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SOAR Solutions


EHS and compliance tools for fleets, equipment and drivers

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SOAR Solutions offers a single web-based suite of safety software for operations and transport fleet management, fully customizable to compliance requirements

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Fleet management solution for trucking businesses

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Switchboard is a cloud-based transportation management solution that helps trucking businesses streamline fleet and logistics operations. The platform enables users to maintain service logs with drivers’ working hours and change duty status to on-duty, driving, sleeper berth, or off-duty.

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Constellation TMS


Multi-modal transportation management & services

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Constellation TMS is a multi-modal transportation management platform that provides shippers with the technology to rate, tender, and track shipments, and more

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Momentum IoT


GPS telematics tracking solution for fleet managers

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Momentum IoT is a GPS telematics tracking solution designed to help businesses automate processes for live vehicle tracking to provide location visibility. Users can locate trucks from multiple devices using pins to map trip deviations from trips and track the distance from job sites.

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Trucking management platform for businesses of all sizes

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Elevate is a cloud-based trucking management platform that enables businesses in the logistics, transportation, distribution, manufacturing, shipping and retail sectors to streamline processes related to route planning, carrier sourcing, and more

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Manage Petro


On-site Fuel & Fluids Delivery Management Back-office

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Manage Petro is a fuel & propane delivery management software which enables fuel delivery companies to manage dispatching, drivers, deliveries, accounting with auto-dispatching, auto-invoicing, fleet monitoring, inventory management, fuel forecasting technology, document management, and more

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Your superhuman assistant for last-mile delivery management.

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Track-POD is your go-to last-mile tracking software for route planning, real-time tracking & analytics, electronic Proof of Delivery, fleet management, Customer Portal, and more. We built Track-POD to account for every delivery/pickup/dropoff scenario and help you stay on top of delivery management.

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Maintenance, fleet & enterprise asset management software

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Cetaris is a maintenance management software designed to help businesses handle inventories, fleets, and vendor communication via a unified platform. It enables managers to approve purchase orders, measure return on investment (ROI), and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

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Fleet surveillance platform for transportation industries

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EYERIDE is designed to help businesses across transportation, towing and waste management industries locate and monitor fleets in real time. The application enables supervisors to handle live video streaming, safety management, and local or remote server data backup processes via a unified platform.

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GPS Insight


Engage Your Fleet with Fleet Software that Gets Results.

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A customizable GPS tracking and management software for fleet-based businesses that integrates with high quality GPS hardware for real-time data

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Distribution and delivery management

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Elite EXTRA is a Last Mile Delivery management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes plan and streamline distribution and delivery processes. The platform captures orders in real-time, enabling organizations to manage the entire routing and dispatch procedure.

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Fleet management solution for business with 10-150 vehicles

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Carmalink is a no-hassle GPS tracking and driver safety solution for construction and service fleets

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Route Planning and Optimisation Platform

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eLogii is the leading cloud-based delivery management platform for route planning and optimisation, trusted by a global customer base across all business sizes and industry verticals.

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Fleet Management


Remote Management Solutions for Connected Vehicles!

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Galooli enables fleet managers to control their fleets in the most efficient way possible.

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Fleet management software with asset maintenance tools

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BulkdataPro. Fuel Management,Fuel Consumption,Fines and Licencing,GPS Integration,Maintenance Software,Fleet Maintenance Software,Cloud based maintenance software,Work Order Management,Fleet Management Software,Accident Management Software

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Save time and effort by replacing paper based systems.

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Equip your frontline with an inspection solution that they can learn in minutes, so you can manage operations from wherever you are. iAuditor is used to conduct over 1 million inspections per month across all industries for safety, quality control, and operations.

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Cloud based Car Rental Software

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Navotar is a car rental management solution that automates and streamlines daily vehicle rental tasks such as bookings, agreements, maintenance, rates and more

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LogiNext Mile


#1 Transportation Automation Platform

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LogiNext Mile is an AI and ML based transportation automation platform that helps QSR, CEP, 3PL, Retail and Supermarket companies to decrease logistics costs and increase customer satisfaction during the delivery journey! LogiNext is used by 150+ Enterprise companies world wide.

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Automate. Innovate. Field Service.

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A 360-degree cloud-based platform with Industry-specific solutions that helps our customers automate their field service operations.

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Position Logic


GPS tracking software to monitor fleets, assets & employees

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Position Logic is a GPS tracking software designed to help businesses track location and performance of fleets, assets, and employees. The platform enables supervisors to view information related to ground speed, course direction, latitude, and longitude of vehicles.

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Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR


GPS fleet tracking and automation software

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Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR is a GPS vehicle tracking software which helps businesses monitor the position and operations of the vehicles in their fleet.

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Ramco Logistics


Cloud-based logistics software

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Ramco Logistics Software is a cloud-based integrated suite designed to help businesses automate processes related to logistics management. The transportation management system lets users manage end-to-end delivery processes, order tracking, toll station routes, & driver performance monitoring.

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All-in-one fleet management platform

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Specifically built for truck-load carriers, TruckSpy's all-in-one fleet management platform is designed to increase fleet safety and profitability.

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Connected vehicle and asset management for operations of 50+

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IntelliShift is a next-generation, connected vehicle and asset management technology platform that unifies multi-use fleet and operations data in a single 360-degree view to drive business success.

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Fleet management software

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FleetOS is one-stop fleet management software to execute all fleet operations digitally. It helps empower fleet businesses and supervise all vehicle trips and their maintenance to increase fleet performance rate.

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