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Fonvirtual Call Center logo

Fonvirtual Call Center


Communication solution for call management & distribution

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Fonvirtual Call Center is a cloud-based communication solution designed to assist users with managing calls & call distribution via various automated tools such as interactive voice response (IVR) & an automatic call distributor (ACD).

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PhoneTrack logo



Call tracking software for sales and marketing teams

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PhoneTrack is a call tracking software designed to help businesses track the performance of sales and marketing teams by analyzing data collected via customer calls. It allows managers to run marketing campaigns and classify calls as productive or unproductive based on interactions.

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ICM EUR 9.0 logo



Comprehensive UC&C usage Monitoring, Reporting & Analytics

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ReflectR offers real-time monitoring, reporting, alerts, and trend analytics to enable your business leaders and managers to see at a glance the health of your Cisco Unified Call Manager platform and the performance of your organization working from anywhere.

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