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Grave Discover Software

Cemetery record keeping and mapping software

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Grave Discover Software overview

Grave Discover Software is a cloud-based cemetery management software that allows cemeteries to store and backup their data, and keep records organized. The solution digitizes all cemetery records and documents into an organized inventory. The web-based and mobile friendly software can be accessed from all device types, including smartphones and tablets.

With Grave Discover Software, users can manage burials, occupants, deeds, grave types, plot owners, headstone images, grave locations, and more. Grave and cemetery information can be quickly updated through the online management screens. Users can also upload and store headstone images, deeds, obituaries and any other required documents. All data is stored on secure cloud-based servers and backed up daily.

Grave Discover Software’s inventory map lets visitors search burials and graves for sale, and allows visitors to locate the grave they are seeking when at the cemetery. The built-in search allows users to search information about grave occupant by name, date of birth, date of death, date of burial, type of veteran, and more. The cemetery mapping feature provides point-and-click longitude and latitude assignment for each headstone, and gives users the ability to mark spaces to be designated as for reserved and sale.


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Grave Discover Software screenshot: Grave Discover Software is web-based and mobile-friendlyGrave Discover Software screenshot: Users can locate burials and plots on the interactive cemetery map

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Grave Discover Software features

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Additional information for Grave Discover Software

Key features of Grave Discover Software

  • Burial record management
  • Cemetery mapping
  • Custom data management
  • Data backups
  • Document storage
  • File uploads
  • Grave data management
  • Grave search
  • Interactive map
  • Public portal
  • Satellite map with overlays
  • Searchable database
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• Burials, plot owners, occupants, grave types, deeds, grave locations, headstone images, and other information can be digitized and managed.

• Users can search grave occupant information by name, date of birth, date of death, date of burial, type of veteran, and other criteria, through the mapping feature.

• The interactive cemetery map allow members of the public to search burials, plots for sale, and more.

• A range of document types can be uploaded and stored in Grave Discover Software, including deeds, obituaries, and headstone images.

• The interactive map offers a satellite view, line drawing, and lot map overlay, allowing users to locate plots within the cemetery and access directions.