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Medical Practice Management Software

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MedForward logo

HIPAA-compliant online forms

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MedForward supports HIPAA-compliant online patient registration forms for medical offices and facilities, with ink-style signature support, form editor, audit logs, email notifications, and more. MedForward enables users to build branded, mobile-friendly web forms, accessible from any device.

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Veradigm Practice Management logo

Practice management software for the front and back office.

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Veradigm Practice Management (formerly Allscripts), practices can improve operational efficiencies, boost productivity, and increase profitability. The solution offers a range of features

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PrimeRx logo

PrimeRx: The Pharmacy Management Software for every pharmacy

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PrimeRx is a pharmacy management system for independent, retail pharmacies, multi-store owners, and hospitals which supports custom workflows and automated fill, bill and communication processes. Users can also manage patient and provider intake, process claims, and more, conveniently online.

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MedEvolve logo

Scheduling & patient management for specialty practitioners

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MedEvolve is a cloud-based practice management solution, which assists specialty physician practices with patient scheduling and workflows. Key features include patient registration, resource optimization, billing, appointment management, insurance claim processing, data export, and reporting.

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Tebra logo

Automated solution for medical practice management

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Tebra helps medical providers optimize clinical processes by handling administrative tasks so that doctors can focus on patient care

Tebra is popular with physician practices with 1-10 providers and medical billing companies with 1-100 providers.

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Power Diary logo

Practice management software for health professionals

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Power Diary is practice management software designed to help health professionals streamline their health clinic operations with calendar management tools, plus appointment reminders, treatment note templates, client invoicing, online bookings, online forms, 2-way SMS chat, Telehealth, and more.

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Remedly logo

Cloud software for dermatology, plastic surgery & med spas

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Spend more time with your patients and not their charts. Remedly's all-in-one practice management solution combines EMR, scheduling, reporting, marketing, inventory management, and more into one software. As a cloud-based application, it's also future proof – new upgrades happen instantly!

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Certemy Employee Compliance Management logo

Cloud-based Employee Compliance Management Software

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Certemy is a cloud-based employee management software for ensuring workforce compliance. Key features include tracking, verifying, and managing credentials using one solution that integrates with existing systems. This software serves employers, certification boards, and licensing boards.

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Healthicity Compliance Manager logo

Web-based compliance management software

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The only all-in-one healthcare compliance software solution that centralizes every aspect of your compliance program.

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Azalea Health logo

Fully integrated EHR, RCM & Telehealth suite for healthcare

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Azalea Health is a cloud-based suite with modules to help manage electronic health records (EHR), track revenue cycles, manage multiple practices & facilitate telehealth for hospital & ambulatory care settings. It is suitable for rural & community health care, including multiple specialty hospitals.

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MedicsPremier logo

Online medical billing with integrated practice management

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MedicsPremier is a comprehensive financial/RCM/ operations/mobility platform. Proactively captures maximized claims value & patient revenue with access from the scheduler to its Responsibility Estimator; out-of-network alerts & eligibility verifications on scheduling & in pre-appt. batch mode.

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UltraLinq logo

Cloud PACS and remote medical imaging management

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UltraLinq is a secure cloud PACS that helps healthcare organizations to upload, interpret, store, and share medical imaging. With multi-site access from any internet-connected device, reporting is streamlined and always accessible.

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Intelerad Cloud logo

Distributed Radiology Platform

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IntelePACS is a highly scalable and distributed radiology platform that enhances the performance of healthcare organizations

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SimplePractice logo

Private practice made simple

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Sign up for a free trial today to see why more than 100,000 health and wellness practitioners trust SimplePractice to run their business.

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Nextech EHR & PM logo

Practice Management and EMR Solution

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Nextech's Practice Management solution is purpose-built for specialty practices and backed by more than 25 years of industry experience. It integrates with Nextech’s EHR to improve operational efficiency by reducing administrative burdens, enhancing patient care and optimizing financial performance.

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Healthcare Compliance Software logo

Your best healthcare compliance management tool.

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Compliance is manageable with Compliancy Group’s customizable software. No matter your size or your current standing, Compliancy Group can streamline your compliance.

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RevenueWell logo

Dental practice and marketing management software

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RevenueWell is a cloud-based dental practice management software designed to help organizations manage patient appointments, communication, reminders, payments, marketing, and more via a unified portal. The platform includes a VoIP system, which dental practitioners to engage with the patients via phone, text, email, and fax.

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Rethink logo

Cloud-based behavioral health practice management software

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Rethink is a cloud-based behavioral health practice management software that helps organizations across the health industry streamline ABA data collection and communication with clients. Features include content database, customizable templates, automated progress charting, remote access, and analytics.

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HARMONY Medical logo

Fully integrated HIPPA compliant practice management

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Harmony is a fully integrated HIPPA compliant practice management software with color-coded scheduling, comprehensive insurance and patient billing

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Qminder logo

Queuing solution for walk-ins & waiting lines

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Qminder is a cloud-based queue management system for waiting lines and walk-ins at hospitals and clinics. We help service teams provide the highest level of patient service, manage workflows, plan follow-ups, and make the most out of each visit.

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CentralReach logo

Practice management & EHR for therapists and educators

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CentralReach's web-based, therapy practice management system connects every point of care within a single solution.

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Noteable logo

Practice management tool for behavioral service providers

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Noteable is an online suite of management tools designed for mental health care practices. It aims to simplify administrative aspects of mental health service management, freeing clinical staff to focus on care. Features include case note access, staff management, billing, and government compliance.

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PtEverywhere logo

All-in-one growth Solution for physical therapy clinics

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PtEverywhere is an all-in-one growth solution designed for physical therapy practices.

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Practice Mate logo

Practice management software for healthcare organizations

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Practice Mate by Office Ally is a HIPAA-compliant medical practice management solution that simplifies revenue cycle management, reporting, billing, and streamlined booking to increase efficiency in your practice. Get started today at no cost.

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Users also considered logo

Scheduling software for service industries & entreprises

visit website is an online booking system for SMEs and enterprises across all service-providing industries. With you get a professional booking website or widget, you can accept bookings and online/on-site payments, offer classes, sell products and gift cards, offer coupons and more.

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