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JCAD CORE overview

JCAD CORE is a web-based enterprise risk management system designed for use in both the commercial and public sectors, including in central government, local authorities, housing associations, utility companies, and charities. Included are tools to assist users in identifying, monitoring, and mitigating risks, ensuring corporate compliance, exploiting new opportunities, and more.

JCAD CORE gives users the option of using one or multiple risk registers to log identified risks, probabilities, severities, and mitigating actions. The risk register can be configured to align with any pre-existing risk management framework, and allows users to link risks to compliance, incident, and opportunity records, as well as strategy and reporting structure. Risk profiles are structured using a traffic light methodology, and a comprehensive audit trail is created automatically.

Performance metrics in JCAD CORE enable users to measure risk and control performance, through KPIs (key performance indicators) which link with objectives, KRIs (key risk indicators) linked to risks, and KCIs (key control indicators) which link with controls. Interactive dashboards and charts allow users to drill down from graphs to the underlying risk records. Automated alerts can be set up for items such as action reminders, risk & control assessments, and anomalous behaviors, to ensure that users are notified of upcoming deadlines and required action.


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JCAD CORE screenshot: The welcome screen in JCAD CORE shows users their assigned tasks when they log inJCAD CORE Introduction VideoJCAD CORE screenshot: Risks can be managed and viewed in a single list, with their nature and descriptionJCAD CORE screenshot: JCAD CORE automatically notifies users of required actions by emailJCAD CORE screenshot: Email triggers can be managed by users, and different user roles can be notified for each triggerJCAD CORE screenshot: Risks are rated using a traffic light systemJCAD CORE screenshot: Risk heatmaps are generated based on risk probability and severityJCAD CORE screenshot: Users can view key risk indicator in chart or data viewsJCAD CORE screenshot: Key risk indicators (KRIs) can be created and customized by usersJCAD CORE screenshot: Mouseover text is included in JCAD CORE to assist users in filling in risk detailsJCAD CORE screenshot: User permissions can be managed for different roles and locations

JCAD CORE reviews


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Ryan Morgan

I have always found the team at JCAD to be helpful and innovative, I would recommend the system

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-07-10
Review Source: Capterra

The system is very intuitive and I often have feedback from end users that it is easy to use. I appreciate the ability to add and amend fields in order to support our service offer and ensure the correct risk information is captured.I appreciate the ability to add and amend the fields displayed throughout the system via the admin site. The JCAD team are also good at taking on feedback and offering an innovative solution to aid our end users.

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Peter Stanley

W have recently upgraded from JCAD RIsk to JCAD CORE and use the system to manage our ERM framework

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-11-15
Review Source: Capterra

Simple, quickThere are many positives, including very good value for money. The extent it can be tailored to specific needs and the addition of new features and functionality gives it significant future proofing for our needs, although we do have a number of suggestions for further enhancements/changes.

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Stuart Hosking-Durn

Implementation of JCAD as a multi-site ERM solution

Reviewed 2015-01-12
Review Source: Capterra

After an open market bid project, JCAD as chosen as the preferred contractor to work on the implementation of an organisation wide ERM tool for 3,500 sites. The requirement was to have an easy to use interface for non-risk professionals and a hierarchical structure that allowed parent/child risks to be shown and escalated within the business in line with the Board defined risk tolerances. The project was handled very well, all key milestones and deliverables were met on time, minor technical issues were quickly resolved. An added bonus from working with JCAD was that existing Excel base risk registers were uploaded into the new system direct at the develop team side, thus saving in excess of 1000 hours of manual input. The defined fields within the system can be easily adapted and our implementation package included a training programme for in house administrators, supported by telephone and IT tech support by the JCAD team. User testing with our own IT team proved invaluable and again JCAD delivered the goods by sending a technical specialist to work with our own network and systems teams to ensure there were no network conflicts when the system went live. Overall I would strongly support the use of JCAD.

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Charles Thomas


Reviewed 2015-12-14
Review Source: Capterra

Essex Fire moved to the CORE product following Microsoft no longer supporting our server software, and thereby saying goodbye to JCAD RISK. The migration went smoothly although we are teasing out a couple of glitches. It retains transparency across the Service. CORE offfers more administrator choice. I would like to see more options for "tool tips" than are currently available. We look forward to receiving the very latest version as soon as possible.

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David Sundvall

Very easy to use. Provides consistency throughout our organization.

Used monthly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-11-14
Review Source: Capterra

I like the fact the the software is configurable for our organization. This allows us to use terminology that we are familiar with for rating our risks.

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JCAD CORE features

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Additional information for JCAD CORE

Key features of JCAD CORE

  • Customizable branding
  • Single Sign-On
  • Customizable terminology
  • Customizable scoring matrix
  • Customizable organizational structure
  • Interactive management dashboards
  • Drill-down charts
  • Risk & control register grouping
  • Qualitative & quantitative assessments
  • Gross, residual & target assessments
  • Key risk indicators
  • Key control indicators
  • Integration & links between different record types
  • Data entry pop-ups
  • Event-triggered notifications
  • Email notifications
  • User access controls
  • Data export to Excel & Word
  • Best, mid & worst case cost scenarios
  • Control libraries
  • Audit trail
  • Custom reporting
  • Customizable data entry screens
  • Record review options
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Three types of metrics can be set up - key risk indicators (KRIs), key performance indicators (KPIs), and key control indicators (KCIs) - and specific users can be assigned ownership of each metric, making them responsible for data entry.

Data can be integrated and linked across business functions, such as linking audit recommendations to the applicable process controls, or compliance requirements to high risk business areas and any breaches which have occurred.

Records reviews can be carried out in three different ways, using free-text summaries, predefined lists, or assurance statements.

The welcome page, which is presented on login, gives users an overview of their assigned records, outstanding reviews, password expiration dates, and more.

More than 50 drill-down charts are available on the interactive dashboard, including bar charts, radar charts, pie charts, and heat maps, and users can customize chart titles, colors, positions, and sizes.