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NRx overview

What is NRx?

NRx by QS/1 is a modular pharmacy management system designed for use in multiple different pharmacy types, including retail, chain, independent, and 340B pharmacies. The system includes modules for medication therapy management (MTM), prescription processing workflows, change tracking, signature capture, and Medicare compliance, and users can select from a range of optional modules, which include tools for billing and invoicing, reporting and data export, document management, point of sale (POS) and remote checkout, multi-site management, long-term care assistance, and more.

NRx offers users a built-in module for medication therapy management (MTM), which can be used to create custom patient treatment plans, schedule appointments, track lab results and vaccination histories, and record outcomes in patient charts with SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment, and plan) notes. Personal medication records (PMRs), which detail patient’s medication histories and dietary supplements, and medication action plans (MAPs) can also be generated.

NRx’s ‘Pharmacy at a Glance’ dashboard allows users to view all of their prescription processing activity queues in real time, and assess the status of each item. Users can define their own warning and critical thresholds for individual categories, with automated color-coding of queues indicating when thresholds have been passed. Prescription filling workflows can also be customized, with separate queues for problem prescriptions to prevent delays to the dispensing process, and barcode scanning and on-screen drug images designed to reduce errors.


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NRx screenshot: NRx gives users an overview of the prescription processing queue, and allows users to define their own color-coded warning and critical thresholdsNRx screenshot: NRx works with the MobileRx Pharmacy iPhone app, allowing pharmacies to offer customers the option to submit prescription refill requests through their smartphones

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NRx features

Claims Management
Compliance Management

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Additional information for NRx

Key features of NRx

  • Medication therapy management (MTM)
  • SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment, and plan) notes
  • 'Pharmacy at a Glance' dashboard
  • Electronic claims scan (ECS) log
  • Prescription processing queue
  • User-defined warning and critical thresholds
  • Color-coded queue thresholds
  • User-defined update frequency
  • Prescription filling workflow
  • On-screen drug images
  • Prescription scanning
  • NDC barcode scanning
  • Change tracking
  • Medicare Part B compliance
  • Personal medication records (PMRs)
  • Vaccination tracking
  • Medication action plans (MAPs)
  • Lab result tracking
  • User access controls
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Optional modules for accounts receivable, document imaging, data export, interactive voice response (IVR) system, point of sales (POS) system, remote checkout, filled prescription retrieval, multi-site management, and more.

Track changes in cash levels, inventory, transaction records, prescriptions, drug records, patient records, patient insurance, and prescriber records.

Medicare Part B compliance documentation includes the creation of required documentation as prescriptions are processed, electronic signature capture, date of pickup recorded as date of service, and documents stored with accompanying signatures.

‘Pharmacy at a Glance’ dashboard gives a real-time overview of all prescription processing activities in the queue, with users able to define both warning and critical thresholds for each category, and thresholds are color-coded, with queues displaying as yellow when the warning threshold is reached, and red in the critical stage.

Prescription filling workflow allows users to check prescription statuses, move problem prescriptions to an alternative queue for resolution, scan barcodes, and view drug images on-screen.