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Transloadit overview

Tranloadit lets you add file uploading and processing tools to your website and applications. The app supports uploading and importing of files from multiple sources such as apps, web browsers, URLs, Facebook, Amazon S3 and more.

A variety of file conversion options let users convert, resize and encode images, video, audio and documents. You can export uploads and encoding results to your chosen services, saving file URLs for later use, such as embedding media files into your mobile apps.

Transloadit lets you carry out a number of optional actions on all your files such as resizing, cropping, watermarking, merging video and audio, replacing audio tracks, and more. Transloadit supports jQuery, NodeJS, Go, Ruby, and PHP. It also offer a commandline tool to automate actions without using code.


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Transloadit features

API (271 other apps)
Access Control (81 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (125 other apps)
Activity Tracking (70 other apps)
Alerts / Escalation (63 other apps)
Application Integration (69 other apps)
Auditing (82 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (105 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (68 other apps)
Data Import/Export (85 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (87 other apps)
Monitoring (191 other apps)
Projections (64 other apps)
Real Time Data (80 other apps)
Real Time Monitoring (87 other apps)
Real Time Reporting (65 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (79 other apps)
SSL Security (72 other apps)
Third Party Integration (123 other apps)
Workflow Management (75 other apps)

Additional information for Transloadit

Key features of Transloadit

  • File upload/ import
  • File conversion & encoding
  • Uploaded file export
  • Audio & video encoding
  • HTTP live streaming
  • Watermark videos & images
  • Generate audio waveform image
  • Crop & resize via smart strategies
  • Merge video & audio files
  • Replace video audio tracks
  • Apply effects
  • Optimize images
  • Make screenshots of URLs and HTML files
  • Embed files in apps
  • Convert PDF pages into images
  • Video thumbnail extracting
  • Conversion result exporting
  • Integration libraries & SDKs
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Upload & import: Upload and import files from multiple sources including mobile apps, web browsers, URLs, Amazon S3, Cloud Files, FTP, Facebook, Dropbox & more.

Convert & encode: File conversion options for images, videos, audio, and documents.

Export & save: Export uploads and encoding results and save URLs to your database for later use.

Display & enjoy: Embed file URLs into your app to enable users to enjoy media files from their chosen device.

Workflows & processes: Combine multiple processing steps to build complex workflows and tasks.