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Gate Sentry

Mobile visitor management software for guarded properties

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Gate Sentry overview

Gate Sentry is a hybrid-cloud security system for gated, guarded residential properties to manage and track visitor check-ins. Designed for use by home owner associations, protection firms and property management companies of any scale, Gate Sentry provides mobile app support for popular platforms and can operate "offline" without power or internet connectivity. Residents are able to modify customizable permanent or temporary guest lists, adding or deleting visitors within the system in real time, while receiving automatic arrival notifications to the app or email. Histories of guest, contractor or employee visits are all recorded and viewable, with the built-in total recall reporting feature detailing visitation dates, time, guest name etc. In addition, a community portal provides a password-protected site open to resident communities for carrying out communal administrative and operational actions.

The Gate Sentry mobile app provides access to the system for residents. Available for iOS and Android devices and capable of operating "offline" when web connectivity is compromised, the app promises to link guarded property residents directly to security staff. Promising to eliminate traditional methods such as outdated paper logs or expensive additional hardware, residents are empowered to curate their own guest lists in real time from anywhere and at anytime, while ensuring that security staff are updated with the latest and most accurate visitor information.


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Gate Sentry screenshot: Gate Sentry is a visitor check-in and guest management system for guarded or gated properties that leverages a mobile app for iOS or Android to let residents customize visitor lists in real timeGate Sentry Visitor ManagementGate Sentry screenshot: Gate Sentry offers a hybrid-cloud property security solution with mobile app support that is still operational "offline" when network connectivity is lostGate Sentry screenshot: Gate Sentry's community portal offers a free, password-protected online hub for resident communities and the performance of key admin or operational tasksGate Sentry screenshot: Property security teams are able to verify visitor identity before granting or denying entry, with Gate Sentry sending a notification instantly to the relevent resident via the mobile appGate Sentry screenshot: Residents are able to create and edit authorized lists of permanent or temporary visitors, with any guest access tracked and stamped with date and time logsGate Sentry screenshot: The Gate Sentry mobile app shown on Android

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Jennifer Angello

The ultimately secure way to ensure you know who's on your property, and that they belong there.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-24
Review Source: Capterra

So far with all of the gate software products that I have used, I have found this product to be the most efficient, most user friendly model I have used to date. I will continue to use the software for my property. This software is so easy to manage. With this program you are able to manage who comes on and off your property immediately so you get less calls from security. You can even customize your list for temporary guests and permanent guests and it updates immediately so your and your security team will be on the same page. You can even add and delete users at any time directly from your cell phone which is GREAT if you have a vendor that needs access but you're not available at the property. You can also view the history at any time. Another great feature is that when a guest shows up that you've been waiting for, you will be notified right away. This program really helps you to stay up to date with visitors, vendors, and also your permanent guests.

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Alan Adelson

Absolute piece of garbage

Used other for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-02-18
Review Source: Capterra

notifications are ok, when they arrive. Contacting the gate is another major problem.absolutely nothing, more effort than it is worth

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Pricing is based on the number of users and visitors. A quote and demo are available via the Gate Sentry website.

Gate Sentry features

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Additional information for Gate Sentry

Key features of Gate Sentry

  • Self check-in
  • Two-way visitor communication
  • Notifications
  • Visitor tracking
  • Registration management
  • Offline access
  • Mobile integration
  • Email integration
  • Visitor registration
  • Automatic notifications
  • Email notifications
  • Tracking features
  • Permanent visitors
  • Temporary visitors
  • Reporting & statistics
  • Real time updates
  • Guest lists
  • Self service portal
  • Community portal
  • Third party integration
  • Website integration
  • History tracking
  • Password management
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Gate Sentry is a hybrid-cloud security solution for guarded home owner associations and property companies that wish to implement a mobile visitor management solution which links residents directly to security teams.

As a cloud-based platform, Gate Sentry promises network and power independence, plus an offline mode.

Gate Sentry's community portal is an online, public-facing, password-protected site made available to resident communities, inviting self-service access to administrative and operational tasks.

Total recall reporting capabilities provide visitor trend information and guest histories, spanning a range of key data such as name, date, time, plus any checked in contractors or employees etc.

The Gate Sentry companion mobile app for Android and iOS devices can be downloaded directly to a resident’s smartphone or tablet, with visitor notifications pushed to those devices or email.