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Mobile Credit Card Processing (USA Only)

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Flint overview

Flint is a feature-rich app that allows you to manage many core aspects of your business from anywhere - all you need is your phone. From secure credit card payment processing to mobile invoicing to easy digital coupons, Flint combines various payment and customer marketing tools into one app. No extra hardware or merchant account needed.

Simply position the card number in the scan area, then enter the card verification info. There’s no extra hardware to carry around and the card number is securely scanned through the Flint app. Keyed entry is also supported at the same rate as a scan. With Flint, all data is fully protected according to industry PCI DSS standards and guidelines. All transactions are encrypted for safety, and no information or images is ever stored on your phone.

Invoicing Made Simple

Create and send custom invoices right from your phone or online Merchant Portal for free. Your customers will receive an emailed invoice containing the amount, your business information, and a link to easily pay online. Your customers can pay their bill from any smartphone or computer, without the hassle of registering a new account or remembering login information. Payment overdue? Flint will send a friendly reminder email to your customer so you don’t have to. You can track, resend, and void all your invoices from the Flint app or online. Flint Invoicing is free, your only cost is our low transaction rate.

Multiple Payment Modes

With Flint, you can turn offline cash and check transactions into easy-to-reference digital records. Along with credit and debit card transaction data, digital receipts for cash and check transactions are automatically organized in your transaction history.

Customize to Build Your Brand

Build your professional brand and become more memorable with every business communication you send. You can customize invoices, receipts, and more with your logo, website, business information, and item descriptions. Plus, create custom memos, establish suggested tip amounts, set up sales tax rates and fine tune card scanning settings.

Efficient Staff Management

Maximize the professional capabilities of your staff while minimizing hassle for you. With Flint, you can give each of your employees the power to conduct secure transactions on your behalf, while you remain in control and see all the data in one place.

Online Merchant Portal

The Merchant Portal is your desktop headquarters for all things Flint. Log in anytime to access the details of your transaction history, view customer contact info, send invoices or coupons, and much more. Through your Merchant Portal, you can easily search and filter your transaction history by line item to view data online, download into Excel or text formatted files, or automatically sync to your QuickBooks Online account.

QuickBooks Online Integration

In the two minutes it takes to link your QuickBooks Online and Flint accounts, you'll eliminate hours of manual data entry. That's because your Flint account will automatically sync full transaction data (detailed by line item) to QuickBooks every hour. To save you time, Flint will also map transactions to existing customers and create new customers in QuickBooks when needed.

Coupons with Passbook Integration

Easily create coupons from your phone or desktop, and reward your customers with savings to build loyalty. Discounts are automatically applied when coupons are scanned with the Flint app. All Flint coupons can be integrated with Apple Passbook (increasing your company's visibility alongside major brands) or they can simply be scanned from an email. Issued and redeemed coupons are easily tracked. If unused coupons are about to expire, Flint will send an automated reminder to your customers so they won't miss out on your savings opportunity.


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Flint screenshot: Example Flint transaction Flow with coupon appliedFlint DemoFlint screenshot: Customize receipts, review transactions, manage staff, issue refunds, send invoices & issue coupons from within the web based merchant portal.Flint screenshot: Add checking account to which Flint will deposit funds within 1-2 Business daysFlint screenshot: Issue Coupons Via Email, customers save coupons to passbook, scan QR code to redeem couponsFlint screenshot: Customize Flint mobile payments for your needsFlint screenshot: Free mobile invoicing with online or mobile payment for the customer without loginFlint screenshot: Flint Mobile Card Scan ExampleFlint screenshot: mobile shopping cartFlint screenshot

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Very good
Value for money
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Customer support
Karen Eames

Ditch The Dongle

Reviewed 2015-02-04
Review Source: GetApp

Easy, Inexpensive, Customizable... Great for an individual or small company who has WANTED to accept credit card payments but never thought they could. No dongle - low fees - easy to use - uploads to Quickbooks - custom receipts - loyalty offers - online

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Flint pricing

The Flint transaction fee structure is transparent and simple to understand.

1.95% per debit card transaction
2.95% per credit card transaction

Flint is a pay-as-you-go service and will not charge you if you become inactive. There are no monthly fees and no monthly minimums. Flint does not charge a higher rate if you type in the card number rather than scanning the card.

Flint features


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Additional information for Flint

Key features of Flint

  • Easy & Secure Credit Card Scanning
  • Hassle-Free Instant Setup
  • Real Time Transaction Processing
  • Mobile Shopping Cart
  • Create and Send Custom Invoices
  • Customizable Email Receipts
  • Customers Pay From Any Smartphone or Computer
  • Digital Receipts for Cash and Check Transactions
  • Logging Cash and Checks
  • Automatic Payment Reminder Messages
  • Staff Account Controls & Reporting
  • Toll Free Phone & Email Support
  • QuickBooks Online Integration
  • Easy Social Marketing
  • Issue Coupons with Apple Passbook
  • Export Transaction History
  • Real Time Online Reporting
  • Capture Transaction Memos
  • Available in the U.S.A. for iPhone and Android
  • Safe & Secure
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With Flint, you get an account approval in real time and there's no hardware to wait for, no upfront costs, and no merchant account headaches.

Flint rates are transparent so you get charged what you expect. Fees do not change depending on whether the transaction was scanned or keyed, and there are no termination fees, monthly fees, or PCI compliance fees associated with the account. Merchants can terminate at any time without penalty.

Flint is designed to meet the needs of mobile business.