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Wordtune logo

AI-powered reading & writing companion

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Wordtune provides AI-driven rewriting suggestions, and summarizing features to enhance productivity.

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Lumanu logo

Payment processing platform

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Lumanu is a cloud-based payment processing platform designed to help businesses manage payouts for workers. The solution onboards creative talent, manages communication about upcoming payments, and lets brands, enterprises, and agencies handle payment approvals and permissions according to t requirements.

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InTouch Tool logo

Safe and easy LinkedIn automation for lead generation

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Chrome extension to automate LinkedIn connections and messages.

The safest and easiest LinkedIn automation tool - InTouch Tool automates LinkedIn connection requests and message sequences. Perfect for LinkedIn lead generation, prospecting & sales.

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Users also considered logo

Cloud-based link management tool for influencers.

learn more is a cloud-based influencer marketing platform that provides creators with a bio link to sell content and accept donations, as well as manage social media posts. By creating a membership, accepting requests, selling exclusive content, and collecting emails, helps creators make more money and connect with their audience.

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Cool Tabs logo

Interactive data collection campaigns

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Cool Tabs is a social media marketing platform for businesses to manage & monitor social network marketing campaigns & perform social listening

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Instavast logo

Web-based social media software

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Instavast is a web-based designed to help small- to medium-sized businesses access an easy-to-use tool to manage Instagram-based social media account. It helps you schedule posts, track post analytics, and engage with customers.

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SocialDog logo

Social media management software

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SocialDog is a cloud-based social media management software designed to help businesses manage Twitter accounts via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to automate tweets, manage followers, and engage with followers.

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Social Champ logo

Social Champ is your one-stop digital solution to rule.

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Social Champ - An automation and management tool to streamline all major social media networks from one platform.
Create and schedule posts with a similar experience as of social networks to maintain your social presence, increase engagement and save time on social media.

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Sprinklr logo

Social media management, analytics & strategy planning.

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Sprinkl offers social media management products to help brands improve their presence on social media, increasing engagement, improving insight and becoming more strategic. It is a social experience management platform with a suite of apps to ensure brand consistency among customers and staff.

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Back At You logo

Cloud-based social media marketing platform for realtors.

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Back At You is a cloud-based social media marketing platform which helps small to large real estate businesses create email campaigns, manage sales leads, maintain content calendars, and promote property listings. The software provides various functionality such as performance tracking, post scheduling, contact management, customer segmentation, buyer portal, website editing, and reporting.

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Ready For Social logo

Cloud-based social selling tool for sales professionals.

learn more
Ready For Social is a social selling solution that helps sales professionals manage user engagement on social media platforms. It provides social media and account strategy or tips to help sales professionals build relationships with potential customers. Ready For Social helps sales executives curate content based on custom categories, keywords, sources, or languages.

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Creasquare logo

Digital marketing platform for creating content

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Creasquare is a digital marketing solution that helps businesses create content and distribute it across platforms. Users can use AI to generate text, access templates and royalty-free images, videos, and music for creating content to feed across social media channels.

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Easypromos logo

Interactive campaigns on any social media network or device

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Over 40 different apps available to create contests, giveaways, games, quizzes, and more. Generate engagement, brand awareness, and product promotion on social media, no coding required. Collect list of participants via social network APIs or entry form. Integration capabilities with CRM and CIAMs.

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Mentionlytics logo

Social media marketing and mention tracking

learn more
Mentionlytics is a web & social media monitoring solution for tracking brand mentions across social platforms in order to find leads and gain business insights

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edgar logo

Social media scheduling, sharing, & recycling tool

learn more
Edgar is a social media scheduling tool that organizes social media updates into a categorized, searchable library for sharing and recycling if content runs out

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Quid logo

Social media analytics platform

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NetBase delivers the social intelligence that global brands and agencies use to publish, monitor, analyze and engage with customers in real time.

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Social HorsePower logo

Social media scheduling for sales and recruitment teams

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Social HorsePower is a social media scheduling tool to generate employee referrals and sales by reaching new audiences. By extracting data from internal content, the platform creates content ready for posting on multiple social media sites to generate interest and find prospective candidates.

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ExpertVoice logo

Brand Advocacy Platform

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The ExpertVoice Advocacy Platform connects 900 of the world’s leading brands with more than 1 million vetted industry experts to improve recommendations and reviews that help drive sales in any channel: e-commerce, retail stores, and social media communities.

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LongShot AI logo

From an Idea to a Blog in minutes

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LongShot AI is a cutting-edge AI writer designed to generate high-quality, long-form content. Spend hours and hours trying to get it right, or simply leverage the power of artificial intelligence to create blogs using LongShot that humans and search engines love.

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Nuvi logo

Social data monitoring, reputation management using insights

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Collaborate between departments using tools built for teams. Our permissions-based Plan solution allows for easy collaboration and content creation. Assign posts to the people that need to see them or mention them in the comments to notify them. Add, find, review, and strategize on content.

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HypeAuditor logo

All-in-one solution to empower your influencer marketing.

learn more
HypeAuditor uses innovative technology based on AI algorithms that enable the platform to identify behavioral patterns and detect potentially fraudulent activity on influencers’ accounts.

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Planoly logo

Social media planner

learn more
PLANOLY is a social media planning and management tool that offers a variety of solutions for creators and businesses

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influence logo

Influencer marketing, brand & campaign management software

learn more is designed to help businesses generate interactive content, interact with influencers, and run marketing campaigns across multiple social media platforms. It enables managers to build brand awareness, organize a list of influencers, and share them with marketing teams.

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Marvia logo

Keeping Marketing On-Brand Everywhere

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An automated marketing solution that helps brands with consistent brand positioning while creating unique, customised content at scale.

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Kompyte logo

Re-invent the way you compete

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Blog and social media metrics to identify and analyze high-impact content in your market, helping you spot trends and beat your competitors at their own game.

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