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PlanSplit logo



Easy subscription software for any small business.

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Easy, inexpensive, yet robust subscription software for any small business. It is another tool for service providers to grow their businesses by easily creating and selling their services in memberships, plans, or packges.

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Eyefinity Practice Management logo

Eyefinity Practice Management


Practice management software

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Eyefinity Practice Management is a cloud-based practice management solution that allows businesses to communicate and stay connected with the staff members at every point in the practice in real-time. It helps organizations automate day-to-day operations.

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Visual-Eyes logo



Practice management software for optometry businesses

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We focus on providing clinics the tools needed to effectively manage their practice. Visual-Eyes is a full scope practice management system that is extensively customizable to streamline your office so you can focus on your patients.

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OpenEMR logo



EHR tool to manage patient details.

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With a 10yr history of serving all types of practices from the far east to the far west. OpenEMR has been built with flexibility in mind. We are committed to the improvement of the software year after year.

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Feegow logo



Medical software managing clinic

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Feegow is management software for clinics and practices that can be used to automate operational routines, patient care, and more. Features include electronic medical records, a telemedicine platform for remote consultations, and a daily and weekly medical agenda. Available in Portuguese for Brazil.

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Medikus HIS/HRP logo

Medikus HIS/HRP


Simplify your medical practice management

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Medikus HIS/HRP is a cloud-based medical practice management solution that allows medical professionals to understand the demand for customer data and generates insights for the organization.

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GIO Web logo



Integral Software for Order Management for Opticians

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GIO Web is a cloud-based management tool for opticians. It brings together all processes related to customers and suppliers on a single platform, enabling shortening of order turnaround time. It can include promotions, marketing, and business data analysis.

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oftalmosalus logo



ERP software for the management of ophthalmology centers.

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oftalmosalus is software that integrates all the processes involved in ophthalmological care in a single platform: from administrative financial management to the clinic. In addition, it centralizes the patient's medical history and presents images of the evaluations in real-time.

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WINK logo



Optometry practice management software

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WINK is a optometry practice management software and EMR solution for eye care professionals.

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Eyecare Advantage logo

Eyecare Advantage


Optometry practice management & EHR software

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Eyecare Advantage from Compulink is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) & practice management solution for small to large optometry practices

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Mobcly logo



Optical Clinic Management

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Mobcly is a web-based optical clinic management software.

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