and relationship management software

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Nextiva CRM is a customer relationship management software designed to help businesses handle interactions with customers across multiple communication channels including phone, email, SMS, social media accounts, and more. It enables organizations to route customer support tickets to agents.

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Krezzo logo



OKR & Business Performance Management

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Krezzo is a business performance management and OKR solution for better team alignment. Implement and scale with OKRs by unifying professional services, learning experiences and knowledge sharing, as well as a purpose built OKR platform for tracking and managing priorities visually, breaking down silos for growth, reducing bureacracy, all in one platform.

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ER Express logo

ER Express


Virtual queues & intake for hospitals and vets

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ER Express is a cloud-based virtual waiting system with digital intake tools and provides the ability to create virtual queues for human and animal healthcare facilities.

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EnjoyHQ logo



User research repository platform for UX teams

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EnjoyHQ is a cloud-based research repository platform designed to help organizations centralize and share UX research data with stakeholders & team members. Key features include user management, a collaborative workspace, app review translations, customer segmentation, and sentiment analysis.

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VideoAsk logo



Get personal with face-to-face interactions: at scale

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VideoAsk lets you have one-to-one, asynchronous conversations with customers. It’s the perfect way to put a face to your name, build trust and forge personal connections, at scale.

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Feefo logo



Harness the power of verified reviews.

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Founded in 2010, Feefo works with 6,000+ brands worldwide. Feefo invites verified customers to leave feedback, which results in reliable, fake-free feedback. Its reviews help boost customer confidence, as well as providing the foundation for smarter, data-driven decisions and actionable insights.

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SurveyLegend logo



Mobile-friendly survey management platform

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SurveyLegend enables you to create beautiful mobile-friendly surveys, forms, and polls with ease.

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Zoho Desk logo

Zoho Desk


Superior customer service. Lasting experiences.

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Zoho Desk helps you manage all customer interactions coming from multiple channels. Artificial Intelligence assistant, automate ticket management, measure satisfaction & customize support. Our free plan gives you 3 users free to help you get a head start with your customer service operations.

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LiveAgent logo



Great customer service starts with better help desk software

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LiveAgent is a help desk and customer experience management software. It helps businesses manage customer interactions from a unified platform. LiveAgent is a leader in delivering personalized experiences and exceeding customer expectations.

Start with a 14-Day free trial, no credit card required.

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SurveyMonkey Enterprise logo

SurveyMonkey Enterprise


360-degree feedback solution for HR professionals

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SurveyMonkey Enterprise is a customer satisfaction solution designed to help businesses in IT, healthcare, education, and other sectors collect, assess, and share survey responses with teams. Administrators can secure confidential data in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance standards.

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Five9 logo



Cloud contact and call center software

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With Five9, you can close the gap between your customer experience goals and the service you are actually able to deliver. With sophisticated features like ACD intelligent call routing, customer self-help through IVR, and CTI screen pops to inform agents of customer history.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) software helps businesses understand and optimize the overall experience they offer. This includes customer sentiment and brand image. Understanding and managing customer experience can help boost sales and profitability. CX tools help achieve this by tracking every interaction throughout the customer lifecycle and providing actionable insights.

This guide will help you select the right customer experience management software for your business. Here is what we’ll cover:

What is customer experience software?

Customer experience (CX) software helps businesses assess interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. These tools collect and process customer feedback to support real-time internal decision-making and improve overall CX strategy. Key CX software features include customer segmentation, feedback management, and sentiment analysis.

What are some common features of CX software?

  • Customer feedback automation: Schedule automated customer feedback requests. Customer actions such as making a purchase, booking a service, or after requesting support trigger these requests.

  • Case management: Flag negative feedback such as online reviews or social media posts and prioritize them for staff to address.

  • Review management: Gain greater insight into your brand reputation and customer satisfaction. This feature allows users to post reviews across various platforms such as Google Business, Yelp, Facebook, etc.

  • After-hours response: Ensure customers feel heard even during off-hours by setting up automated responses. This is useful for standard queries, reviews, comments, and other online posts targeted at/involving your business.

  • Response templates: Use templates to speed up response time and ensure a standardized brand voice while responding to customer queries or grievances.

  • Sentiment analysis: Understand the sentiment of customers toward your brand. Natural language processing (NLP), computational linguistics, and text analysis provide the insights.

What are the benefits of customer experience software?

  • Deeper insights: CX software helps you gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ experience during their overall journey by collecting and organizing customer feedback. This gives you the opportunity to learn what’s working well and what isn't. You can then use this information to optimize your brand's CX.

  • Faster resolution: These tools allow you to automate the grievance or query resolution process by setting up an automated workflow. Negative feedback, through social media, email, or any other touchpoint, triggers this workflow. These customer issues automatically go to your support team for timely intervention.

  • Comprehensive view: CX tools provide a complete view of the customer journey by collating customer data. This CX data includes transactional, experiential, and operational data. It's collected across all touch points to help gain meaningful insights and boost customer satisfaction.

What types of customer experience software are there?

There are several types of customer experience tools. These tools can be industry specific or agnostic, and a part of a larger customer support software suite or sales and marketing tool. The two fundamental types of customer experience management software are:

  • Customer experience software suite: These software bundles often include marketing, sales, CRM, customer lifecycle management, and campaign management tools. The tools included in the suite vary depending on the product. These suites cater to businesses with diverse needs who are looking to build an entire tech stack, rather than those who already have one.

  • Standalone customer experience software solutions: These standalone tools are also known as plug-and-play or off-the-shelf solutions, and specifically cater to customer experience. These tools are better-suited for businesses with an existing tech stack and have a specific need to improve CX.

What are the trends in customer experience software?

  • AI to improve customer service experience: Artificial intelligence can analyze customer data and offer insights. When collecting data from various customer touch points, it's possible to miss the bigger picture. Without this insight, the customer data you capture may only be the tip of the iceberg. AI can help you optimize customer experience by suggesting the best course of action.

  • Blockchain to simplify loyalty rewards: Blockchain can improve loyalty programs and customer incentives. Instead of traditional reward systems that rely on coupons, codes, receipts, or cards, customers can receive the reward kr discount in a more convenient and streamlined way. For example, blockchain functionality can link a virtual token to an email. When a customer opens the email and clicks the link, the token is automatically credited to their account.

What is the cost of customer experience software?

Most products in the market are priced on a per-user, per-month basis and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price.

Price ranges*:

  • $20 - $32

  • $32 - $55

  • $55+

*The pricing included is for the entry-level/lowest-priced offering found on vendor websites on July 28, 2021. These ranges correspond to the 25th, 75th, and 100th percentiles of pricing information gathered from vendor websites of sample products.

The above list summarizes pricing for the base plans of most products. An enterprise or premium product that is priced higher may include some additional features, such as customer segmentation or a knowledge base.

How do small and midsize businesses use customer experience software?

Customer experience management tools help businesses understand the impression their business leaves on customers throughout their journey. This helps businesses plan better strategies to improve their overall CX.

Businesses of different sizes have different approaches to CX management.

  • Small businesses: Smaller businesses often choose channel or function-specific CX applications instead of full CX suites. For example, a small business may only need a tool to perform a text analysis function to monitor live chat or email interactions. Such specific tools help businesses understand and measure overall customer sentiment. Other small businesses might opt for a survey tool to gather feedback from customers by phone,  from emails, or through online self-service pages.

  • Midsize businesses: Midsize businesses often look for customer experience tools that can monitor customer interactions in sales, marketing, and customer service. This provides insight into how customers are feeling about a business' product/service and can help identify internal inefficiencies that lead to poor CX.

Explore GetApp's Customer Focus resource hub to find out how to put your customers at the heart of your decision-making.

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations. They were obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.