Find the Best Password Manager App for Your Business

Mar 10, 2020

Our survey found that too many people use poor password practices that threaten business data. Password manager apps can help.

Zach CapersSr Specialist Analyst
Find the Best Password Manager App for Your Business

Our survey of U.S. consumers found that a full third of people still write their passwords down on paper while less than a quarter use a password manager. You read that right—more people write their passwords down than store them securely in cloud-based software solutions that cost as little as $3 per user, per month. 

People are bad at passwords; software isn’t

Mark Zukerberg famously used "dadada" and Kanye West accidentally revealed his penchant for "000000." Even worse, someone at credit reporting megafirm Equifax inexplicably used "admin" to expose protect the data of more than half the adults in the United States.

But it’s not just Zukerberg, Kanye, and a careless Equifax employee who are bad at passwords. Our survey found that 44% of consumers use a phrase or pattern they can easily remember, and 22% admit to using personally meaningful information.

To make matters worse, 53% of consumers confess to using the same password for multiple accounts. This practice puts multiple systems at risk and is a hacker's gold mine.

Password manager software eliminates many of the human failings that cause password vulnerabilities, such as:

  • Using simple passwords for convenience

  • Reusing old passwords

  • Using the same password for multiple accounts

  • Insecurely storing password information 

  • Forgetting passwords altogether

The 3 best password manager apps (per GetApp reviewers)

Before we take a look at the three best reviewed apps in GetApp’s password manager catalog, it’s important to understand the software’s capabilities and limitations.

Password managers CAN:

  • Help create, store, and encrypt long, complex, and hard-to-break passwords

  • Audit existing passwords for quality and complexity 

  • Manage access rights and permissions for a large number of users

  • Align usernames and passwords with their associated services/accounts

  • Update passwords in the background when required

  • Offer browser plugins to auto-populate forms and automatically enter website logins 

  • Secure accounts with multifactor authentication including:

Password managers CAN’T:

  • Operate without a master password. If you lose your master password or ability to verify your account identity with multifactor authentication, you’ll lose access to your passwords.

  • Ensure total protection from cyber attacks themselves. Even the best password manager apps aren’t immune to vulnerabilities and are often inviting targets for hackers.

  • Work on all operating systems and devices. You can use older versions of password manager software, but this comes with the tradeoff of not receiving the latest security updates.

Selection criteria 

The following products rank highest in GetApp’s password manager catalog based on average user reviews as of March 2020. For each application, we break out the key features you need to know about to help you select the best password manager application for your company’s needs.

1. LastPass

Supported platformsMac, Windows, iOs, Android, Linux
Browser extensionsChrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera
Price starting at$36/year, per user
Free trial30 days
Multifactor authenticationContextual, biometric

2. 1Password

Supported platformsMac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, command line
Browser extensionChrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, Safari
Price starting at$47.88/year, per user
Free trial30 days
Multifactor authenticationTOTP

3. Keeper

Supported platforms Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android
Browser fill form extension Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Edge, Opera
Price starting at $30/year, per user
Free trial 30 days personal, 14 days business
Multifactor authentication SMS, TOTP, smartwatch, FIDO U2F

Go here to compare LastPass, 1Password, and Keeper against each other.

The best password manager app for your business is the one employees will use

Password management is not merely a box to check every 90 days when updates are due. It’s central to the security hygiene of your business, and an integral pillar of your cybersecurity strategy.

Hackers spend their time exploiting weak, reused, and stolen passwords. To shore up these vulnerabilities, you should invest in password manager software as part of your organization’s overarching password policy.

Be sure to allow employees ample time to identify the best password manager app for their needs. Try a few different products and survey employees for feedback to determine which option they prefer. Remember: The most effective option is the one your employees are most likely to use.

Find the best password manager app for your business


GetApp Password Survey, January 2020 - GetApp conducted this survey in January 2020  among 487 respondents to learn more about consumer password behaviors.

Products identified in this article were shortlisted based on average user reviews data (type: overall rating) aggregated from in February 2020.

Note: The information contained in this article has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable.This document, while intended to help businesses find the best password manager app, is in no way intended to provide legal advice or endorse a specific course of action.

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