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EthicsPoint overview

What is EthicsPoint?

EthicsPoint is an incident management platform providing hotline and issue management for organizations of all sizes. The solution provides a centralized system to view and manage all reports of misconduct, with robust analytics to generate reports and view trends within the company. Users can manage various complaint programs from investigation through to resolution using a customizable workflow, and collect issues from EthicsPoint’s hotline services, face-to-face conversations, questionnaires, and more.

Collaboration tools help users to track, measure and mitigate the risk impact across the organization, and gain insight into the company’s entire GRC (governance, risk management and compliance) program. EthicsPoint allows organizations to consolidate reports of misconduct from web-intake, hotline, open-door, and customized report forms in order to respond consistently to incidents. Knowledge gained from incident management programs can be applied to improve training programs, modify policies or revise the code of conduct.

EthicsPoint’s analytics, ad-hoc reporting, and benchmarking metrics help compliance professionals learn about potential risk areas and bring awareness into possible threats to the organization. Streamlined workflows help document all reports and case management assignments to ensure every report is addressed, and risks are managed. Case management processes can be customized for local laws as well as internal cultural mandates, including up-to-date compliance for international data privacy laws across multiple countries.


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EthicsPoint screenshot: Robust analytics, ad-hoc reporting, and benchmarking metrics provide compliance professionals with awareness into possible threats to their organizationEthicsPoint Incident Management SoftwareEthicsPoint screenshot: Capture and investigate ethics and compliance reports from across the organization in a centralized databaseEthicsPoint screenshot: Gain visibility into risk by consolidating reports from hotline, web-intake, open-door, and customized report formsEthicsPoint screenshot: Customize case management processes and fields for local laws and internal cultural mandatesEthicsPoint screenshot: Customize EthicsPoint for local laws and internal cultural mandates, allowing employees across the globe to access the system in ways that meet their needs

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Used occasionally for free trial
Reviewed 2019-10-22
Review Source: GetApp

I have in touch with the overall process in a previous business relationship. It is something I can see value

That create a fair working environment.

I still don´t have it, Where can I download it?

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Ladonna Turner

Problems with feedback.

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2020-01-22
Review Source: Capterra

Nothing is being done! No feedback!

Easy to use. I can fill out questions quickly.

I have not received any feedback. Is someone actually turning my points in? I submitted my ethics point in October. A total waste of time for me!

Response from NAVEX Global

Ladonna, sorry to hear this. To best address your issue, could you let us know if you are having an issue with the tool itself or an issue with the how your reports are being processed once submitted into the tool? Thank you.

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EthicsPoint features

Compliance Management
Customizable Reporting

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Key features of EthicsPoint

  • ISO compliance
  • Group management
  • Search
  • Data management
  • Global solution
  • Customizable workflow
  • Risk visibility
  • Board reporting
  • Collaboration tools
  • Risk management
  • Customizable reports
  • Incident management
  • Issue collection
  • Web intake forms
  • Hotline services
  • Questionnaire
  • Case management
  • Database
  • Enterprise-wide standards
  • Open-door reports
  • Multiple complaint programs
  • Role or skill-based access
  • Ad-hoc reporting
  • Benchmarking metrics
  • Incident tracking
  • International data privacy compliance
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EthicsPoint helps reveal potential organizational threats through robust analytics, ad-hoc reporting, and benchmarking metrics.

With improved visibility and collaboration tools, teams can better track, measure and mitigate the impact of risk, and store all information in one place.

Gain visibility into the entire organization's risk by consolidating reports from the hotline, web-intake, open-door, and customized reports.

Use EthicsPoint to enhance training programs, modify policies or revise the code of conduct by applying the knowledge gained from incident management programs.

EthicsPoint helps simplify compliance with international data privacy laws by keeping up to up-to-date with requirements abroad such as in Canada, EU, France, Belgium, and more.