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Pentalogic PivotPoint


Numerical data analysis software

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PivotPoint webpart allows you to analyze the numerical data in your lists, providing an instant snapshot of your key data and dashboard views where you team can view upcoming trends. It lets users extract meaningful data from long and complex lists by summarizing in a variety of different ways.

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Excel-based financial planning and analysis solution

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PivotXL is a financial planning and analysis (FPA) solution, which helps small organizations manage processes related to budgeting, forecasting, and reporting. The workflow manager enables users to automate task completion and approval by creating jobs and attaching them to custom checklists.

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Projectools Cost Control


Cost Control Software for Engineering and Construction

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Regular reporting at discipline level reduces cost growth and schedule deviations. ProjecTools has thousands of ready-made and configurable reports.

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Cloud-based financial planning, consolidation and reporting

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Rephop is a cloud-based solution for multi-national companies, already deploying any accounting software, wanting to consolidate, plan & report group financials

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Retail Advantage


Performance-Enhancing Intelligent Retail Management Software

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Retail Advantage provides effective and informative KPI analysis using versatile tailored dashboards. Intelligent analytics assist you to achieve an in-depth understanding of how your business is performing in real-time and the best paths to improving performance levels.

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Simcuro Timesheets


Online timesheet software

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Online timesheet software for your business. Track time for all your employees and projects. Easy to use, fully secure and customisable. Sign up for a demo account!

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Bookkeeping & accounting system for SMBs

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SkyClerk is a cloud based bookkeeping and accounting system for small to medium size business

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IT-based Anti-Money Laundering Software

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TONBELLER provides banks with a solution to counter money-laundering risks. Alerts generated by the system are based on customer data and settings specified by the user according to the risk. Case management functionality supports decision process like invalidating a suspicion, filing report.

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Trail Blazer PAC Manager


Cloud-based PAC Management & FEC Compliance Software.

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Trail Blazer offers a cloud-based PAC manager to help businesses manage the activities involved in federal and state compliance reporting

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Web service for collaborative online accounting

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Twinfield is an international web service for collaborative online accounting. Subscribers can access their online accounts from anywhere and at anytime through a secure internet connection. It is also accessible from other applications and offers simple and complete integration with other systems.

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Windward Designer


Online business report design tool

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Design reports in Microsoft Office applications with the Windward Reports design tool, AutoTag. AutoTag is the basis of the Windward Reports reporting software suite, and is required for use with the Windward Reports reporting engines as well as the Windward Reports reporting portal Arrow. Schedule reports to be deployed automatically with AutoTag Max.

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Financial visibility & cash management tools for SMBs

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expex is a web-based financial visibility & cash management application for SMBs, enabling users to manage cashflow, financial health, bills, payments & more

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Working hours management tool for SMBs

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mite is a web-based tool for freelancers and small teams to track and analyze working hours. mite strives to provide an advanced, yet simple way to help users track their time. Hours can be assigned to customers, projects and services. They can be entered manually or with the built-in timer.

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Your Subscription to FP&A Innovation, Quality, & Automation

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Performance Canvas Financials is a subscription-based Financial Reporting, Budgeting & Planning, Forecasting, Consolidation, and KPI management software.
It has a free 30-day trial with your own data so you can evaluate if this software addresses your needs. Walk away for free if you are unhappy.

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A digital solution for the management of condominiums

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uCondo is intelligent management software for condominiums, which centralizes data and information, automates financial tasks, including the negotiation of defaults, and also establishes a flexible communication channel between condominium managers and residents.

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