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Productific logo



Know what to build next - with user feedback.

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Productific is a SaaS for collecting feature requests and running feature voting. Users vote for what they desire most in a product - so you can build what your users really want and make users love your product.

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Hello Focus logo

Hello Focus


Management platform for tasks, projects & teams

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Hello Focus is a cloud-based tool for managing tasks, projects, and teams, with features including to-do lists, recurring tasks, road mapping, task delegation, and more. Designed to help employees to focus on one task at a time, Hello Focus offers tools to aid with task management and prioritizing.

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Roadmap logo



Collision avoidance for projects and people

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Roadmap unifies project tools - Basecamp, GitHub, JIRA - to connect goals with capacity realities, load balance in crunchtime, and more. Ditch the spreadsheet!

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Dokuly logo



Cloud based product lifecycle management software

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Dokuly is a cloud-based product data and lifecycle management tool that helps teams to manage product data effortlessly, and keep track of document versions with ease. Designed to streamline workflow from conception to completion, the platform helps users log hours, manage projects, and generate reports for billing purposes.

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Tasks under control. Time in focus. Projects on schedule.

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With TASKBOSS you have an overview of all tasks in your company, plan projects precisely and leverage time tracking to create invoices in record time.

Manage tasks, structure your projects and track time accurately?—?optimize your workflow with TASKBOSS to get the decisive advantage!

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Feedback Loop logo

Feedback Loop


Agile research platform for capturing customer feedback

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Feedback Loop is a web-based agile research platform designed to help businesses streamline product concept testing, feedback management, and reporting operations via a unified platform. IT professionals can use the application to select custom templates, upload scripts, and access on-demand research guidance.

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Qlorem logo



Unlocking your transformation project and product potentials

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Qlorem provides the next generation Data-driven Project Portfolio & Solution Management Platform supported by instant insights, adaptive risk management and improvement suggestions to Save Costs, Deliver on time and Engage People.

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Free Project planning from manual tasks

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OFFOLIO is a cloud-based project planning software. It provides algorithmic automation to calculate in real-time the optimum between multiple constraints (from teams’ capacities to the industrial site’s occupation). Artificial Intelligence, to include best practices in your project plans.

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Userwell logo



User Feedback Management Software

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Userwell is a Product Feedback Management Software. It helps you to collect, analyze, prioritize and implement customer feedback.

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Product Management Dashboard – Strategic Product Management Software logo

Product Management Dashboard – Strategic Product Management Software


Product management dashboard for strategic planning

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Product Management Dashboard is a plugin for the Jira application, which helps organizations design, launch, and manage product development strategies and analyze prices, costs, roadmap, and market potential on a unified portal. The platform enables businesses to assign tasks and monitor changes across the teams using the TaskSignalizer.

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Productfolio logo



Productfiolio is amazing product management software, so you

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Productfolio provides full product lifecycle management tools from Strategy definition to ideation (ideas intake, feedback), candidate prioritization (scoring, ranking), roadmapping, product briefs, requirements and release planning.

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