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WellnessLiving logo

Business management for the health & fitness industry

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WellnessLiving is an all-in-one online booking, resource scheduling, lead generation, and reporting solution for health and wellness focused businesses

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Everfit logo

Personal training platform for trainers, gyms, and studios

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Save time, boost revenue, and increase member retention to grow your fitness business with this all-in-one platform used by professionals globally.

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Foodzilla logo

Meal Planning & Nutrition Coaching for Professionals

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Foodzilla lets you Create Personalized Meal Plans For Your Clients Instantly with AI and Dietitian-Approved Recipes.

Foodzilla enables trainers to devise customized meal plans for their clients, monitor their food consumption and communicate with them via live messaging and customizable mobile app.

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Upper Hand logo

Innovative sports and fitness software

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Upper Hand is the leading software for personal trainers in sports and fitness. Upper Hand streamlines front desk and back office operations, with key features that include scheduling and registration, marketing and communication, memberships, integrated payments, retail, calendars, and more!

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vcita logo

vcita: Build a business you’re proud of.

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Let clients schedule sessions, book and pay for classes, and register for events online, on your branded portal (easy to customize) - 24/7 from any device. Send them reminders to reduce no-shows and look pro!

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Acuity Scheduling logo

Online appointment scheduling software and 24/7 assistant.

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Let your clients book appointments, classes, or packages, fill out intake forms, add appointments to their calendar, receive confirmation and reminder notifications, and reschedule, cancel, and pay for appointments automatically—zero hula dancing, email ping-pong, or phone tag required.

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Zen Planner logo

Comprehensive Member & Business Software for Gyms + Studios

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Zen Planner is a member management software including Staff & Member Apps, billing, appointments, virtual training, skills tracking, retail, automations, member self-service (check-in, pay bills), website design & management, digital marketing services and more!

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fitli logo

Online and mobile scheduling software

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The Fitli Personal Trainer solution is everything the other guys are not. Easy to Use with Amazing Service at an Affordable Price.

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Hexfit logo

The best all-in-1 software for healthcare professionals

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Hexfit is a tracking software for personal trainers. Our software is developed for personal trainers by personal trainers who truly understand the profession. Hexfit is the best solution in the market for the personal trainer.

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Vagaro logo

Beauty, wellness & fitness appointment & business software

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Use our all-in-one scheduling software & app for personal trainers to manage and grow your business. Manage training sessions and memberships on any device. Automate your coaching program with 24/7 booking & payments, SMS/email reminders, forms & more. Pricing starts @ $30/mo, Free 1-Mo Trial.

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My PT Hub logo

The Perfect Software For Coaches and Personal Trainers

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My PT Hub is the NO.1 online personal training platform, where fitness professionals can create & track custom training & nutrition programs for their clients.

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TrueCoach logo

The #1 Online Platform Built For Coaches & Personal Trainers

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The #1 online coaching platform built for ambitious fitness professionals. Trusted by 15,000 coaches and gym owners worldwide. Try TrueCoach free for 14 days.

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Mindbody logo

Health & Wellness Business Management Software

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Mindbody all-in-one software seamlessly manages your entire personal training business, attracts new clients, and grows your revenue.

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PT Distinction logo

Worlds highest rated coaching software for personal trainers

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PT Distinction redefines how personal trainers operate. Experience the joy of managing your training empire effortlessly with our feature-packed software trusted by professionals worldwide.

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ABC Trainerize logo

Personal training software for fit pros and gyms

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Personal Training Software to deliver online training plans and meal plans. Increase retention by training clients online and offering group training services.

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Visibook logo

Client appointment scheduler & business calendar

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Visibook is an appointment scheduling software for small business service providers and their clients, with an online calendar, self-booking tools, & mobile app

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TeamUp logo

The best management software for fitness businesses.

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TeamUp is business management software designed to automate administration, scheduling, membership billing, & more for personal trainers. The cloud-based tool provides business owners with features for growing memberships, automating tasks, measuring progress, & managing students and families.

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BookyWay logo

Booking application with multiple subscriptions

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BookyWay is a web-based booking application designed to help businesses in the fitness and other industries allow members to book fitness classes or time slots to access equipment rooms. The platform lets teams create courses and classes from tablets or PCs, which can be shared with members using the free application.

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Gymcatch logo

Management software for the fitness and wellness industry

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Gymcatch enables fitness business owners to save time, increase revenue, and give great customer service to their customers.

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LegitFit logo

Best fitness management software.

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Business management solution to help Gyms, Studios & Fitness Professionals streamline their day and automate scheduling/payments.

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Booksy logo

One solution for managing your calendar and your business.

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Booksy is a mobile calendar management & appointment scheduling system with which personal trainers can manage online bookings & payments simply & effectively

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FitBudd logo

Make personal training truly personal

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For personal trainers who want to grow their business while keeping things simple, there’s nothing better than creating workouts in minutes instead of hours with this revolutionary app from FitBudd.

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Users also considered logo

Fitness business software for gyms and fitness professionals

learn more is a fitness platform for personal trainers. Deliver online and in-person, through our custom-branded web and mobile apps designed specifically for fitness professionals. Create custom workouts, challenges, digital health assessments, and nutrition programs for individuals or groups.

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PTminder logo

Virtual Training Software for Personal Trainers

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PTminder is an online business management platform designed for Personal Trainers, Studios & Boutique Gyms. With PTminder you can provide online/virtual training to your clients through its online bookings, payments and workout plans.

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GymMaster logo

Gym and Health Club Membership Management Software

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Organise your PT business with GymMaster. Manage bookings, clients and billing while on-the-go, with an app for your clients to book & pay online, too!

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Buyers Guide

Personal Trainer Software

What is personal trainer software?

Personal trainer software is designed to help fitness trainers manage their schedules, prepare custom workout plans for clients, and receive payments via different methods. It allows them to maintain a personal calendar, sell fitness packages online, record the contact details of clients, and track their fitness goals. A fitness professional can also send alerts via text or email to clients about upcoming classes or activities.

What is the best personal training software?

To make sure you find the best personal training software, ask yourself why and for what you need this fitness software. Do you need the tool to manage your schedule, or do you want to keep track of your client’s fitness goals? Once you identify your needs, you can visit GetApp’s personal trainer software Category Leader’s report to find the top fitness training software available on the market. This report highlights top-ranking fitness software based on ease of use, functionality, value for money, the likelihood of recommendation, and customer support ratings.

What are some common features of personal trainer software?

  • Appointment scheduling: Allow clients to book an in-person or virtual training session via a calendar with a personal trainer.

  • Attendance tracking: Track the attendance of people who attend your training sessions or group classes virtually or physically.

  • Fitness plan: Create custom workout plans for clients based on their fitness goals.

Are there free personal training apps?

If you are on a budget and are looking for affordable solutions, then you can check out some free personal trainer software. These personal training apps come with a free plan wherein they offer certain basic features for free with no limitations. As your business grows or your needs increase, you can switch to their paid plans to access advanced features.

How does personal trainer software help SMBs?

  • Stay connected with clients: Personal training software allows small and midsize fitness businesses to stay in touch with their current clients and reach out to new ones. The tool allows them to send out emails and notifications to address clients’ questions and share meal plans, progress reports, or discounts.

  • Increase client retention: As a small personal training business, it's important for you to focus on client management. A personal training app lets you see how engaged your clients are with you, as you can track their progress, payments, and attendance. You can then reach out to them to address their concerns which will, in turn, help you retain them.

  • Manage client payments: A personal trainer app makes managing client payments easier for SMBs as the tool can integrate with payment processors. This functionality allows them to accept payments and record those transactions. They can also keep track of late payments and send payment reminders to clients using this tool.