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TrackSmart Scheduling

Time & attendance software for small businesses

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TrackSmart Scheduling is an online employee scheduling software that helps small businesses simplify staff scheduling processes, labor law compliance, payroll reporting, and more. All staff can access work schedules at anytime, from anywhere via the web or mobile app. The platform serves a variety of industries including restaurants, retail stores, call centers, and hospitals.

TrackSmart Scheduling provides an autoscheduler tool that lets users create employee schedules in a flash. To save time, managers and supervisors can save regular schedules to repeat either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Employees can access their timetable, request shift swaps and time-off from any connected computer or smart device, at any time.

The employee dashboard keeps employees in the loop by displaying schedules, swap requests, upcoming shifts, and in-app messages in a single view. TrackSmart Scheduling helps facilitate team communication by providing an in-app messaging system, email and text (SMS) integration, and a public message board.

Payroll reporting features allow users to run reports at the end of a pay period using time clock data. Supervisors can check how many hours an employee was scheduled for, as well as keep an eye on workforce costs by pulling labor budget/cost reports. Upcoming and previous employee time-offs can be viewed for any time period.

TrackSmart Scheduling’s labor law compliance features ensure businesses that employees are getting the hours they need. Users can regulate work hours and prohibit shift changes that put employees into overtime, unless approved by a manager or supervisor. Users can quickly see if a shift is understaffed with TrackSmart Scheduling’s indicators that display whether hours have been filled or not.

TrackSmart Scheduling Pricing

Starting from: $22.00/month

Pricing model: Subscription

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

BASIC: $22 per month billed annually, or $24 monthly

PLUS: $44 per month billed annually, or $49 monthly

PREMIUM: $64 per month billed annually, or $69 monthly

ENTERPRISE: $89 per month billed annually, or $99 monthly

Key Features of TrackSmart Scheduling

  • Reminders
  • Shift scheduling
  • Self-service
  • Make inquiries about shift changes
  • Time-off requests
  • Comply with overtime laws
  • Regulate overtime hours
  • Calculate wage information
  • Labor cost tracking & reports
  • Project costs by the day, week, or month
  • Time clock
  • Calculate payroll reports
  • Email & text (SMS) messaging
  • Post public messages
  • Dashboard for team communication
  • In-app messaging
  • Autoscheduler tool
  • Save regular schedules
  • Approve staff schedules
  • Employee hour reports
  • View time-off and vacation requests
  • Shift swapping
  • Approve or deny swap requests
  • Employee dashboard
  • Labor law compliance
  • Multiple schedule views
  • Mobile and tablet app scheduling

TrackSmart Scheduling Screenshots (10)

TrackSmart Scheduling screenshot: The central calendar shows all employees’ time off and other key dates togetherTrackSmart Scheduling screenshot: The dashboard shows an overview of the calendar, with quick links to common tasks and updatesTrackSmart Scheduling screenshot: View the scheduling calendar by day, week, month or employeeTrackSmart Scheduling screenshot:  Create and save recurring work schedules to use again and againTrackSmart Scheduling screenshot: Calculate wage information and view labor cost reportsTrackSmart Scheduling screenshot: The employee dashboard shows schedules, swap requests, upcoming shifts or in-app messagesTrackSmart Scheduling screenshot: Employees can swap shifts and managers can decide whether to approve or deny TrackSmart Scheduling screenshot: Employees can request time off through the website or app for approvalTrackSmart Scheduling screenshot: Run a report at the end of a pay period, using time clock data TrackSmart Scheduling screenshot: Detailed employee recordkeeping


Intended Users
Small Business
Devices Supported
Android, iPhone-iPad, iPhone, Web-based
Supported Countries
United States
Supported Languages
English, German
Support Options
Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support

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TrackSmart Scheduling allows users to create work schedules in seconds using the autoscheduler tool.

Employees can swap shifts, make time off requests, and clock in and out online or with the mobile app.

The employee scheduling program helps organizations to comply with labor law by preventing employees from working overtime, unless approved.

Managers and supervisors can check to see who’s punched into work from any connected computer or mobile device.

TrackSmart Scheduling enables users to view labor cost reports by day, week, or month, and accurately calculate payroll reports.