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STAX overview

Stax is an AWS spending management and visualization platform which enables users to visualize their Amazon Web Services to help improve cloud quality, mitigate risk, reduce spending, and solve security issues. The holistic management platform allows users to create rule sets for the entire organization, or specific teams, and stay on top of issues as they evolve. Smart recommendations empower organizations from the CTO to developer teams.

Stax helps organizations answer important questions about cost while keeping an eye on their spend in the Amazon cloud. Users can see the costs of the entire business structure in a single click by creating custom views of data, and generate reports by service, app, team, tag, and more. Wildcard searches allow users to allocate multiple tag values such as cost-centre, environment, or team. Tools for budgeting enable the allocation of monthly and annual budgets across the business infrastructure complete with alerts on overspend.

Organizations can get the visibility they need in order to optimize their AWS spend and reduce cloud wastage through Stax’s comprehensive wastage analysis. The solution looks across all the dimensions of wastage by scanning all apps, teams and AWS services within environment, and provides personalized recommendations. Users can view real-time wastage status and compare data with previous months to track progress, as well as download data to CSV reports.

Stax allows users to configure custom business compliance rule sets for automated assessments which constantly scan all AWS deployments, enabling the reporting of compliance status to key stakeholders. Users can keep track of PCI or CIS benchmarks and get email alerts if a compliant rule becomes non-compliant.


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STAX screenshot: Track and manage spend in AWS with data visualization tools for cloud cost management in STAXSTAX screenshot: Stax looks across all the dimensions of wastage along the entire environmentSTAX screenshot: Create views of data that align to the business structure, and report by team, app, tag, service and moreSTAX screenshot: Get daily and weekly summaries of cloud usage by business structure and compare performance against the previous monthSTAX screenshot: View quality scores which reflect how the team implemented recommended changes to improve the quality of their deployments

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Additional information for STAX

Key features of STAX

  • Capacity analytics
  • Demand monitoring
  • Cost management
  • Billing & provisioning
  • Compliance management
  • Filtered views
  • Automatic allocation by tag key
  • Manual allocation based on accounts, services, tags
  • Targeted email reports and alerts
  • Wildcard searches
  • Daily and weekly reports
  • Cost run rate spike alerts
  • Allocate monthly and annual budgets
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Active Directory integration
  • Spend optimization
  • Real-time wastage status
  • Downloadable CSV reports
  • Wastage reduction recommendations
  • Progress tracking
  • Issue tracking
  • Create rule sets for compliance
  • Automated compliance assessments
  • Keep track of external compliance rules (PCI or CIS)
  • Non-compliance email alerts
  • Best-practice advice
  • Automated checks
  • Quality score
  • Drill downs
  • Quarterly strategic AWS review
  • Fine-grained user access control
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Direct and ongoing visibility of wasted AWS spend helps users to find out how to reduce spend based on effort and cost, helping them to know where to focus their work.

Ongoing monitoring of the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark allows organizations to prove compliance at all times.

Stax enables users to configure rules for AWS security, compliance, and hygiene checks and run automated assessments to ensure adherence to the organization's unique rule set.

Cost spike alerting sends out email alerts to users when the daily spend is higher than expected, helping avoid surprises at the end of the month.

Split up the infrastructure the way the organization needs and create rule sets for the entire organization, or specific teams, in order to keep track of issues as they evolve.