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OperationsCommander overview

What is OperationsCommander?

OperationsCommander (OPS-COM) is a modular, web-based parking management solution which covers permit, incident, and violations management. The system is designed for universities, colleges, municipal governments, hospitals, and other organizations, and includes built-in license plate recognition (LPR), payment processing, GPS integration, mobile payment functionality, and more.

OPS-COM comprises 3 integrated modules: ParkAdmin, IncidentAdmin, and ViolationAdmin. ParkAdmin allows users to manage all types of parking permit, individually and in bulk. Permits can be setup with custom pricing and durations, including monthly, yearly, and temporary periods. The inventory gives users at-a-glance insight into permit availability, and oversell can be managed to maximize revenue. Payments can be processed through a hosted payment gateway or through the Text2ParkMe SMS payment system, and custom permits and access cards can be printed on site. Complete audit trails are generated for all permits, and users can view financial reports with single or grouped transactions.

IncidentAdmin enables users to track, assign, query, analyze, and correlate incidents which may affect operations or public safety. Incident information is stored in a single relational database, allowing all users to add to the course record as information becomes available, with a full audit trail generated automatically. At any time, update notifications or full status reports can be sent to management or public safety organizations, if required. Through ViolationAdmin, users can record, track, and manage parking violations, with real-time data sync allowing the immediate payment of fines when a violation is issued. Violations can be mapped using cellular and GPS technology to pinpoint locations, and photos of violations can be uploaded by enforcement staff when an infraction is logged. The online appeals process removes the need for clients to contact administrators to lodge an appeal, and gives appeals officers access to past communications, any history of violations and appeals, and photos of the violation being appealed.


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OperationsCommander screenshot: Users can set up permits with custom durations in ParkAdminParking and Security Management : OPS-COM OverviewOperationsCommander screenshot: The Text2ParkMe SMS functionality enables clients to pay for their parking using their mobile phoneOperationsCommander screenshot: IncidentAdmin's Heads-Up Display (HUD) allows users to dispatch officers to incidents, view reports, and moreOperationsCommander screenshot: Violations can be mapped using cellular and GOS technologies to provide location informationOperationsCommander screenshot: An online appeals process allows clients to appeal violation tickets without needing to contact administrators directlyOperationsCommander screenshot: A native app for Android allows users to report violations on-the-goOperationsCommander screenshot: Vehicle registrations can be searched within the appOperationsCommander screenshot: Violation records can be logged in the app, and tickets printed using a bluetooth printerOperationsCommander screenshot: Enforcement officers can also upload photos of the parking violationOperationsCommander screenshot: Record counts and data tables can also be viewed in the appOPS-COM LPR - First Field TestOPS-COM LPR - As easy as taking a picture!

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OperationsCommander features

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Key features of OperationsCommander

  • Permit management
  • Inventory management
  • Custom parking permit duration
  • Oversell management
  • Text2ParkMe payment processing
  • Third party records management integrations
  • Online payments
  • Permit & access card printing
  • Full audit trails
  • Financial reporting
  • Incident management
  • Relational database
  • Summary reporting
  • Dispatch functionality
  • Text2Dispatch SMS integration
  • Prior offenders database
  • Violation mapping
  • Online appeals process
  • Mobile ticketing
  • Photo confirmation
  • Violation reports
  • Payment histories
  • Discount management
  • Automatic overdue notifications
  • Self-service portal
  • License plate recognition
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Permit pricing and availability can be viewed at-a-glance in the ParkAdmin module, with users able to manage permits individually or in bulk and define custom permit durations.

IncidentAdmin allows users to share incident caseloads, add information to incident records as it becomes available, generate complete status reports, or send updates to management or public safety organizations.

The Heads-Up Display (HUD) in the IncidentAdmin module allows users to assign officers to incidents and record incident details, and incidents can be reported through the Text2Dispatch SMS functionality.

ViolationAdmin enables the mapping of parking violations through cellular and GPS technology, and users can monitor violations, view payment histories, and extract statistics for analysis.

An online appeals process allows clients to create appeal records online without contacting administrators, and gives appeals officers insight into past communications, violation and appeal histories, and violation photos.