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Iristrace logo

Helping great brands deliver on their promise

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Collect the data only once and put all your business information in context and more effective collaboration across your team.

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AI-based investment insights and financial analysis tool

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TOGGLE is an AI-powered financial analytics software designed to help businesses monitor market data in real-time and gain insight into investments and opportunities. Features include data visualization, natural language processing, portfolio creation, email alerts, and asset due diligence.

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AwareGO logo

Security awareness training for employees

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AwareGO is a cloud-based security awareness training platform that allows businesses to provide eLearning content to employees on cybersecurity, compliance, and other security-related topics. Users can create, assign, and track concise training campaigns from one platform.

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Restrata Platform logo

Anticipate, analyse, and act on risks all from one platform.

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Restrata keeps your people & assets safe with a unified view of your real-time operations. Anticipate, analyse, and act on risks all from one platform.

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SiteConnect logo

Safety management software

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SiteConnect is an EHS management software that helps small and medium-sized businesses comply with safety regulations. The platform enables managers to build forms, automate site sign-in through geofencing, ensure safety compliance and manage visitors.

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Unit4 FP&A logo

Business intelligence and corporate performance management

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Unit4 Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) - formerly Unit 4 Prevero - provides integrated business reporting and financial planning effective for all areas of business management within various market segments

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HITRUST Assessment XChange logo

Risk management tool for maintaining compliance information

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HITRUST Assessment XChange is a risk management software designed to help businesses handle risk assessment and compliance information from external parties. It enables organizations to streamline supply chain operations and collaborate with vendors to exchange risk assurance data.

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Actio logo

Business management with risk mitigation capabilities

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Actio is a business management software designed to help organizations handle the budget, risk mitigation plans, employees' performance, goals, and more from within a unified platform. Teams can centralize communication across staff members by enabling alerts and notifications.

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LifeSaver logo

Distracted driving solution for fleet management

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LifeSaver is a distracted driving solution which helps fleets & corporate businesses manage the safety of their mobile workforce with native mobile apps

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Formica Fraud logo

Formica Fraud is an Ai-powered solution for fighting fraud.

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Formica Fraud is an AI-powered fraud detection solution helping businesses detect, prevent and monitor fraudulent activities using custom workflows and machine learning.

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Nethone Guard logo

Prevent fraud with Guard. Protect accounts with ATO Module.

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With Guard, you can eliminate chargebacks and false positives, without negatively impacting the UX of your service, which translates into boosted sales.
Nethone ATO Module protects your most valuable asset: customer accounts.

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Kianda logo

The most flexible no-code development platform

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Document, review, and take actions to mitigate all your Risks with EHSwise. EHSwise is a leading Environmental, Health & Safety software that empowers EHS leaders to capture and manage Health & Safety records in one easy-to-use system, creating a safer workplace while ensuring compliance.

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Fintech Market Core System logo

Loan management system for financial institutions

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Fintech Market's Loan Management System streamlines loan management and risk scoring operations. It includes CRM, crowdfunding, and debt management functionalities for financial services.

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Execview logo

Project Portfolio Management Collaborative Tool

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Execview enables strict governance assurance & risk management. Manage, plan, allocate & deliver on time & in budget. Real Time Reporting & Accurate Forecasting.

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Centralpoint logo

Digital experience platform & content management solution

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Centralpoint by Oxcyon is a digital experience platform & content management solution for enterprises. The cloud-based tool allows users to control knowledge, data, documents, forms, emails, learning, compliance, & more whilst also providing features for managing employees, clients & partners.

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Graphite Connect logo

Pain-free Supplier Onboarding Platform

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Graphite Connect is a supplier management platform that helps businesses streamline and speed up the entire procurement process from onboarding to risk management. The network-based platform provides a central, secure location to manage data, tasks, and teams.

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Integrum logo

Cloud-based QHSE risk & compliance software for all sectors

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integrum is an all-in-one online software solution that helps businesses manage Health and Safety, Risk, Quality, Environmental management with the ability to provide detailed visual insights into what's happening within the business using Business Intelligence Reporting.

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CaseTrac  logo

The leading case management solution

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CaseTrac is a risk management solution that provides comprehensive intake methods for reporting a company's concerns and assists in collecting, handling, and resolving any situations that arise. The platform offers various features including ad hoc reports, case summaries, and data export.

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ThirdLine logo

No-Code Analytics for Government, no analyst required

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Analytics software bringing Government Auditors and Financial Management together to find risk, stop fraud, create quick audit reports, decrease waste, and discover cost savings. No Analyst Required with our white-glove approach. Built by public sector analysts, for public sector teams.

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SecurityScorecard logo

The global leader in cybersecurity ratings

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SecurityScorecard is the global leader in cybersecurity ratings, helping thousands of organizations of all types and sizes gain instant visibility into their own security posture and that of their third parties.

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RSA Archer Suite logo

IT & Security Risk Management platform

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Archer IT & Security Risk Management is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses maintain compliance and manage, investigate, and resolve technological risks. It enables users to record and report on security vulnerabilities, audit findings, regulatory obligations and more.

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Budee logo

Getting more people home safely everyday.

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Budee is a fully scalable EHS platform for all your compliance needs.
You will find the out of the box functionality and completely configurable tools will bring immediate improvements to your EHS processes.
Our complete audit trails improve corporate defensibility and better oversite.

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CyberCompass logo

Cloud-based compliance and risk management solution

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CyberCompass is cloud-based compliance & risk management solution designed to help small to medium firms manage, assess, and remediate cyber risks. It allows users to quickly identify vulnerabilities/risks across employee processes, vendor channels, or technology, & ensure compliance with protocols.

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BIC GRC logo

Governance, risk and compliance management software platform

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Optimize risk management with BIC Enterprise Risk, which lays the foundation for your successful GRC strategy. Get a comprehensive risk overview and easily comply with all industry standards. Profit from cutting-edge technology to assess risks and define measures intuitively and efficiently.

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Secureframe logo

Automate SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance

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Secureframe helps organizations continuously monitor their risk while streamlining SOC 2 & ISO 27001 compliance.

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