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Smart Flow

Workflow optimization for veterinarians

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Smart Flow overview

Smart Flow Sheet is a cloud-based workflow optimization software for veterinarians in practices and hospitals of all sizes. The system offers electronic flowsheets, travel sheets, and anesthetic sheets, interactive outpatient and ICU whiteboards, and reception management tools including queue visibility and a color-coded triage system. The native app for iPad enables users to manage treatments and monitor patients from anywhere in the clinic, at any time.

Smart Flow Sheet’s interactive whiteboards give users a real-time overview of all treatments and tasks to be carried out, with all patients identified with their photo, weight, contact information, and problem. Treatments are organized, prioritized, and displayed as a numbered sequence on the whiteboard, and users are automatically reminded of due treatments on the hour. Treatments can be marked off once completed, and are automatically included on billing forms, preventing missed charges.

The electronic flowsheets, anesthetic sheets, and travel sheets in Smart Flow Sheet enable users to automate medical recording, calculate drug dosages, and update treatment plans. The flowsheets include automated treatment reminders, customizable templates, and built-in calculators, and allow users to create patients and account for treatment charges. Anesthetic sheets can be used to map patient vital signs and calculate the exact dosages for both pre-op and emergency drugs, with the ability to create templates for common surgical protocols. Travel sheets enable users to update treatment plans including bloodwork, xrays, and vaccinations, and have all items automatically appear on departmental work lists and patients’ invoices.

Smart Flow Sheet’s reception management system, the ‘Q’, is designed to give clients insight into their position in the treatment queue, waiting time, and reasons for any delay. The color-coded triage system lets clients know if an emergency is currently being dealt with, late clients can automatically be moved to the next available appointment slot, reducing their impact on clients who arrive on time.


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Smart Flow screenshot: Smart Flow Sheet's dashboards can be displayed on TV screens in the veterinary practiceSmart Flow Sheet™Smart Flow screenshot: Users can track treatments and tasks for each patient on electronic flowsheetsSmart Flow screenshot: Patient allergies can also be displayed on flowsheetsSmart Flow screenshot: Patient photographs can be attached to records for identificationSmart Flow screenshotSmart Flow screenshot: Patient temperatures can be recordedSmart Flow screenshot: Built-in medication dosage calculators assist users in ensuring the correct dose is givenSmart Flow screenshot: Medication parameters can be entered in Smart Flow SheetSmart Flow screenshot: Dosages can be displayed on the flowsheet as the dose, total volume, or total massSmart Flow screenshot: Users are automatically reminded of due tasks on an hourly basisSmart Flow Surgery Day Setup

Smart Flow reviews


Very good

Value for money
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Customer support

There is not way we could manage our GP hospital without this product!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-06-17
Review Source: Capterra

The ability to look at one screen and have a snapshot of where all hospital patients are up to in a day and the outstanding tasks. Morpheus reduced out paper/scanning and enabled us to accurately record and quickly attach anaesthetic sheets to patient history. Different sections allow us to sort patients by priority or admission reason. Vets can task multiple nurses from the one space - access from home and ability to record notes and communications with the owner.

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Smart Flow

Workflow optimization for veterinarians

Bill Moore

Glad we replaced the paper treatment sheets

Used other for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-11-10
Review Source: Capterra

Increasing accessibility, accuracy, and efficiency.Patient parameters and treatments can be monitored and edited anywhere there is an internet connection. Once treatment templates are created, the Smartflow sheets are easy to edit and add additional days. Typically the integration between EzyVet and Cubex works very well and therefore saves times and captures charges. Treatment sheets automatically are saved to the EMR at discharge as a PDF file. Technicians quickly learned how to monitor multiple patients and their treatments- reducing likelihood of mistakes

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Smart Flow

Workflow optimization for veterinarians

Karin Cannizzo

Great Electronic Flow Sheet!!

Reviewed 2015-03-19
Review Source: Capterra

We are a veterinary small animal internal medicine clinic and we have been using Smart Flow Sheet exclusively for our ICU cases for 4 months. We have had up to 15 cases on it at one time. Currently, one of our patient's has 22 points of monitoring, 3 fluid types, 10 medications (not individual doses), and 8 physical treatments (and this is him doing better). There is no doubt that Smart Flow Sheet has been instrumental in allowing our nurses to focus on his nursing. In the past this would have been 4 paper sheets and we have been unable to maintain organization. I also find that the nursing notes are more complete and easier to find and read (they will highlight important items differently to assure they are spotted). As a clinician who maintains case responsibility 24/7, I really value the ability to monitor him from my phone without interrupting the nurses (we call this 'cyber-stalking'). There is a learning-curve with it and for our nurses this involved mainly gaining trust in the program and learning how to effectively communicate with the program, but we now know that when there is an error it has been on the human side of the system. Having said this, there is no doubt we are having less errors than when we were on paper flow sheets and I think the errors are easier to identify. There is a major time saving also for our nurses in not writing new sheets each day. Regarding the support for Smart Flow Sheet, I have been working with them for about a year. As we tested and tried the system before committing to its use fulltime, Ivan and his support crew have been responsive to our requests for changes in the program and immediately taken action whenever there has been a problem. I do not feel that I have ever had better customer service from a technical programming group. Ivan as a practicing veterinarian understands that we will not compromise our patient care for our convenience and this program has made the opposite true- our convenience has resulted in better patient care.

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Smart Flow

Workflow optimization for veterinarians

Libby Ramirez

Fantastic addition to large ER practice!

Reviewed 2015-04-01
Review Source: Capterra

We are a 10-doctor 24-hour emergency hospital in the DFW area. We transitioned from using cage-side paper charts to SmartFlow electronic charts almost 9 months ago and have never looked back. It is hard to imagine what we did without it. Pros: no more time spent looking for the chart, multiple people able to access chart from multiple locations (any of the iPads, any computer, even from home via the web interface) at any time, has virtually eliminated missed and late treatments by technicians, able to easily generate multiple days of treatment sheets with the click of a button, intuitive and easy for DVMs and staff to use, very easy to make templates for various needs. Cons: it takes a little more time to set up an initial treatment sheet than grabbing a piece of paper and a highlighter, doesn't integrate with our electronic medical record system, dependent on lots of technology (reliable wireless connection, investment in ~10 iPads and a large monitor for the treatment room wall that we use as a patient list and to alert technicians to impending or missed treatments), fails in event of long power or wireless outages. Some of the doctors were initially resistant to the change, but recently when our wireless went down (on our side, nothing to do with SmartFlow) and we were without it, even the naysayers said they missed it and wanted it back. Ivan and his team have been very responsive to our questions and suggestions, incorporating many of the changes we asked for in product updates. I highly recommend this product to any veterinary clinic.

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Smart Flow

Workflow optimization for veterinarians

Eric Kancar

Smart Flow Sheet is an EXCELLENT Patient Care Tool!

Reviewed 2015-05-12
Review Source: Capterra

Earlier this year we started using Smart Flow Sheet which is cloud based software that allows us to create electronic ICU sheets. It helps us better treat and manage our inpatients which can number between 30-40 on a busy day. Not only is it computer based but it is iPad based meaning that we now manage all our treatments on electronic ICU sheets using iPads at kennel side, replacing the metal backs with paper ICU sheets we used to use. The software is separate (but integrated with) our practice management software which we use for electronic medical records. All patients are also listed on an electronic whiteboard (visible on iPads, computers and large monitors/TVs) so that all staff can visually see who is due for treatments. The software is very intuitive and while there is a learning curve; the more you use it the more you learn what you can do with it (read what it is capable of). The company is constantly improving the software and it is improving our patient care. They also take suggestions for improving the software very seriously and often integrate them into updates, also allowing others users around the world to vote on ideas and feature requests that you submit. For those veterinary professionals reading this it is certainly worth checking out, especially if you manage any inpatients; whether they spend a couple hours in your hospital or a couple weeks. To learn more visit:

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Smart Flow

Workflow optimization for veterinarians

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Smart Flow Pricing Reviews

  • Patient parameters and treatments can be monitored and edited anywhere there is an internet connection. Once treatment templates are created, the Smartflow sheets are easy to edit and add additional days. Typically the integration between EzyVet and Cubex works very well and therefore saves times and captures charges. Treatment sheets automatically are saved to the EMR at discharge as a PDF file. Technicians quickly learned how to monitor multiple patients and their treatments- reducing likelihood of mistakes
  • Cost of multiple iPads and monitors to go paper light. The initial learning curve in a multi-doctor practice. I would recommend training several "superusers" prior to going live for the whole hospital. The training staff was very knowledgeable but with all the different shifts and high caseload over a 24/7 work week not everyone was competent at the end of onsite training. As with any cloud based software there can be glitches with dropped wifi connections and version updates. For example, many patients had aspirin pushed through to Cubex for dispensing that we finally had to resolve by eliminating any aspirin being available through the Cubex system. We must monitor our invoices closely to ensure that clients are not overcharged by duplicate charges, which admittedly is better than missing charges. We are about 6 months into the process and still adapting our hospital policies to use SmartFlow in the most efficient manner. One aspect which increased our challenges was that the hospital changed EMR software from Animal Intelligence to the compatible EzyVet just a few weeks prior to switching to SmartFlow so we were learning both systems simultaneously .
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Smart Flow features

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Additional information for Smart Flow

Key features of Smart Flow

  • Treatment reminders
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Outpatient whiteboard
  • ICU whiteboard
  • Built-in calculators
  • Automatic medical records
  • Image & video capture
  • Anesthetic sheets
  • Practice management system integrations
  • Treatment tracking
  • Treatment prioritization
  • Automated reminders
  • Customizable templates
  • Travel sheets
  • Departmental work lists
  • Reception management
  • Color-coded triage system
  • Waiting room queue management


The outpatient whiteboard allows users to add specific tasks related to each patient, and mark off treatments as they are completed, enabling staff to track what still needs to be done.

Charges for treatments in the outpatient whiteboard are automatically included in the billing form, preventing missed charges.

Users can create custom flow sheet templates, automate medical records, and receive automatic reminders for due tasks.

The electronic anesthetic sheet can be used to map patient vitals, and calculate the dosages for pre-op and emergency medications.

Vaccines, bloodwork, and xrays can be marked on the travel sheet to update all staff and automatically add items to invoices and departmental work lists.

Clients can see their positions in the treatment queue, and a color-coded triage system lets them know if they are waiting due to an emergency.