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Asset & inventory management for Construction Companies

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Tenna tracks equipment, tools and vehicles in construction, outdoor or harsh environments. Track everything you use on one consolidated platform.

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Maintenance management software for data-driven operations

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MicroMain is a maintenance & facility management software designed to streamline operations and extend asset life. MicroMain serves the needs of small to large facilities by prioritizing tasks and gathering the necessary information for handling all preventive, demand, and deferred maintenance.

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Integrated CMMS, Asset, Inventory Management and Procurement

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Tofino is an integrated cloud solution offering inventory management, asset management, maintenance management and smart procurement on a single platform. Punchout support lets end-users click-and-order directly from point-of-use. Real-time inventory across all locations, including vending.

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IFS Applications


Enterprise software for medium to large firms.

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IFS Applications offers a complete enterprise asset management solution including work orders and maintenance scheduling to ensure reliability-centred maintenance. You can also extend your solution with human resources, purchasing, risk management, finance, document management and more.

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WebView AMS


Asset management for operation & maintenance professionals

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WebViewAMS is an asset management & predictive maintenance solution for operations & maintenance focused businesses within industries including power, oil and gas, healthcare, manufacturing, & more. The cloud-based platform offers a suite of modules for digitizing operations & asset maintenance.

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Asset & maintenance performance management software

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Agility is a complete EAM software solution with proven capabilities across the globe. It's a powerful platform that captures and stores key information.

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Easy-to-use CMMS for track, manage and schedule work orders.

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mainsim is an incredibly easy-to-use, intuitive, CMMS for scheduling and prioritizing maintenance activities and inspections.

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Facility management platform for maintenance teams

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Drober combines computerized maintenance management with enterprise asset management and is used by facility maintenance teams of all sizes, from startup to enterprise level and everything in between. The platform helps organizations optimize equipment performance by enabling data-driven decisions.

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LineWorks Suite


Web-based SPC solution for streamlining production quality

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LineWorks SPACE is an SPC solution designed to help businesses in the semiconductor industry manage production quality across multiple manufacturing sites. Data can be collected & stored in a centralized repository, letting users track information & ensure compliance with ISO 9001 standards.

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SAP Cloud for Real Estate


Real estate property management

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SAP Cloud for Real Estate is a SaaS platform designed to aid with optimizing and managing real estate assets. Real estate agents can utilize the platform to gain insight into resource allocation, real-time occupancy, financial performance, and more, in order to aid planning.

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