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Clinked logo

White-label Client Portal & Collaboration Software

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Clinked is a cloud-based client portal & collaboration software. Allow clients, internal teams and project groups to efficiently work within branded, secure and intuitive workspaces. Increased brand recognition and productivity of Clinked will drive client retention and setup apart from competition.

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Cloud-based client portal software for agencies

learn more is a solution that helps creative agencies, accounting firms, law practitioners, and freelancers, streamline client project management and collaboration. Its folder structure is flexible and allows users to arrange and organize everything to suit business needs.

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MangoApps logo

Bring your frontline and office teams together

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MangoApps is a unified employee experience portal that serves as a bridge between desk and deskless workers.

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Zoho Creator logo

An all-in-one Low-Code Application Development Software.

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Zoho Creator is a web-based, all-in-one low-code application platform that lets everyone build custom mobile-ready business apps without any prior technical knowledge.

Currently, 13,000+ customers have built 6 million+ applications on Zoho Creator, a testimony to the power of the platform.

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ThoughtFarmer logo

Where teams + ideas grow.

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ThoughtFarmer’s intranet software is designed to help teams manage knowledge, streamline communications, and improve employee engagement.

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SmartVault logo

Document sharing and collaboration management software

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SmartVault helps businesses store documents and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders via a unified portal. The platform complies with a variety of statutory guidelines including CCPA, SEC, GLBA, GDPR, and FINRA to prevent violation of rules and fulfil legal obligations.

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Convoflo logo

Secure file sharing platform and eSignature

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A platform that listens to your needs and those of your customers. Facilitate the collection of documents, sending of confidential data and messages. Save time and avoid email chains. It's easy to access and just as easy to use!

Secure exchanges, Secure eSignatures, and more !

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Clustdoc logo

Customer onboarding software for modern businesses

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Clustdoc Digital Client Onboarding Software provides your team with complete solutions to scale your onboarding process: from collecting customers information, delivering supporting documents, signing contracts, to verifying client’s identity.

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Intrexx logo

The low-code development platform for your digitalization.

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With the development platform Intrexx, you can quickly and easily create an individual digital work platform - your company portal. Digitalize your company simply, fast and individually with low-code development. With Intrexx, you can create workflows and web-based applications in next to no time.

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HulerHub logo

Your Work. Your Way.

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HulerHub reimagines uninspiring employee portals by giving you more control over the appearance, feel, and interactions your people have while using your systems. It pulls together your cloud-based software and content into a highly visual hub that's accessible on any device, anywhere, at any time.

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Knack logo

We help everyday innovators to create custom, no-code apps.

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Knack helps organizations empower everyday innovators to solve real-world problems. By leveraging Knack’s intuitive platform and expert builder network, teams can quickly build no-code or low-code applications that harness data, automate processes and move workflows online.

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BoardEffect logo

BoardEffect - Empowering volunteer boards worldwide.

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BoardEffect provides innovative boardroom technology to nonprofit organizations. As a Diligent brand helping to serve over 14,000 mission-driven organizations, we empower boards with the tools to drive positive change.

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ShortPoint logo

Website building and intranet platform for SharePoint users

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Design SharePoint and Office 365 sites in minutes with ShortPoint. ShortPoint is a frontend design platform that allows users to add +25 built-in integrations, countless modules and templates in moments.

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Jahia logo

Digital experience and content management platform

learn more
Jahia helps businesses manage website and application development projects by creating digital frameworks for delivering a personalized customer journey. The content management system lets users create, edit, review, and publish structured and unstructured content and manage web pages, SEO & more.

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Ideagen Huddle logo

Secure document collaboration & project management

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Ideagen Huddle provides secure cloud-based content collaboration for enterprise and government clients. With Ideagen Huddle, users can share and store files, collaborate on documents or ideas and manage projects with colleagues, clients, partners & suppliers.

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MyHub logo

Cloud Based Intranet Solution

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Easily create web-based portals for multiple business cases such increasing engagement with partners and customers.

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Intranet Connections logo

Intranet software and internal communications expertise.

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Intranet Connections is built for internal communicators, HR pros, IT professionals, and marketers. We combine internal communications best practices and software to empower our customers to build connected workplaces.

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Jostle logo

Helping employees succeed. Anytime, anywhere, with ease.

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Jostle's the single place where everyone in your organization connects, communicates, and celebrates together. Anytime, anywhere, with ease. The result? Your culture comes to life, and each and every person is set up for success.

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Malcolm! logo

At your service

learn more
Malcolm! is a no-code customer self service platform

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The digital workplace for your frontline teams

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Manage yout frontline team with an all-in-one digital workplace for task management, communication, and training.

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Stacker logo

App builder with Google Sheets & Airtable integration

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Stacker is a cloud-based application builder that integrates with Google Sheets and Airtable to allow businesses to transform their spreadsheets into custom apps. The platform provides app customization tools to provide users with intuitive access to data.

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Axero logo

Intranet software and collaboration solutions.

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Axero is the easy-to-use intranet portal software that boosts productivity, unifies your people, and helps your company thrive. Increase productivity. Unite employees. Improve culture.

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Content Snare logo

Collect information & documents from clients securely

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The easy, secure way to collect information and documents from clients.

It's like a checklist for your clients where they can enter information and upload documents, with automatic reminders.

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Interact logo

Intranet software for large dispersed organizations.

learn more
Interact is intranet software that helps organizations with distributed employees connect and communicate.

Integrations include Office 365, Concur, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Google Workplace, Workday and Box.

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eHabilis logo

Cloud-based knowledge and talent management software

learn more
eHabilis is a knowledge and talent management software that allows you to develop a global teleworking system, integrating videoconferencing to organize online seminars, etc.
It's specially designed to make training processes, talent development and collaboration in organizations more effective.

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