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eCourt overview

eCourt is a web-based case management solution for all type of law courts that include district courts, county and state jurisdiction agency. The solution is offered by the US-based Journal Technologies which is a merger of three companies--New Dawn Technologies, ISD Corporation and Sustain Technologies, all developing solutions for various justice agencies.

The browser-based case management solution allows users to access case information from anywhere, update hearing results, manage daily work queue, process cases in court from the bench and save time by maintaining a centralized digital repository for all case documents. Users can automate repetitive tasks like data generation and data entry processes for faster workflow. The access feature allows users to view previous case history, add documents to existing cases, file new cases and make electronic payments from a single interface.

The solution helps to automate processes and create a workflow to make information available to the right users at the right time. It also offers a web API for integrations with various third party solutions. The eCourt web interface is designed to support multiple devices and is a convenient option for courts, judges, prosecutors, police, and public defenders.

eCourt serves clients mainly across the United States, including The Judiciary of Guam, The High Court of Sierra Leone, State of Oklahoma District Attorney’s Council, and Spokane Municipal Prosecutor-Washington.


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eCourt screenshot: View and manage cases in eCourt case management solutionConfigurable DashboardseCourt screenshot: Track cases with their unique case numbers in eCourt solutioneCourt screenshot: Schedule & manage daily activities with eCourt calendar featureeCourt screenshot: Access document and records across multiple devices using eCourt solutioneCourt screenshot: Manage dashboard and get real-time case notifications with eCourt solution

eCourt reviews

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Brandon Couvillion

Great product, but not 100% for Michigan Courts...yet.

Reviewed 2010-07-12
Review Source: Capterra

Overall I would recommend JustWare to other Courts. My only advice would be to take time with data conversion. We were working with an unrealistic deadline which caused us not to be ready at go-live. Some users became very frustrated in the process and instead of enjoying the new system they are still bitter. Again, the staff has been excellent to work with to fix issues that may arise and to add functionality to the system. We are doing much more today with our software system than what was possible with our past system. The software is up-to-date using the latest Microsoft standards. This means WE are in charge of our data, not our software vendor. Our last system stored the data in a proprietary structure that made conversion very difficult and costly. With JustWare our data can be exported out of SQL in a matter of minutes.Many features and tons of customizations. Most of the system can be used with very little training. It's very google-esque in it's search capabilities which gives users something familiar to work with. Document authoring using JDA is very simple and intuitive and makes creating or editing a document within JustWare very quick and can be as simple or complex as needed. Building basic reports within report builder also allows us freedom to create our own reports. With our past software we were unable to create our own documents or reports. JustWare support has been excellent. During business hours we always get support personnel on the support line instead of an operator or recording. The staff at NewDawn is both very knowledgeable and excellent to work with. Nick, Dave Pabst and a few others have been a tremendous help to us. I hope they are paid well ;).

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Misty Griffith

Spokane Municipal Probation Review of JustWare Prosecutor

Reviewed 2010-07-16
Review Source: Capterra

1. Be sure you've thoroughly set-up and tested your systems before rolling them out. We've had to make complete and major changes since implementation, and this has been confusing for our staff. 2. It's ideal to have a dedicated IT person to help with reporting and data issues. A person with SQL knowledge is a bonus! 3. This is a great program with immense capabilities. Try looking outside of the box to fix issues sometimes. The NDT staff is wonderful about brainstorming with you too!There are a ton of capabilities with this program that we are only tapping the surface of! Since our purchase of this program, our department is almost paper free! The customer services from NDT is phenomenal. You actually get to talk to a person and they are always so willing to help all of our matter how trivial or how difficult. The reporting functions and capabilites are fantastic. Being able to search on our "Case Correspondence" has been a great tool as well. I've newly discovered the power of Business Rules as well. I highly recommend getting to know how these work, because they are a great way to minimize some work for others in your office if used properly!

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Jim Bledsoe

I have no idea what "Review Title" means.

Reviewed 2010-06-22
Review Source: Capterra

Unquestioningly, a superior product viewed from any angle. Flexibility and adaptability to meet the needs of any user. Rich in data detail JW leverages the input into a return of data in most any form desired and can merge that data into an endless list of desired documents. We use the product live in court every day. We walked away from paper files and do not intend to go back.JW is richly flexible and can adapt to most any requirement. While its reporting capabilities can strain the limits of a non-IT mind, those same capabilities make JW 'THE PRODUCT' for those with access to IT personnel or those willing to take the time to work with support in reaching the solution desired. Standing squarely behind a rich and evolving product is a support staff well qualified to answer questions and ensure that the buyer is able to attain the desired performance from JW. Standing directly behind them is a development team dedicated to continually raising the bar in JW capability, speed, ease of use and customer oriented features. The bottom line is a solution that exceeds both needs and expectations.

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Sue Woods

Office Manager, staff of 21

Reviewed 2010-07-08
Review Source: Capterra

I would highly recommend JustWare. It is user friendly and can be set up to each person's needs. Customer service is excellent. JustWare is very flexible and is limited only by what you don't think of! JustWare was our choice for case management software after reviewing their product and two others. JustWare provides an easy to use database for the clerical staff and enables them to easily generate documents for the file. We have several reports specific to our office needs that provide information for grants and victim/witness information for our attorneys. Current name and address information is available to all divisions as well as case involvement enabling our attorneys and victim/witness staff to know where their witnesses are how to get in touch with them. All documents generated are in the file cabinet and all court dates are available for review with just a few key strokes; much easier than going to physically pull a file. 911 calls and squad car videos are also transferred to the file cabinet after receipt from the law enforcement agency, allowing the attorney access those directly from the case file.

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Heather Bienvenue

JustWare 4.6

Reviewed 2010-07-08
Review Source: Capterra

I would highly recommend this product to any prosecuting office that is interested in increaseing effiency in the workplace. But I also highly recommend they have an IT person on staff who is willing to assist administering the program. The JustWare Prosecutor program has really helped our office streamline repititive document production and manage our caseload. I really can not imagine our office without it. JustWare Prosecutor is the central database for all our criminal work. New Dawn Technologies is always looking for ways to imporve the program and provide features users would like to see implemented. It can do much more than what we are actually using it for. I would like to change that!

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Case Management
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Key features of eCourt

  • Web service API
  • Send notifications through emails & text messages
  • Calendar management
  • Collections management
  • Court cost records
  • Access case files and notes
  • Document management
  • Document imaging
  • Make electronic payments
  • Event calendar
  • Case history
  • Import and convert existing data into eCourt
  • Reporting
  • Appeal boards
  • Defendant records
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Jury management
  • Interface with third party systems
  • Built-in workflow processing
  • Search and view case history
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• eCourt helps to automate document filling process and manage resources for other relevant court activities.

• eCourt solution helps to extend various court services directly to the public that include viewing case history, dates for next hearings and more.

• The calendar feature allows judges and prosecutors to view workflow scheduled for the day and assign cases accordingly.

• Courts & law agencies can create a centralized digital repository of all case documents and store every record in it for quick search and record access.

• The solution allows setting up business rules for automatically assigning cases to the appropriate docket and reducing manual work.