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CRIO Online

Web-based equine business management software

5.0/5 (12 reviews)

CRIO Online overview

CRIO Online is a centralized equine business management system which helps horse breeders and enthusiasts automate breeding, training and boarding management processes with barns and breeding management functionality, plus dynamic groups, and public and group link management technology.

Breeding management tools allow users to manage horse reproduction with features such as breeding sales, breeding services, and pregnancy monitoring. Barn and location management technology help users manage the location of animals in the stables and paddocks. Design management and assignment management tools enable users to create barn blueprints and assign horses to boxes.

CRIO Online allows users to create and share individual public links to specific horse information. Users can share these public links with clients or friends via email, or through a website or social network. CRIO Online supports group links, as well as individual links, which allow users to create public links to groups of horses in the form of a sales catalog. CRIO Online also includes several templates to help users decide how to display their animals.

Dynamic grouping technology allows users to work with groups of horses in a simpler, automated way. Users can define the grouping criteria by birth, age range, status, location, breeder and owner, parents, gender, breed, or color. Instead of manually updating horse groups, CRIO Online updates groups automatically depending on the selected criteria.


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United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe and 5 other markets, Germany, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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English, Portuguese, Spanish
CRIO Online screenshot: Generate and review summary reports and session logsCRIO ONLINE :: Equine Management SoftwareCRIO Online screenshot: Add and maintain horse information, photos, and videosCRIO Online screenshot: Manage the location of animals in the stables and paddocksCRIO Online screenshot: Access and manage all horse data online via desktop, tablet or mobile device

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The software is closed all our workflow gaps and improved overall farm/horse maintenance.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-04-03
Review Source: Capterra

We are able to keep electronic health records of all our horses, keep track of our inventory, upload/share videos/pictures, and track all daily activities by our Farm Maintenance staff. CRIO is the only software that met all of our needs and is open to our suggestions/requests for future developments.The ability to work one on one with team to create/modify workflows and system functionality is excellent, we could not accomplish everything we have without the team.Turn around time for modifications/system questions are always realistic. The system is extremely user friendly both administrative and front-end.

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Gabriel M

Complete and easy to use

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-09-14
Review Source: Capterra

We chose CRIO because we were able to give it a try it using its fully functional free trial. It allowed us to compare it to other products and see that it has more features than most, while at the same time being friendly and easy to use. We also based our decision on the fact that we are small and didn't really have a big budget to invest in software, and CRIO offers reasonable plans according to size. If I had to highlight just one thing about CRIO is the openness and availability of its owner/main developer. Whenever we had an issue we could contact him directly and he quickly helped us and solved our problem. We also asked him for a feature that CRIO didn't have: exporting reports to CSV format (which we required for our accountant who manages everything using Excel), and he decided to develop this at zero-cost for us since he thought it would benefit other customers too, so it was a win-win and we got what we needed in short time. We've been using it for almost a year now and are quite happy. There are really nice features like being able to create barns on a canvas, and assign different permissions to different users, we use this to guard against less tech-savvy employees from deleting horses, etc. We'll have a clearer idea later this year when we measure our performance, but we all agree that CRIO has helped us improve and be more efficient and organized.

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Camilo Alonso

Great horses software :)

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-09-19
Review Source: Capterra

We use CRIO ONLINE to track all of our horses' info, their health and farrier records, breeding, training and expenses. It has lots of ways to customize and it is very comprehensive. Our vet has access and she loves it! No need to send me reports about what she does, I can access the information from my iPad anytime I need it.Week after week you enter and you see some new options or improvements. The last one I found is that you can create QR codes and images to share in instagram or facebook.

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Joaquin de Estrada

Great help for organizing the farm

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-03-04
Review Source: Capterra

Everything we could think of was included in this software. Whatever wasn't available, they made from scratch just for us. We can even send links of the horse's profile to potential buyers! Keeping updated diets, trimmings, expenses, it's all included and so simple to use. Can't recommend Crio enough, especially for Spanish speakersSimple, reliable, esasy to use and personalized.

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At last a friendly equine software!

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-03-04
Review Source: Capterra

You can enter information for multiple horses at the same time. Hability to give public access to the information of horses to sell. Embed information of your horses in my website or share in social media. Features for each area of my equine business.

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CRIO Online pricing

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Basic Plan: $9.90/month for 1 user and 30 active horses.
Professional Plan: $19.90/month for 3 users and 200 active horses.
Business Plan: $39.90/month for 10 users and 1000 active horses.

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CRIO Online features

Automatic Reminders

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Additional information for CRIO Online

Key features of CRIO Online

  • Breeding management
  • Feed management
  • ID tracking
  • Medical records management
  • Competition records management
  • Communication record
  • Horse database
  • Horse records
  • Pedigree tracking
  • Reminders
  • YouTube support
  • Public links
  • Link sharing
  • Password management
  • Template management
  • Dynamic groups
  • Pregnancy tracking
  • Breeding sales
  • Stock management
  • Location management
  • Stable design management
  • Assignment management
  • Diet tracking
  • Communication management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Daily back ups
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Employee management
  • Video management
  • Photo management
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As a cloud-based solution, CRIO Online gives users the flexibility to upload and view information from any internet-enabled device.

Dynamic grouping technology allows users to manage groups of horses automatically using criteria such as birth, age, status, location, breeder and owner, parents, gender, breed, or color.

Continuous monitoring and daily backups ensure that data is managed safely and securely.

CRIO Online provides users with quick and centralized access to horse information by storing all horse-related data in one location.

Individual public links or group public links permit users to create and share information on individual or groups of horses to clients or friends through email, websites, or social media.