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Purchasing Software

Purchasing software is a tool used by businesses to manage and automate the merchandise acquisition process. Common features include inventory management, compliance management, invoice processing and contract management.

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Purchasing software for businesses with multiple vendors.

End-to-end purchasing: order, manage spend, and pay all vendors in one place automatically, cutting the time to order by 95%.

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Bellwether PO and Inventory


#1 Purchasing & Inventory Software since 1985 with Guarantee

Rated #1 for ease of use by 1000+ Purchasing Managers who create 50-1000 PO's a month. Proven Results with a Money Back Guarantee! Used by Kraft, AT&T, Casio

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Get more from your organization's spending.

Procurify enables organizations to be proactive about managing their spend culture by providing a combination of accessible data, convenient process and manageable controls.

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Simple, Customizable Procurement Processes is a cloud-based purchasing management solution. Our software helps finance and procurement teams capture purchase requests, streamline approvals, generate purchase orders, organize vendor information, and access real-time spend data. Get a free demo today.

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Procurement solution for managing purchases

Proactis is an integrated spend management solution that allows businesses to monitor the expenditure of sourcing projects and streamline procurement processes. With the administrative dashboard, professionals can get an overview of ongoing tasks and generate analytical reports.

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Beautiful Procurement software for progressive companies

Precoro helps small and mid-size businesses to eliminate manual workflow, save time and money with a beautiful Purchasing software.

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Gain Control Of Company Purchasing

Simple purchase order management that puts you in control. Customizable PO forms, flexible reporting and mobile, just like you.

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Cloud or on-premise enterprise resource planning software

Purchasing software made easy. Centralize and automate your procurement cycle with an easy-to-use cloud-based ERP Purchasing system. Connect purchasing to Inventory Control, Accounting, Sales & Quality Management with email alerts, reminders & FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic approvals.

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Control Spend & Lower Costs

Simple & Quick to Implement Purchase-to-Pay Solution That Your Team Will Love!
Get your FREE Account now.

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the Work Management platform

Put email and spreadsheets in the past where they belong and centralize your requests in a single place. Pipefy enables you to visualize your entire process so that no information is lost in the shuffle.

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AP Automation

Easy to use, cloud based accounts payable platform. Zahara streamlines purchase requisitions, orders and invoice approvals. Zahara integrates with Xero & Sage.

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Manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software

M1 is a modular web-based manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for job shops, make-to-order manufacturers and custom & mixed mode manufacturers. The system is designed to manage multiple business areas including production, engineering, scheduling, inventory, shipping, and more.

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Cloud procure-to-pay software for the mid-market

Fraxion simplifies the purchase-to-pay process and takes the risk out of approvals, ensuring that all spend is authorized, tracked and within budget, delivering proactive spend management.

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Kissflow Procurement Cloud


Flexible procurement software for your unique business needs

Kissflow Procurement Cloud is a purchase and vendor management solution designed for small to large organizations. Key features include approval workflow management, quotations, purchase requisitions, invoicing, issue tracking, cash flow monitoring, order generation, and analytics.

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Emburse Certify AP


Control cash flow with purchasing & invoice automation

Automate the accounts payable processes and deliver visibility into all of your spending in one place while giving finance teams the power to increase control, and reduce costs.

Read more about Emburse Certify AP

E2 Manufacturing System


Enterprise resource planning software for shops

E2 Manufacturing System is an ERP software that helps shops manage orders, accounting, and task scheduling processes to eliminate bottlenecks. The solution offers a cost estimating module, which enables businesses to calculate labor rate, and sales commissions to generate quotes.

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Digital Purchase Order


Award Winning Cloud based procurement software

Digital Purchase Order is a procurement software that allows users to submit purchase orders, approve them, track the receiving and invoices as well as approve invoices and run corresponding spend reports. DPO is available through the web as well as through our native mobile apps.

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Purchase order management for SMB's - works with QuickBooks

Purchase order and invoicing automation for small to mid-market companies

Read more about ProcureDesk



Purchasing software (e-procurement software)

SpendMap is Purchasing Software (e-procurement software) for companies that need to automate and streamline their purchasing processes.

SpendMap is available as a hosted/SaaS/Cloud-based solution or as tradition On-Premise software.

Backed by 25 years of experience, SpendMap helps companies reduce paperwork, save time, control spending and save money.

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Budget control and purchase order management for businesses

Easy to use, 100% cloud based, all-in-one purchasing and cost control software. Create, approve and track purchase requisitions and purchase orders. Automate your invoice process and get a waterproof system for cost control. Works perfect as stand-alone or integrated with your accounting system.

Read more about CostTracker



Procurement and purchasing management solution

BusinessBid is a procurement management solution, which helps businesses manage processes related to requisitioning, sourcing & automated purchasing. The supplier relationship management (SRM) system lets users manage vendors & receive reminders for meetings, contracts, or other tasks.

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Supply chain management for the healthcare industry

Hybrent is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses in the healthcare industry such as physician offices, ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals, long term care facilities, and management groups automate and streamline supply chain, procurement, and inventory control processes.

Read more about Hybrent

Zoho Books


Online accounting software for growing businesses

Use Zoho Books to create and send detailed and customized purchase orders with your own branding. Track opened purchase orders and convert POs to bills.

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Business process and financial management software

Trace is a purchasing and budgeting software designed to help businesses collaborate with team members to request hiring for contractors, interns, and other profiles. The platform enables managers to review purchase programs, manage procurement lifecycle, and automate compliance.

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Promena e-Sourcing


e-Auction, e-Procurement, e-Sourcing Solutions for all

By Promena e-procurement module, our customers manage requisitions and purchase orders based on their customizable approval workflows. Promena helps centralizing procurement and managing spend under control offering modern UI/UX interface alike B2C e-commerce screens.

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Buyers Guide


A typical purchasing process comprises tasks such as acknowledging purchase orders, sharing shipment notices, and making payments to suppliers. While they may appear straightforward on the surface, the underlying workflows that go into making the tasks possible are quite complex and require extensive due diligence. Such workflows include comparing multiple suppliers and their pricing models and contract terms, all the while ensuring compliance with organizational, and sometimes regulatory, requirements.

Relying on manual methods to handle these tasks and workflows can make it tough to track their progress. Further, the turnaround time and the possibility of errors also increase.

A software tool brings all tasks and workflows onto the same platform, thereby consolidating the whole purchasing process. In addition to solving the challenges of using manual methods, most of the process gets automated.

This buyers guide explains about such tools, known as purchasing software, and highlights the basic aspects to know while exploring the market for one. 

Here is what we’ll cover:

What is purchasing software?

Purchasing software is a tool used by businesses to manage and automate the merchandise acquisition process. The tool streamlines the purchasing process, increases visibility, and helps manage contracts and documents and make informed purchasing decisions.

Purchasing software shouldn’t be confused with procurement software. Procurement is a wider, more strategic process, whereas purchasing focuses solely on merchandise acquisition.

What are the deployment options for purchasing software?

You’ll need to understand the deployment options available before selecting a purchasing system for your business. Here are the two main types of deployments: 

Cloud-based deployment: Vendors host cloud-based software on their own or third-party servers. They also take care of maintenance and support for these solutions. Users can access these solutions through any computer or mobile device connected to the internet. Cloud-based solutions usually have a subscription-based pricing model, paid annually or monthly.

On-premise deployment: Businesses host on-premise software on their own servers and handle maintenance, support, updates, and data storage themselves. Users can access these solutions through applications installed on their computers. The pricing model of these solutions is usually a one-time per-user license fee.

Key question to ask cloud-based (SaaS) vendors: What security measures do you have in place to safeguard against cyberattacks?

Key question to ask on-premise solution vendors: What is the typical deployment time for the software? Are there any additional costs besides the licensing fee?

What are some common features of purchasing software?

Understanding some common features of purchasing software will help you in shortlisting products that meet your requirements. Here are the common features of purchasing software:

Inventory management: Automate inventory management by tracking inventory levels, sales, deliveries, and orders. Create work orders, bills of material, and production-related documents.

inventory management

Inventory dashboard in Zoho Inventory

Compliance management: Comply with regulations by matching invoices, purchase orders, and order receipts. Make sure department budgets and additional expenses are duly approved.

compliance management

Documentation sample in Athennian

Invoice processing: Automate scanning invoices and digitally populating invoice data. Track invoice status, automate approvals, manage payments, and stay on top of your expenses with detailed reports.

invoice management

Invoice manager InvoiceASAP

Contract management: Automate auditing and version control of contracts. Manage the entire contract lifecycle, from drafting, negotiations, signing, and expiration to renewals.

contract managemetn

Contract management in Icertis

Key question to ask a vendor before you buy: Is there a limit to the number of users that can access the software? Does the software have a native mobile app?

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations, obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.

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