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Security Solutions for your DevOps Process

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We provide a Software Security platform designed to bring you objective data so you can make informed decisions regarding the security risks faced by your applications. SAST and open source management of your entire portfolio.

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Project management tool for software development teams

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Accelerate your team with a wiki, a message board, shared files, and other classic collaboration tools, wrapped up into one activity stream, in Assembla

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Quality and Security for the Salesforce Platform

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For Salesforce DevOps teams, CodeScan helps businesses scan and analyze Salesforce codes, define quality and security standards, and ensure compliance with statutory guidelines across code development projects. We have 350+ rules and support all Salesforce languages and Metadata.

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Application Analyser


Source code management software for developers & programmers

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Application Analyser is a source code management software designed to help developers manage, maintain, and enhance legacy applications. It allows administrators to gain insights into software processes, procedures, and information to sustain service and function levels across existing applications.

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Social coding & collaborative development platform

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GitHub is a place to share code with friends, co-workers, classmates, and complete strangers, helping individuals and teams to write faster, better code

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Visual Studio Code


Source code editing for MacOS, Windows and Linux

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Visual Studio Code is a source code editor, which helps businesses build and debug web applications running on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Features include syntax highlighting, code refactoring and navigation, snippets, Emmet abbreviations, command-line interface (CLI), and text wrap.

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Open-source and multilingual source code editing software

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Notepad++ is a Windows-based software that helps businesses create and edit source codes using multiple programming languages, such as C++, Java, R, SQL, XML, and more. Staff members can find and replace text in files using dialog-based, incremental, and dialog-free search methodologies.

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Bitbucket is the Git solution for professional teams

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Collaborate on code with inline comments and code review. Manage and share your Git repositories to build and ship software, as a team. Built-in continuous integration, testing and delivery.

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Complete DevOps lifecycle management

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GitLab is an integrated, open source DevOps lifecycle management platform for software development teams to plan, code, test, deploy & monitor product changes

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Manage Sofware Projects in One Place

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Planio is an issue tracker and agile project management tool based on open-source Redmine. You'll be able to manage projects using agile methodologies such as scrum, host git/svn repos and manage documentation all in one place.

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Automated code review tool for developers

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Automated code review tool that allows developers to improve code quality and monitor technical debt, directly from current workflows.

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Open-source software development and project management tool

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Phabricator by Phacility is a free, open source software development platform offering supported cloud-based deployment and a suite of integrated tools for multiple users and developer teams, spanning code review, auditing, repository publishing, task management, chat, CLI access and API scripting

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Distributed source control management tool for developers

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Mercurial is a distributed source control management tool for software developers. With an easy-to-use interface, various workflows, and optional extensions, it can be used to manage projects of any kind and size. Mercurial allows users to create new projects as well as clone existing projects and push changes. This solution is written in Python and can be downloaded onto Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/LINUX, Solaris 11 Express, and other systems.

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Gitpod provides development environments in the cloud

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Gitpod enables programmers to set up development environments in the cloud and no local installation on notebooks is required. The software enables team members to work on programs with several coders working simultaneously in real-time.

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Ship faster and Improve Developer Happiness

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Haystack is a web-based tool that analyzes your GitHub data to provide you with team-level insights to help your team improve delivery.

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Git, Mercurial, and Subversion Code Hosting

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Codebase is a robust code hosting platform that allows users to manage Git, Mercurial, and Subversion-based code and projects in one place.

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Automated Secrets Detection

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GitGuardian is helping developers and security teams secure software development with automated secrets detection & remediation for private or public source code.

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Riscure True Code


Source code management and security evaluation software

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Riscure True Code is a security tool designed for specialists to check source codes of programs for vulnerabilities during the development process. The tool is configured according to desired security specifications and then included in the daily workflow.

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Vershd is the effortless Git GUI for Windows, Mac, & Linux

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Vershd is the effortless Git GUI for Windows, Mac, & Linux. It boosts software development productivity by making Git simple, with a unique UI/UX that prevents errors and creates clarity. This saves you time, and therefore money. This Git client helps you to push to production faster.

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