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Integrated platform of modular pension management features

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PX3000 overview

What is PX3000?

Penad PX3000 is a pension administration software platform consisting of six key modules and deigned to cater for worldwide deployment. Promising a rules-based architecture allowing for fast localization in meeting legislative requirements, PX3000 is fully scalable and integrated online to provide convenient, centralized access. Financial institutions can use the system to track and service any number of individual or group pension accounts comprised of a range of savings types. Administrators can set up pension plans and enroll new members while tracking deposits, account statements, fund transfers, terminations, withdrawals and more.

PX3000 is initially setup to match specific financial requirements and the support of multiple currency types or languages. Component modules then span specific administration functionality for Human Resources (HRMIS), Defined Benefit (DB), Defined Contribution (DC), Group Life and Health (GLH), Social Security Benefit (SSB) and Civil Service (CS). In addition, PX3000 offers “Book of Business” tools useful to financial institutions including a Commissions Module for tracking sales agent remuneration.


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PX3000 features

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Additional information for PX3000

Key features of PX3000

  • Retiree administration
  • Retirement plan management
  • Self-service portal
  • Ad hoc reporter offering popular app integrations
  • Provision of monetary and non-monetary benefits to employees
  • Setup localized to support global currencies and languages
  • Rules-based for rapid localization to fit legislative needs
  • e-Pensions access for members from any web-enabled device
  • Dedicated Defined Benefit (DB) pension plan module
  • Extract data to letetrs and reports via drag and drop
  • Dedicated Human Resources Administration (HRMIS) module
  • Group life and health benefits administration module
  • Quantify deducations and track/resolve disputes
  • Track unlimited number of individual/group pension accounts
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PX3000 is a scalable pensions administration platform that is setup to reflect global financial legislations, supporting localized currencies and languages.

The core software comprises 6 modules for Human Resources, Defined/Contribution, Group Life and Health, Social Security and Civil Service.

Track an unlimited number of individual/group pension accounts based on unitized, interest bearing, guaranteed investment term and money market savings types.

PX3000 features an ad hoc reporter offering integration with Word, Excel, Access, HTML and ASCII – making data extraction easy via drag and drop interaction.

e-Pensions Module provides Internet access to the system, allowing pension plan members to access account information and transfer funds from web-enabled devices.