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Remote training, coaching & rehab app to build revenue/brand

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GoMotive overview

GoMotive is a health and fitness platform that enables health clubs, trainers, coaches, and rehab experts serve clients remotely. Professionals are able to automate their intake process, diagnose clients, design custom workouts, and create their own proprietary content with access to over 6,500 exercises and templates on iOS, Android and web platforms.

GoMotive lets users create a health and fitness network of hand-picked coaches, trainers, and rehab professionals while keeping clients engaged with new content, connections, and their own health history. Users can track and share client progress across providers, as well as ping clients using in app and email messaging. Automated emails help cross-promote services and treatments offered.

Professionals are able to send clients their own PAR Q, pain index or other intake forms and have clients complete them in app. Users can assess and diagnose clients remotely, and include pictures and videos to document their improvements. GoMotive also connects to outputs such as Spark Motion, Motus, Hudl, Camtasia, Krossover, and Qualisys for further analysis.

Users can manage scheduling requirements online, with manual or automated approval of appointment requests. Practitioners are able to create exercises and protocols, and deliver them to individuals or groups of any size, and charge them on a subscription basis. Documents such as intake, analysis, nutrition, pain management can be managed in the cloud, enabling the personalization of services and treatment plans.


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GoMotive screenshot: Users can keep track of their clients, workouts, groups and more via mobile deviceGoMotive screenshot: Search through a library of exercises, save favorites and create filtersGoMotive screenshot: 

Create exercise videos and include pictures and text to serve all clients using progressive workoutsGoMotive screenshot: Post business promotions and provide the latest health and fitness newsGoMotive screenshot: Prescribe and schedule progressive workouts for individuals and groups

GoMotive reviews

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Mike Killian

Elite Velocity LLC Review

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-10-19
Review Source: Capterra

I wear many hats; I am an Athletic trainer, a Baseball Coach, HS Director for a Baseball Club, and provide individualized/group lessons in all phases of the game of baseball and softball, and I do arm rehab for a renown Orthopedic Surgeon in the STL area. So I need a tool that is flexible and easy to use yet sophisticated and feature-rich to cover the many different unique lines of business that I am involved with. Whether it is designing/subscribing a rehab protocol or an in-season 5-day pitching protocol for a pitcher, I am able to remotely communicate with the athlete, monitor their workout, adjust/enhance it based on real-time data as they practice their craft or rehab back from injury. With the use of video that the client can tie directly into the app or output from Motus mTHROW sleeve that sends metrics to me in real-time, I can quickly adjust the athlete's protocol to ensure they have correct and up-to-date protocols in place to provide them the best opportunity to succeed! It allows me to be with them, whether we are in separate rooms or across the globe, and it does it at a fraction of the cost of having a full-time trainer/therapist physically on-site. I am able to text/email/call GoMotivce Support and I get a response within minutes and at worst a fix is available the next morning if it is software related! I have to be available to my clientele 24/7, 365 so I need a vendor to provide me with the same support, I get that from GoMotive! .It is very versatile, I literally within a given day am involved in 3-4 different diverse environments and I can very successfully manage all from the very same app.

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Jan Hutnan

Way to go with Go Motive

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-01-11
Review Source: Capterra

A lot of online trainers is using Trainerize. I have started on this platform too...However, after few non-personal responses on my requests and average functionality, I decided to search for a different platform. I am a member of Gray Institute online education so it wasn't hard to find GoMotive. My services are based on the individual approach and I am working with lots of trainers and small business entrepreneurs. This platform allows me to build a lot of great programs based on a variety of criteria and make those programs as personal as I want. Customer service is prompt and very responsive. the team has very innovative ideas and adding new features often. So here you go - this is an honest review of a great product and hard working team. Thanks, GoMotive! Jan Personalized, customer service, elegant

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Fredrik Johansson

GoMotive makes my job as a personal Trainer a lot easier and the software improves constantly.

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-12-18
Review Source: Capterra

Saves time, easier to stay organized, new ideas and possibilities to expand my business onlineEasy to build your own exercise and content library. Great to keep all intake forms and programs at the same place. The customer service from the developer is great and every update really makes everything even better.

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Grove Higgins

Never easier to develop a high quality App

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-01-15
Review Source: Capterra

So far, we went through a month long trial and then in November bough into the app for our own label. Wonderful experience with Michael and his team answering all of our detailed questions thoroughly and quickly. They have done their best to adapt their model to our needs and we could not be more pleased! We can not wait to see what the future holds for our app as they develop new tools and capabilities!Makes for a user friendly environment to communicate, prescribe exercises, and learn.

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Priscilla Flynn

This app has been a valuable addition to our business to help clients move better and more often

Used monthly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-12-15
Review Source: Capterra

GoMotive has enabled Is to create a unique wellness based movement program with our own videos, exercise parameters and content. Most online programs are heavily catered to traditional gym training, and go motive is increasingly more accommodating to wellness based approaches to fitness. For example, you can prescribe a balloon for training `equiptment or select an exercise category of wellness. I love that I can easy adjusts sets and reps, easily search and use my hundreads of uploaded exercises, and best of all create and continue to use templates for client workouts. Our clients (of all ages) that use it love being able to press play and follow along with the videos to intrucuce healthy movement into their day.

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Silver: $9 per month

Gold: $24 per month

Platinum: $39 per month

Private Label App: $350 per month

GoMotive features

Automated Scheduling
Calendar Management
Client Portal
Customer Database

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Additional information for GoMotive

Key features of GoMotive

  • Assessments
  • Wellness plans
  • Nutrition program
  • Fitness plan
  • Exercise library
  • Online store
  • Appointment scheduling
  • View intake, assessments, nutrition planning
  • Pictures, videos and text
  • Baseline and post treatment assessments
  • Integrating Spark Motion
  • Health and fitness news
  • Feedback systems
  • PAR Q uploading
  • Pain index
  • HIPAA compliant
  • 6,500+ exercises and templates
  • Template creation & customization
  • Pre-scheduled sequential workouts
  • Instructions
  • News updates
  • Automatic or manual approval of appointment requests
  • Create individual and group sessions
  • Administrative management
  • Calendars
  • Cancellation requests
  • Standard email
  • In app messaging
  • Add or delete client appointments
  • Health history
  • Virtual training
  • Remote training
  • Feedback loops
  • Assess clients remotely
  • Health portal
  • Post treatment assessments
  • Nutrition planning
  • App branding
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GoMotive helps users attract new clients with a mobile app that describes their gym, club or clinic services using videos, pictures and text.

Clients and sports teams can receive personalized workouts and individual instructions to improve wellness, create goals and track their progress.

GoMotive allows users to treat clients beyond the walls of the gym, club or clinic, during off-season, on vacation or when out of town using the mobile app.

Professionals can create affinity groups with shared goals who receive the same set of pre-scheduled instruction, sequential workouts, and news updates to re-engage previous clients.

GoMotive helps businesses engage clients on a remote basis and build a new revenue stream by creating protocols and workouts, and charging clients online.