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Tavant Warranty

AI and machine learning enabled warranty management software

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Tavant Warranty overview

What is Tavant Warranty?

Tavant Warranty is an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning enabled warranty lifecycle management software that helps businesses manage contracts, create policies, track submissions, handle pricing, and more on a centralized platform. Administrators can configure and manage rule-based workflows to handle various operations, such as claims entries, policy term defining, service routing, and supplier contract management.

Tavant Warranty allows team members to create packing lists, generate barcodes, identify parts suppliers, create receipts, and manage shipment for parts return operations. It enables employees to define supplier contract terms, maintain a sourcing history, automate contract assessment tasks, and trigger recovery claims processes. The service management module also lets staff members schedule requests, track customer locations, generate invoices, manage reconciliations, and create email templates in multiple languages for customer communications.

Tavant Warranty enables businesses to streamline customer relationship management (CRM) operations via third-party integration with Salesforce. Team leaders can use the analytics dashboards to generate customizable reports and gain insights into supplier rejection trends, error patterns, and performance KPIs, such as warranty expenses, processing efficiency, supplier recovery rates, and claims turnaround time.


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Tavant Warranty reviews

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Tavant Warranty features

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