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Customer loyalty, engagement & marketing platform

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Kangaroo’s powerful loyalty marketing solution can be completely customized to engage customers via personalized offers and rewards, automated marketing, digital gift cards, branded app, custom omnichannel experience & robust reporting. Kangaroo is available in English, French, Spanish & Portuguese.

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Sales performance management tool

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SalesScreen is a web-based sales performance management platform designed to improve employee focus, motivation & productivity through gamification, competitions, milestone tracking, recognition, and real-time data visualization. Native apps for Android & iOS keep employees connected from anywhere.

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Microlearning software for businesses in the retail industry

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SellPro is a microlearning software that helps businesses in the retail industry create learning courses, train sales representatives, and set up training goals. It enables retailers to capture customers’ feedback for brand partners and inform employees about changes in protocols and procedures.

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Gamification and mobile learning management system

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SPARTED is a cloud-based mobile learning management system designed to help businesses engage frontline employees by delivering gamified and targeted content across mobile devices. The white-label solution allows administrators to customize the interface with brand-specific elements or features to share segmented, bite-sized content with employees.

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Spinify Lively Leaderboards: Gamification Made Easy

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Spinify uses proven Octalysis gamification techniques and psychological motivation principles to drive team performance excellence. After an easy setup, leaderboards automatically reflect scores and rankings in real time to create friendly competition that gives 100% visibility into performance.

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Data collection & interactive content creation made easy

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Qualifio is a data collection and interactive marketing SaaS platform. It allows brands, media and agencies to easily create and publish quizzes, polls, contests, personality tests and 50+ other viral content formats on their websites, mobile apps, and social media.

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Adaptive microlearning platform

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Bite-size gamified training that employees can access from their mobile devices.

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Integrated sales & marketing software for growing teams

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EngageBay is an all-in-one marketing, sales and service automation software which automates marketing sales by combining lead generation, email marketing, marketing automation, CRM & social media engagement. EngageBay helps businesses acquire, engage, nurture, and close leads from a single platform.

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Wisetail LMS


Custom branded web-based learning management system

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Wisetail's LMS is an award-winning eLearning platform. Our LMS gives companies the tools to build culture and drive community while training their workforce.

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The Training Arcade


Gamify your training with The Training Arcade!

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The Training Arcade is a DIY game authoring tool that allows businesses to create employee training games and simulations in minutes.

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uxpertise LMS


Learning management & marketing for training centers

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uxpertise is a cloud-based learning management solution which helps academies, training centers and institutes manage training activities and products. Some key features include blended learning, course management, a learner portal, course publishing, data encryption and SCORM compliance.

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Performance Management Software for High Performance Teams

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Performance Management platform built for High Performance Teams. 360 Performance Appraisals, 1on1 Feedback, Goal Management and Social Praise.

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Agile CRM


Sales and marketing CRM for growing businesses

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Agile CRM combines powerful automation, telephony, web, mobile, email, social and scheduling features to effectively manage the entire customer journey

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The Digital Workplace for the Mobile Workforce

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PlayerLync is a mobile workforce enablement platform that combines mobile learning, operational support and compliance, content management, and communications in one easy-to-use application. We help companies like Starbucks, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Southern Company Gas.

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Employee benefits, wellness and engagement platform

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Our modular, customizable platform highlights and features tools based on each employee's specific situation eliminating clutter, increasing utilization, and providing a better experience. Combining comms tools (scrolling news feeds/text/push/email) with scheduling, eLearning, challenges and more.

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Gamified eLearning platform for employee engagement

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Edgagement is a cloud-based eLearning platform designed to help businesses facilitate employee engagement using gamification and other communication tools. The centralized platform allows administrators to create quizzes, surveys, and assessments using a drag-and-drop authoring functionality.

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EdApp is a free, mobile-first microlearning training LMS.

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When combined with microlearning and mobile learning, gamification is taken to another level: short, topical training lessons feel like smartphone games, not work. EdApp’s gamification tools allow you to effectively gamify training by simply adding your learning material to our gamified templates.

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Xoxoday Compass


#1 Gamification software to accelerate sales

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#1 Gamification software to accelerate sales. Publish live scorecards, earning opportunities, leaderboards, nudges, and more.


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Learning experience platform for instructional designers

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Raptivity is an online learning experience platform designed to help instructional designers, trainers, and subject matter experts create eLearning courses using customizable templates. It helps organizations with implementing learning through games, simulations, and presentation aids.

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Mobile training solution

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Connect workers globally, transfer knowledge, and impact performance. Meet TalentCards: the mobile microlearning tool for your deskless workforce.

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Game-based microlearning solution for organizations

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LemonadeLXP is a cloud-based learning experience platform designed to help organizations train employees through microlearning & game-based training methods. Key features include course authoring, customizable branding, auto-recommendations, ratings, course impact analysis & performance metrics.

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ovos play


Learning management solution for employee & student training

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ovos play is a learning management solution that helps organizations manage training for onboarding, sales support, online education, and more. The platform comes with a centralized dashboard, which enables businesses to create, as well as update, learning content across multiple topics.

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ByteKast LXP


Digital learning platform for authoring & publishing content

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ByteKast LXP (formerly Falkor) is a digital learning platform designed to help businesses of all sizes author, publish, distribute & track content across white-labeled Android, iOS and progressive web applications (PWA). It helps administrators filter analytics based on groups, country or location.

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Gamification, recognition and performance appraisal software

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Recognition software that drives performance appraisal while agents are enjoying an encouraging environment. Pure gamification.

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Gamification tool to enhance employee engagement

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Bravon is a cloud-based gamification tool designed to help businesses of all sizes set up challenges & goals to enhance team performance. Key features include task management, performance tracking, customizable branding, coaching, employee recognition, and referral programs.

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