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iPresent overview

What is iPresent?

iPresent has both an app for mobile devices and a web based Content Management System (CMS).

The platform supports PowerPoint, PDF, video, audio and HTML 5, so you can mobilize all your existing content. The app presents everything through beautiful, interactive menus which make content readily accessible and responsive to your customers' needs.

The CMS gives you robust control of the collateral in the hands of your team. Worrying about the wrong content being presented is a thing of the past! Wherever your team is based they’re always up to date and on message with the latest content pushed to them.

iPresent's detailed user analytics give you unique visibility and complete knowledge of what’s happening in meetings. You can see what content is being used and by whom, as well as what collateral is working for your team and what isn’t.


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United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China and 5 other markets, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom

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English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese (Simplified)
iPresent screenshot: An example of the Dock Menu type. Items are swiped from left to right, growing in size as they approach the centreAlways be ready for sales opportunities with iPresentiPresent screenshot: This is the Crescent Menu type. Items are swiped up and down in a crecsent-shaped arc.iPresent screenshot: This is a sub-menu called Categorized Links to Resources. Categories appear at the bottom of the screen, which resource cards slide in from the right.iPresent screenshot: Another example of the Crescent Menu type. The background of this one is actually animated when it's live!iPresent screenshot: An example of what a PowerPoint looks like in iPresent. The bottom bar shows you the slides in order. You can skip to any slide you like from here.

iPresent user reviews


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Jiri T.

iPresent is not only App. It is mobile platform for us.

Reviewed 2015-02-27
Review Source: GetApp

In Lundegaard we use iPresent for building mobile solutions for our clients,such is 3M. It is easy to extend it on new features with web based technologies (HTML5, JS, CSS), including integration to client's CRM or another systems.

- easy content manegement - quick setup = client is able to start use it almost immediately - on-line and off-line mode - multiplatform support - easy to extend (comparing various products, calculator, configurator, etc) - easy to integrate (CRM, ERP or another systems) - statistics - frequent updates

Response from iPresent

Thanks for your review, great working with you!

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Miroslav C.

Perfect cooperation

Reviewed 2015-05-22
Review Source: GetApp

We have done a lot of projects on iPresent platform so far, and much more is planned to be done in near future. The platform itself allows nice scalability of your solution, whether you want to use just the presentation function, or if you plan to build a series of apps there, connected with a more complex backend to best suit the clients' needs. However, what needs to be emphasized is a perfect cooperation with the whole iPresent team, who tries to help us with both a flexible processing of usual requests using their helpdesk, and including our suggestions for enhancements into their plans for further development of the app/platform.

Response from iPresent

Hi Miroslav, thanks so much for your comments. Its been great working with you!

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Mike M.

Very Impressive!

Reviewed 2015-03-04
Review Source: GetApp

If you're looking to solve the challenge of getting sales and marketing collateral to your field sales team for use in front of customers, this really is an exceptional piece of software. Not only does it support pretty much any file type and device, the attention to detail and user experience is extremely rare to see.

Covers all common file types and devices, feature rich, exceptional UI, easy to use and can be branded exactly how you want it. Fantastic!

Struggling to find anything bad to say...

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iPresent pricing

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Pricing options
Free trial
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iPresent is sold on a monthly subscription basis. There's a single monthly fee per user with no additional costs for installation, server hardware or on-going support.

Subscription options: 14 Day Free Trial, Standard $21, Pro $30, Enterprise POA

iPresent features

Collaboration Tools
Lead Management
Performance Management

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GetApp Analysis

Graphs and pie charts alone aren’t enough to impress clients anymore. Today’s sales teams need to take it a step further, with dynamic, interactive presentations. iPresent is a web-based tool that provides salespeople with the ability to create engaging, impressive presentation content across multiple platforms and devices.

iPresent helps organizations transform their sales results by increasing the level of engagement during meetings and presentations. Sold on a subscription basis and used by major corporations, such as 3M, L’Oreal, and DHL, iPresent puts companies in control of the collateral sales teams use in face-to-face presentations.

What is iPresent?

iPresent is a mobile app and web-based content management system that is used to manage and distribute content for sales teams. PowerPoint, PDF, video, audio, and HTML5 files are all mobilized and presented through interactive menus, which are responsive to individual client’s needs.

Using the content management system, marketing managers maintain control over collateral. iPresent ensures that branding is always up to date, and content with the latest corporate messaging is always available. Detailed user analytics also provide management with accurate knowledge of what’s going on in meetings, and how the content they’ve developed is being received.

Who is iPresent For?

  • Experience level: All experience levels
  • Industry: All industries
  • Business size: Large Enterprises
  • Departments/roles: Sales, marketing
  • Budget/point: Starting at $21 per user, per month
  • Example customers: NCR, Evian, 3M, L’Oreal, DHL

Main Features

Access Resources

With iPresent, content is accessible 24/7. Content is securely downloaded to the sales reps’ mobile devices. They can then access branded content when they’re sitting with clients or preparing for important presentations, regardless of internet availability.

The Content Management Systems means that businesses have all their collateral in one, easy to manage place, which provides a single source of truth.

Manage Content in Sets

iPresent is changing the way content is managed with its Content Sets. Beyond basic file storage, Content Sets optimize collateral by structuring content into intuitive and beautiful menu systems. Dragging and dropping files into place generates new Content Sets in minutes.

Apply branded graphics to the backgrounds in your Content Sets, or add translations before releasing your collateral to your global salesteam. iPresent offers an image cropping tool, which allows you to create bespoke graphics, along with a live preview mode for instant content viewing.

Control Sales Collateral

Nothing is worse than a salesperson using outdated figures during an important presentation. iPresent ensures this never happens. Admins can push new content to their sales teams via the mobile app, ensuring that sales content is always up to date.

iPresent allows sales reps to have their own files available as part of the corporate Content Set. It also gives them the ability to create tailored user journeys using the Playlist feature.

Deliver Impressive Presentations

Salespeople can impress prospective clients with their use of the iPresent app. Visually impressive and highly creative presentations can be easily developed using iPresent’s templates.

Sales reps have the ability to directly email content from within the app during a presentation and the whiteboard and annotation features enable sales reps to highlight key parts of any presentation. Presentations can also be wirelessly streamed to a HDTV using Apple TV.

Gain Actionable Insights

iPresent’s analytics component provides Admins with insight into how the content they’ve designed is actually being used. Admins have the ability to see who is using which content and they can receive feedback from the sales team. This data can then be used to improve collateral and create a closed loop sales effect.


iPresent integrates with Salesforce, Dropbox, and Oracle Document Cloud. A comprehensive API is also available to automate the integration process with an organization’s existing business systems.


iPresent is available on a subscription basis. A free 14-day trial is available for new users. After the trial period, users can choose between a Standard plan ($21 per user, per month), a Pro plan ($30 per user, per month), and an Enterprise plan (with custom pricing). All plans include comprehensive analytics, iPresent’s multicast, and multi-platform support.

Bottom Line

  • Interactive presentation tool for sales teams
  • Puts the right information at sales reps’ fingertips
  • Delivers the same content and branding across multiple platforms
  • Better engagement with prospective clients
  • Enterprise class features designed to empower sales teams

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Organizations that have implemented iPresent have achieved outstanding sales results. Typical benefits reported include: higher impact sales meetings, improved cross-selling, time saved finding optimal content, better engagement with customers, immediate use of the latest content, out of date content eliminated.