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Tenant Ledger

Accounting and lease management for rental property managers

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Tenant Ledger overview

What is Tenant Ledger?

Tenant Ledger is a cloud-based accounting and lease management system designed to assist property managers through features including an owner portal, payment processing, file attachments, knowledge base, work order tracking, financial reporting, check printing, delinquency tracking, and more.

Property managers can use the Tenant Ledger platform to streamline the rent collection process, by sending automated due date reminders to tenants and accepting rental payments online. A centralized dashboard displays tenants' delinquency status, operations-based statistics, tenant rent histories, consolidated revenues, and net income. Accountants can use the system to manage bank deposits, bank reconciliation, expenses, and check printing.

Tenant Ledger comes with a lease management feature which allows teams to track rent payments, schedule rent increases, manage vacancies, and calculate late payment charges. The maintenance management tool lets supervisors assign tasks to workers, add descriptions for tenant issues, track work completion status, and manage external vendors. Managers can also generate and print financial and management reports to gain insight into operations.


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Tenant Ledger reviews

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Tenant Ledger pricing

Starting from
Pricing options
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Pricing is based on the number of rental units
Up to 10 units: $20/month
Up to 20 units: $40/month
Up to 30 units: $50/month
Up to 40 units: $60/month
Up to 50 units: $70/month
Up to 80 units: $100/month
Up to 100 units: $120/month
Up to 130 units: $150/month
Up to 160 units: $180/month
Up to 190 units: $210/month
Up to 220 units: $240/month
Up to 250 units: $270/month
Up to 300 units: $300/month
Up to 350 units: $350/month
Up to 400 units: $400/month
Up to 450 units: $450/month
Up to 500 units: $500/month
500+ units: contact TenantLedger.

Tenant Ledger features

Activity Dashboard
Billing & Invoicing
Contact Management
Document Management
Maintenance Management
Payment Processing
Portfolio Management
Reporting & Statistics
Task Management
Tenant Tracking

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