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Square Payments


Online payment processing for merchants & vendors

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Square Payments is an online payment processing solution which integrates with Square hardware & POS software to allow businesses to accept payments

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Online payment processing for internet businesses

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Stripe is an online payment processing tool for internet businesses. Stripe handles everything, including storing cards, subscriptions, and direct payouts to your bank account. Meticulously designed APIs and functionality help users create the best possible product for their users.

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Global Payables Automation

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Tipalti automates the entire supplier payment management lifecycle, allowing you to pay suppliers in any country in different payment methods and currencies.

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Liberate Your AP

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AvidXchange is the industry leader in automating invoice and payment processes for mid-market companies. Founded in the year 2000, AvidXchange processed 9.5 million payments last year across its network of more than 500,000 suppliers, transforming the way customers pay their bills.

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Client management for freelancers & SMBs

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Secure and easy digital payments. Use payment schedules and reminders to never miss an a client payment. Give clients a frictionless payment experience. Small businesses have booked over $2 billion in business through HoneyBook. Get paid quickly and on time, every time.

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Marketing 360


#1 Marketing Platform For Small Business

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Accept payments in minutes
Get approved to accept payments, connect your bank account and begin accepting and managing payments any way you’d like in under five minutes. It doesn’t get any easier!

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(357) makes business payments simple, fast, and secure

visit website's efficient AP and AR software and automation helps you save 50% of your time on business payment management with standardized, automated workflow.

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Online payment solution for the legal industry

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LawPay is an online payment processing and management solution used by various types of law firms, including bankruptcy law firms, family law firms, criminal defense law firms, immigration law firms, enterprise legal departments, and CLE firms.

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Subscription billing & Recurring payments software

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Start accepting payments within minutes from anywhere in the world with out-of-the-box integrations with 23+ payment gateways and 100+ currencies. Accept payments via credit cards, Direct Debit, and digital wallets like Worldpay, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay.

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Review management, reputation software, feedback & webchat

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Podium is an Interaction Management platform used for reputation management, review generation, messaging customers on any channel. Gather feedback, text customers, get reviews - all with Podium.

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Providing Loyalty and Marketing for 15,000 Local Businesses

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Need a better way to reach your customers? Fivestars is a custom loyalty automation platform that brings customers back 2x more often.

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SpotOn Restaurant


Restaurant POS for payment processing

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SpotOn Restaurant is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) solution designed to help small to medium businesses in the hospitality industry streamline online payments, tableside orders, and fraud protection. The labor management module lets users handle employee hours, gratuities, shifts, and more.

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Accounts Receivable Automation Software for Teams

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Upflow is an accounts receivable software that helps B2B companies improve their cash collection. Upflow connects to your billing system (Quickbooks, etc.) in 1 click. It provides you with rich analytics, and allows you to set up systematic, personalized reminders and help customers pay you.

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Accounts payable for small businesses

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Melio is an accounts payable solution which allows users to pay bills conveniently online via bank transfer, debit card, or credit card. Melio also supports QuickBooks synchronization & automated scheduling, allowing users to connect with their accounting system & schedule payments automatically

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Expense management for controlling employee spending

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PEX is an expense management solution for business that integrates your accounting software with prepaid debit cards to control and analyze employee spending

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Payment Depot


The nation's only wholesale credit card processing rates

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The nation's only Credit Card Processor offering wholesale rates. Web API, Virtual Terminal, Recurring Billing, Tokenization/Encryption, Mobile card processing

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Zoho Subscriptions


Smarter Billing for Your Subscription Business

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Zoho Subscriptions is a subscription billing and management solution designed for a wide business range - from growing ones to established enterprises.

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One-off and recurring payment management system

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MoonClerk is a cloud-based billing and online payment solution which enables users to create online payment forms for and receive one-off and recurring payments

Read more about MoonClerk

Sky Systemz


POS, payment processing & business management software

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Sky Systemz is a point-of-sale (POS) software that enables corporate businesses, salons, spas, restaurants, and florists to process transactions and manage administrative operations related to inventory, customers, employees, and products on a centralized platform.

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Your Mission Control for AP & AR

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With Plooto's end to end AP and AR workflow automation, simplify the way payments are sent and collected online for both payables and receivables.

Read more about Plooto



Web-Based Payment Processing Solution for Merchants

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EBizCharge Payment Management Software lowers processing rates and helps you manage credit card payments securely and remotely from anywhere.

Read more about eBizCharge

Fusebill Subscription Billing


Subscription billing management & recurring billing software

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Fusebill automates manual billing and payments processes to manage recurring subscription payments with support for dunning management, multiple payment types, offline payments & automated invoicing. Integrate with any payment gateway to get paid faster.

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Accounts payable automation for large & complex corporations

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Nvoicepay is a payables automation solution that streamlines all payments into a single digital process, across multiple locations, bank accounts, payment methods, and approval hierarchies. We manage payment data for all your vendors and proactively reach out to resolve unprocessed payments.

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Powerful ecommerce platform, optimized for all billing needs

visit website is the go-to subscription ecommerce platform for lasting bonds between brands and people.

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Web-based payment processing solution

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Profituity is a web-based payment processing solution which enables subscription-based businesses to offer ACH as a payment option to their customers

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Buyers Guide

Payment management

Whether you are the owner of a small clothing retail store or a manager with a law firm, ensuring all your products and services are paid for is integral to your business. 

Managing payments for businesses goes beyond putting the money in the cash register. They need to keep track of all transactions and constantly tally them against invoices. Additionally, businesses need to process digital payments, whether it is via a card or a payment gateway on the website. 

This is where a payment management suite of tools helps save hours by automating the tasks to streamline the finances. 

To help you find a payment management tool, we have prepared this guide. Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is payment management software?

Payment management software is a suite of tools that help businesses generate and track invoices, process payments, and monitor their finances. The suite can be used to handle in-store as well as online transactions. 

These tools include feature-intensive accounting software that supports anything from bookkeeping, payment tracking, invoice generation, to financial reporting. These also include feature-focused billing and invoicing software that help businesses record billable hours and create invoices for customers. 

Additional types of tools in this suite include point of sale (POS) software that helps retailers generate receipts and process transactions, and subscription management software that helps track customers who sign-up to be served on weekly, monthly, or yearly intervals. 

Industry-focused payment management tools are also available on the market. These include specialty tools for industries that have specific requirements, such as legal, hospitality, medical, or retail. 

What are the deployment options for payment management software?

Payment management tools are typically available in one of the following two deployment models:

Cloud-based deployment: The tool is deployed on the vendor’s or a third-party server and you can access it via a browser or a desktop/mobile app. With this option, you are relieved of the responsibilities of hosting and maintaining the tool. Such tools are usually priced on a per-user-per-month basis. 

On-premise deployment: The tool is deployed on your server/computer, and you need to shoulder the responsibility of maintaining its upkeep. While some vendors might provide additional support, you’re largely on your own if you run into trouble with the tool. Such tools are usually priced on a licensing model and require a higher upfront investment. 

Key question to ask a vendor: What is the expected total cost of ownership of the tool, including implementation costs, data migration, and any additional equipment requirements?

What are the common features of payment management software?

Before choosing a payment management software, it is important to understand the features typically offered by such tools. To help you out, we’ve listed the most common features below:

Invoicing: Create invoices for customers. These can either be generated manually by putting in all the relevant information (as in invoicing tools) or automatically at the end of a billing and checkout process (as in POS tools). 

invoicing (1)

Invoicing in Tipalti (Source)

Payment processing: Accept payments for generated invoices. While some tools (such as billing tools) allow you to embed the payment option on your website or webpage, others (such as POS tools) allow you to manually process payments from card or wallet transactions. 

payment processing

Processing payment in LawPay (Source)

Receipt generation: Create receipts for all transactions. Either provide the receipts as printed copies to in-store customers or send them over email and SMS to customers doing online transactions. 

Receipt generation

Sending receipts via EBizCharge (Source)

Discounts and promotions: Provide customers discounts via vouchers, coupon codes, and other types of promotions online or in-store. 

discounts and promotions (1)

Providing discount with coupon code via Chargify (Source)

Record invoices and transactions: Manage outgoing and incoming invoices and record any payments made or received. Also, keep an eye on pending payments and be notified when the payment is due. 

payment dashboard

Payments dashboard in (Source)

Reporting: Keep track of all incoming and pending payments on a reporting dashboard. Get a consolidated view of your finances on a single screen and track any significant changes in financial flow. 

reporting (1)

Reporting in Stripe (Source)

Key question to ask a vendor: Is the software compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard* (PCI DSS)? 

*PCI DSS provides benchmarks set for card (credit, debit, and cash cards) transactions. They help ensure the safety of sensitive customer information. While most payment management tools are built as PCI DSS compliant, a few may leave the responsibilities of compliance with the user. 

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations, obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.

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