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Cloud-based DRM licensing & access control

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DRMtoday overview

DRMtoday is a cloud-based digital rights management (DRM) and access control solution designed to simplify the delivery of secured premium content across a range of devices and platforms. Users can protect live, on-demand, and offline videos, enforce stream behavior, and monitor licensing activity.

DRMtoday offers a range of DRM licensing solutions, including Widevine Modular and Classic, PlayReady, and FairPlay Streaming schemes. The system also supports a variety of platforms and devices, including HTML5 web browsers, mobile operating systems, set-top boxes, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

With DRMtoday’s online dashboard, users can manage and monitor all licensing activity, and configure delivery and authentication behavior. Stream behavior can be selectively enforces based on the security levels of playback devices, and content can be offered through live playback, on-demand, offline through persistent sessions, and through purchase, rental, or subscription.


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DRMtoday screenshot: The online dashboard allows users to configure delivery and authentication behavior, and monitor licensing activity

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DRMtoday features

Access Control
Reporting & Statistics

Activity Dashboard (33 other apps)
Alerts / Escalation (18 other apps)
Application Security (31 other apps)
Audit Trail (21 other apps)
Auditing (43 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (22 other apps)
Compliance Management (32 other apps)
Password Management (26 other apps)
Permission Management (21 other apps)
SSL Security (37 other apps)
Secure Data Storage (20 other apps)
Security Auditing (17 other apps)
Single Sign On (29 other apps)
Third Party Integration (28 other apps)
Two-Factor Authentication (27 other apps)

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Key features of DRMtoday

  • Access Revocation
  • Audio / Video Protection
  • Authentication Management
  • Callback URL Testing
  • Configuration & Reporting APIs
  • Delivery Configuration
  • Distribution Logs
  • Expiration Management
  • License Management
  • Location Control
  • Multi-Platform Support
  • Online Dashboard
  • Output Protection Control
  • Reseller Management
  • Subscription Management
  • Usage Tracking / Analytics
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• DRMtoday enables the selective enforcement of stream behavior based on the security level of each playback device, such as identifying server-side if bit rates should be limited or if the device is secure enough for UHD quality.

• DRMtoday offers a variety of video licensing solutions including Apple FairPlay Streaming, Google Widevine Classic and Modular, and Microsoft PlayReady schemes to ensure broad device support.

• Dual expiry support allows users to enable time-limited licenses which will expire either when the full length of the content title has been viewed, or when the time limit passes.

• The online dashboard allows users to configure authentication and delivery behavior, and monitor licensing activity.

• Resellers can be provided with their own administration accounts, and allowed to manage all of their own clients separately.