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The Sourcing Enablement Platform for modern sourcing teams.

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There has been a paradigm shift in the procurement industry. Fuelled by rapid technological innovation, intense scrutiny on sourcing, and a growing focus on strategic procurement, modern sourcing teams are in the spotlight.

As a consequence, sourcing has never been more important than it is today. Yet procurement leaders doubt that their existing software can help achieve the necessary strategic outcomes - basic bidding tools and clunky eProcurement suites don’t actually help them to solve these new challenges. That's where Bonfire comes in.

Bonfire is the leading Sourcing Enablement platform. Bonfire’s cloud-based sourcing software is focused on helping modern sourcing teams achieve more strategic and collaborative outcomes, while also streamlining the sourcing process and halving project times.

Our platform is trusted with billions of dollars of sourcing decisions each year, and has been one of the fastest growing new procurement technologies for sourcing teams in all sectors.

Learn how easier collaboration, richer data, and smarter optimization can transform your sourcing team by visiting us at


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United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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English, French, Russian, Spanish
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Julie Clairmont

Bonfire Review

Reviewed 2015-01-12
Review Source: Capterra

Bonfire is an extremely helpful tool for both receiving bids and evaluating them. It helps facilitate evaluations with easy to use scorecards and allows you to set deadlines. Inviting evaluators to participate and use bonfire is also seamless. Our evaluators have also given us positive feedback. They like the ease of use and that they can easily evaluate bids from anywhere through the use of internet and not have to carry a significant amount of binders as previously required. The required comments section also allows us to provide better detailed debriefings to unsuccessful vendors. Uploading criteria for evaluation is simple and fast. Our organization is extremely pleased with Bonfire. It has helped us save time and allows us better control and compliance with the BPS guidelines.

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The Sourcing Enablement Platform for modern sourcing teams.

Lili Chen

Great tool, amazing support!

Reviewed 2015-03-26
Review Source: Capterra

The University Health Network Procurement Management Office has been using Bonfire for just over a year now and the impact to the procurement process has been tremendous. We've gained efficiency in the evaluation process and continue to receive positive feedback from internal users and our vendor community. The major themes of the feedback include ease of use and greater visibility to the progress of the procurement. I must emphasize the UHN experience with the Bonfire service team has been outstanding. The response time is within the hour, but more importantly, the Bonfire team values our feedback  and incorporates the suggestions into their upgrades. It is a partnership.

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The Sourcing Enablement Platform for modern sourcing teams.

Lynn Mueller

Outstanding in Every Way!

Reviewed 2015-01-12
Review Source: Capterra

This RFP software has revolutionized the way we conduct our RFPs. First of all, their customer service was so fantastic that we made the switch from the old paper submittals to on-line submission seamlessly. Our vendors LOVE being able to simply upload their proposals. The Bonfire system is fast, super intuitive, and easy to use. It makes evaluations of proposals SO effortless. There's no learning curve with it... just simple straight-out-of-the-box utility. In short, BONFIRE is a life-changing product at a ridulously small price. We'll never go back to the old way of doing RFPs... ever!

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The Sourcing Enablement Platform for modern sourcing teams.

Lis Kuindersma

Love the tool

Reviewed 2015-07-06
Review Source: Capterra

I really enjoy using this Bonfire tool and not having to deal with paper files. The tool is very user friendly and makes finding information simple. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our users.

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The Sourcing Enablement Platform for modern sourcing teams.

Lynn Meihm


Reviewed 2015-03-13
Review Source: Capterra

Great product - has saved many hours in the evaluation of RFPs - easy to use; staff is extremely helpful, flexible and responsive. Excellent tracking and control mechanisms in place.

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The Sourcing Enablement Platform for modern sourcing teams.

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      Activity Tracking
      Audit Trail
      Data Import/Export
      Document Storage

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      Key features of Bonfire

      • Contract management
      • Sourcing management
      • Manage RFP, bid, quote, tender & other procurement projects
      • Manage the full purchasing workflow within one app
      • Publicly post purchasing projects and manage vendor bids
      • Manage vendors and contract status
      • Compare vendors/suppliers, review and score
      • Scoring summary, automatic consensus highlighting & reports
      • Contract expiry heat-maps and timelines
      • Data protection with bank-grade cloud security
      • Accept and evaluate vendor submissions online
      • Accept and evaluate supplier submissions online
      • Centrally store all vendor contracts
      • Lightning fast 'what-if' analysis and optimization.
      • Powerful and easy-to-use eAuction capabilities
      • Auto-scoring that supercharges your evaluation.


      Deliver 360° strategic sourcing outcomes

      Reduce costs with deeper data and increased leverage

      Gain better visibility and control over your process

      Allow for easier collaboration among internal stakeholders

      Achieve 50% shorter cycle times without loss of quality

      Use Bonfire for everything from simple quotes and eAuctions, to $100M+ complex decisions

      Hardened, scalable and ready - Bank-grade encryption, Single-Sign-On, Central User Control, APIs and more.