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MenuSano overview

MenuSano is a cloud-based nutrition analysis software that enables companies in the food service industry, such as bakeries, restaurants, food manufacturers, and hospitals, to analyze the nutritional content of food items without needing to send the items to a lab. The platform is designed for companies in Canada and the US, and offers built-in Canadian and USDA ingredient databases containing more than 200,000 items.

In addition to its built-in databases, MenuSano allows users to add their own custom ingredients. Users can also rename ingredients to match their internal naming conventions, with the aim of simplifying search. MenuSano instantly performs nutrition analysis on entered recipes and generates compliant nutritional facts labels, which users can download and print. Recipes can be edited and adjusted as necessary, and categorized into different sections.

MenuSano allows users to combine recipes to create menu items, which can be categorized by type, such as starters or mains, and given their own descriptions. Nutritional facts for each menu item are automatically calculated. Menu items can be added to menus, which can be separated into various sections, and printed to be displayed to customers. Menus created in MenuSano can be custom-branded with company logos.


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MenuSano screenshot: Users can create and store a range of recipesSave Time with MenuSano Nutrition Analysis, Food Labels, and Nutrition Fact label SoftwareMenuSano screenshot: US and Canadian nutrient databases are built inMenuSano screenshot: Users can add custom ingredients which are not present in the built-in databasesMenuSano screenshot: Menu items can be combined to create menusMenuSano screenshot: Bilingual French-English nutrition facts labels are generated automatically

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Basic Package: $35/month (billed monthly) or $25/month (billed annually).
Premium Package: $52/month (billed monthly) or $42/month (billed annually)
We Do It: $99 for 5 recipes

MenuSano features

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Additional information for MenuSano

Key features of MenuSano

  • Allergen tracking
  • Nutrient database
  • Nutrition & ingredient labels
  • Label printing
  • Multi-location support
  • French-English bilingual labels
  • Allergen & dietary statements
  • Data export
  • Costing per portion analysis
  • Recipe experimentation
  • Real-time comparisons
  • Canadian nutrition database
  • USDA nutrition database
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The Canadian and USDA ingredient databases provide users with access to more than 200,000 items.

Database items can be renamed to simplify search, and users can add their own ingredients as necessary.

Bilingual English-French nutritional facts labels are generated automatically.

Nutritional analysis is carried out instantly once users have input recipes, which users can then edit, adjust, and print.

Multiple recipes can be combined to form a menu item, and complete menus can be created with several sections, such as appetizers, entrées, and desserts, and menu descriptions.