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Zavanti ERP

Software for property development, management and services

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Zavanti ERP overview

Zavanti ERP is a complete package that ensures outstanding financial management of all aspects of your business. Zavanti ERP comprises the following suite of modules and their integration to other Zavanti software solutions.
Our software is designed to be customisable to your specific industry, current Industry segments where the solution includes best practice processes and reporting include:
 Property and Land Developers
 Commercial and Residential Builders
 Civil Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Architects and Sub-contractors
 Mining and Engineering Services providers
3.2 Overview of what’s in Zavanti ERP
Designed to guide you through each stage of the project lifecycle, from project concept through to completion, our fully integrated ERP suite will assist with the control and management of your business operations, delivering tangible and quantifiable results to your enterprise, your projects and your team.
Zavanti ERP is modular in design, providing greater flexibility and allowing you to configure the system to work the way you do. All modules seamlessly work together ensuring that not only is information only entered once, but it is updated throughout the system automatically providing real time accurate and up to date information.


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Zavanti ERP screenshot: Zavanti forecasts allows users to see projected costs up to 10 years into the futureZavantiZavanti ERP screenshot: Zavanti's navigation menus mean that users can open other modules directly from any module they are working inZavanti ERP screenshot: Company logos appear in Zavanti's systems maintenance and are included on reports

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Zavanti licenses software on a module and per user basis.

Zavanti ERP features

Accounting Management (30 other apps)
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Automatic Reminders (24 other apps)
Client Portal (30 other apps)
Contact Database (28 other apps)
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Reporting & Statistics (39 other apps)
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Self Service Portal (29 other apps)
Task Management (23 other apps)
Template Management (26 other apps)
Third Party Integration (25 other apps)
Work Order Management (23 other apps)

Additional information for Zavanti ERP

Key features of Zavanti ERP

  • Fully integrated solution
  • Modular design to fit your business needs
  • Scalable to grow with your business
  • Multi company and multi industry
  • Contains best practices guidance for devlopers and builders
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Supports the best practices of the Real Estate industry

Prioritise key projects and allocate funds accordingly

Maximise resource utilisation and performance

Improve cash flow

Immediate and long term cost savings

Greater flexibility through comprehensive process and workflow management

Manage your risk and protect your margins

Easy access to your project data, anytime, anywhere

Remove double handling of data

Increase customer satisfaction

Faster, more accurate information flow

Accelerate project processes

Greater visibility and transparency of project and team performance

Encourage collaboration and reduce project delays