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BounceHelp logo

Powerful Callback Widget for Your Website

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Cloud-based marketing and customer engagement solution that helps boost and convert website visitors into inbound calls.

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SalesLens logo

Cloud-based data analysis platform

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SalesLens is a cloud-based data analysis software that helps businesses analyze and monitor sales conversations on a unified platform. Key features include reporting/analytics, an activity dashboard, data visualization, performance tracking, and more.

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VoIP Detective logo

Call accounting software

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VoIP Detective is a call reporting software for the users of Cisco CallManager. The platform enables administrators to gain insights into the organization's call patterns and identify busy times, error calls, trunk capacity and more.

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Call Record Analyzer logo

Web call reporting and analytics platform

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Call Record Analyzer is a cloud-based platform designed to help small to large organizations create custom reports for a unified communications environment. Key features include pattern recognition, device utilization, custom data formatting, call data management, and alert notifications.

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Fonvirtual Call Center logo

Communication solution for call management & distribution

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Fonvirtual Call Center is a cloud-based communication solution designed to assist users with managing calls & call distribution via various automated tools such as interactive voice response (IVR) & an automatic call distributor (ACD).

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WinCall logo

PBX and VoIP call accounting solution

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WinCall is a call accounting solution from TeleManagement Technologies, suitable for use with analog, VoIP, and Centrex PBX systems

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3C Plus logo

Call center software for managing telephony operations

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3C Plus is a cloud-based platform that helps companies manage telephony operations. It facilitates integration with CRM systems and enables businesses to control operations to gain productivity and prevent resource utilization on unsuccessful calls.

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Rocket logo

Cloud-based interaction tracking software

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Integrated into the ISPolitical campaign management software, Rocket is a cloud-based application designed to help businesses track client interactions on a unified platform. Supervisors can utilize built-in call scripts to streamline communication with leads and prospects.

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PhoneTrack logo

Call tracking software for sales and marketing teams

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PhoneTrack is a call tracking software designed to help businesses track the performance of sales and marketing teams by analyzing data collected via customer calls. It allows managers to run marketing campaigns and classify calls as productive or unproductive based on interactions.

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Softeligent logo

Telecom expense and IT asset management software

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Softeligent is a cloud-based suite of solutions that assists businesses with telecom expenses, IT asset management, invoice processing, and more. Using the application, supervisors can automatically allocate cost centers among different departments, track bill disputes, and streamline work orders.

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ICM EUR 9.0 logo

Comprehensive UC&C usage Monitoring, Reporting & Analytics

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ReflectR offers real-time monitoring, reporting, alerts, and trend analytics to enable your business leaders and managers to see at a glance the health of your Cisco Unified Call Manager platform and the performance of your organization working from anywhere.

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